And the Bragging Rights Go To…

The Guessing Game was launched last Friday, wherein I asked you, the people, to help me predict what the sex would be of these two little creature babies.  Well, the results are in, game players – and Bragging Rights go to:

  • Rapid Income Creator (I know, it’s a spam-y name but still, a legitimate comment)
  • Leroy – who is so, so, so very right that talks will be had re: toilet seat placement
  • Robin from OK
  • DJ Dazy (hi to my old friend!)
  • Loretta (thank you for not saying I look fat, yet.)
  • LeLaLu (of course I haven’t known you to ever be wrong.  Shoulda known)
  • Kristine (who told me I look good and not miserable.  That is a good friend right there)
  • Tim Terrordog (though he did stipulate that one would be Vulcan and one Ferenghi which only proves he’s a dork, but still correct)
  • Beverly

And of course, the Mister himself:

So – two boys, Fraternal twins.

And the rest of us game players?  Well….who knew?  I, so far, have rarely guessed correctly the sex of any child. I was actually pretty surprised to find out two boys , but the proof is there.  I’m stopping myself from scanning the proof and posting the proof.  You’re welcome.

The important thing, the thing that had my knuckles white and my lower lip a little bloody from being bitten repeatedly – was that these two boys of mine have parts that are all right as rain.  The doctor paid special care to check out their kidneys, and small as they are, they are exactly as they should be.  So are their hearts and brains and limbs and fluids.  All I actually heard, though, was “The kidneys look fine…” and then I saw stars for a little while.  And I realized that I haven’t really cared at all about boys or girls but have really been wanting it all to just be ok.  And you know?  It is.  So far so good, as you were, at ease, b-r-e-a-t-h-e.  Phew.

Thanks for playing – and to all who earned the Bragging Rights – enjoy.

(Warning: Anson – go ahead and really enjoy being correct but my advice?  Don’t overdo it, or you could find yourself on the wrong end of the Pregnancy Grinch’s wicked stare of doom.  Just a public declaration.)  Nothing pre-meditated here.  Move along.

[Unrelated but cool – my good friend Adina from Little Lunalu let me know that Roan is rocking his Appaman on People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog today – check out my original boy prototype here!]

16 thoughts on “And the Bragging Rights Go To…

  1. Congrats Jodi. As you know boys are great fun. We had 4 boys, I was the only female in the house. Sometimes there was a bit much testosterone in the house, but would not have traded it for anything.

  2. Ah, sweet healthy news. This grandma reader could care less from boys or girls, but I was checking your blog about a gazillion times to make sure that you and your family are all OK. Congratulations to you all. From the outside looking in on what you tell us, it has seemed to me that Roan is one incredibly lucky child to have you and Anson as parents. What a bonus that your twin sons will have such a marvelous big brother to boot!

  3. So happy for you Jodi! A whole housefull of boys, with you and Anson to guide them. This brood of brothers are going to have a happy life! Congrats.

  4. Oh yea, I’m good. I should start charging for my pseudo-scientific advice and off the cuff predictions. What great news tho! From one mom of three boys to another- you’re gonna love being the queen in a house full of adoring guys. Power to the mamas raising the next generation of gentle, caring boys. Hurray!!!!!

  5. Band of Brothers! Most excellent news. You are going to be so loved and adored……sweet!

  6. Joni – Well I’ve always had a thing for the boy population, what can I say? Best friends with the boys my whole life. I’m so happy to have more to surround me! And you had FOUR? Amazing.

    KS Grandma – thank you so much, that means a lot to me. I absolutely agree that these twins are going to enjoy Roan as a brother. He’s making plans…

    Liza – Well hopefully we’ll be guiding. Something tells me we may be the ones being lead around.

    Steven – Panic? Me? Listen, if three boys equals the charisma and ambition I saw in you, all the better. As long as my sons don’t take girls who are pining away for them on dates to topless bars, it’s all good….

    lelalu – Gentle and caring boys rule! Roan is already talking about dressing them up in princess dresses. Clearly they’ll be forced to be comfortable with getting in touch with their feminine side.

    Danielle – I feel exactly the same way.

    Toby – Think I just found my next tattoo – “Brodeo” over my heart. HA!

    Teri – Listen – if G ever wants to borrow a little bro, you know who to call…

  7. I won, I won…I’d like to thank the Academy and all of the people who helped me…uhhh wait. Guess I only won bragging rights…hmmmm, well then……Congrats Jodi and family:) That’s going to be alot of “maleness” under one roof!

  8. Mazel tov! I was wrong with both of my kids. Thought my son was going to be a girl because my hips and but got wider immediately. And I was sure the second would be another boy because my husband’s family just does not make girls, till my little one came along last November. But the gender isn’t important, as we all know. Enjoy every minute!

  9. Great news on the state of health of the Call Collective, er, Commune, um, family! May happiness be the order of the day/week/month/year.

  10. Congratulations, Jodi and Anson! And Roan, of course. I’m sure he’ll be an excellent big brother.

  11. Awesome!!! They can share a bedroom forever!
    (So glad they’re healthy.)

  12. Hi Jodi,

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for having those gifts. I think both are going to be boys… 🙂 and Good luck for having those..

  13. I don’t hate being wrong in this case! Congratulations, Pistol! You will be the lone female wolf in a pack of perfection! Three cheers for three boys!

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