New York Mama Moguls (and me)

Adina, Elina, Julia, Lara, and Lyss

Women folk have a reputation for not helping each other out.  Let’s face it, Alexis Carrington gave “Dynasty” its biggest ratings when she deliberately startled Krystal Carrington’s horse with a gunshot, resulting in Krystal’s miscarriage.  Yes, I was only ten when I snuck out of bed to watch this episode from around the family room corner while my parent’s indulged in their “alone time”.  But it did give me a heads-up: ladies are on Earth to destroy other ladies.  (Unless they’re sister-wives but I didn’t get that because “Big Love” hadn’t been invented yet.)

That's me trying to soak up some of Hadley's genius

Of course, over the years, my experiences haven’t always backed up this early childhood hard wiring.  I’ve had the good luck to fall in with groups of women who support instead of destroy.  But, like everyone else, I’ve also had experiences with the slightly un-hinged, women whom I know better than to be riding a horse around while pregnant, if you know what I mean.

Adina and Julia *LOVE*

Last week, I was invited to a lunch at Bar Pitti in the Village.  This lunch was put together by Adina who is responsible for super-cool and ultra-cute website with a philanthropic bent, Little Lunalu.  She was visiting New York from London, and wanted to meet up with the moms of New York with whom she had connected with through her site.

Adina and Me - We are hysterical, apparently.

Adina wasn’t kidding with this list of ladies – she invited Casting Director and Planet Awesome Kid maestro Julia, Lyss from Divalysscious Moms, Elina from Mamaista (as well as new Babble launch Family Style Blog), Liz from Cool Mom Picks, Holly and Hadley from Tada Shop, Krista from The Momtographers, Lara from ikidNY, and I do not know how I made the cut – but I got the invite, too.

Lara - also hysterical.

Most of us were meeting for the first time, and I do believe from the outside looking in, you’d believe we were all old friends.  There was no agenda, no task of networking or proving.  It was a table full of ladies just sharing stories, finding out how we were connected, and in my case, being slightly star-struck by getting to hang out with such inspiring women.  And the flurry of emails after the lunch, with everyone involved telling the other one’s “Thank you” and expressing the sentiment that we really need to do this again – it was really jaw-droppingly cool for me to be involved with such a positive collection of women.

[Special big THANK YOU to Krista, who took each and every photo here.  Her site, The Momtographers is awesome, and has great easy-to-follow advice for the budding momtographers in all of us.]

12 thoughts on “New York Mama Moguls (and me)

  1. hey! love this. i agree. amazing lunch and amazing company. i’ve def. found this to be true and that mom entrepreneurs are some of the most supportive and understanding women out there. must be something about being too busy to be catty 🙂 either way, it was awesome meeting u. hope to do this again soon!

  2. You couldn’t have described it more perfectly. What a group of women!

    Today, Bar Pitti, tomorrow the world.

  3. I think the women-hating-on-women vibe was and is encouraged by men. It reeks of the divide and conquer 🙁 We are on to you MEN!

  4. Ok, how do I get on the invite list for the next lunch? Sounds like fun, and I believe you can NEVER have too many smart, supportive women in your life.

  5. Hi Jodi,

    I’m a long long long time reader, never time commenter. But today I am down two gin tonics and feelin’ the lurve. So…this comment has not so much to do with cool women entrepenreurs, much as I love them. They are trailblazin’ liddl thangs and they pave the way for all of us wimmin, and for that I am thankful. But I wanted to say, that I love your blog. I love it when I check it every day, and I love it when I don’t check it for months and suddenly I have ten or twenty blog posts to catch up on. Roan, well he is just unbelievably cute. He’s the cutest thing this side of the Black Stump (you’ll just have to look up some Australian slang to understand that one). I applaud your bravery in putting your parental emotional issues out for all to see and judge, and also to take solace from. I read Fat Cyclist too, religiously, even though I don’t have any interest at all in cycling. Actually I discovered him through you, and I can see the strength that gets through adversity in both of you, it runs in the family, or maybe it’s that you get through it because you have the family (and the support network) that you do. Who knows. But you inspire me, and maybe in another couple years and another couple gin tonics I have the courage to write on Elden’s blog what I have on yours: I’m glad you are who you are, you aren’t perfect, but you do the best you can, like me. Like all of us. A big kiss to you, to Anson, to Roan, and to the two little ones.



  6. There is not much better in this world than getting together with like-women friends and just being who you are and being loved for just that.

  7. Elina, Liz and Julia – sisters, we gotta get this together again. What a treat to hang with you guys!

    Emily – so true. Always room for new love, new friends!

    Lucia – Ah, the days of Gin and Tonics! That used to be my drink, until we got in a fight and Gin turned on me. HA! I cannot thank you enough for your kind words – they mean a lot to me, and trust me when I say Elden would feel the same way. It is really extraordinary to hear from a stranger and find out there are people in the world who are paying attention and understanding and struggling the same way we are. You really and truly made my day.

    Danielle – you are speaking the truth! It was really a great day, and so sweet how each woman was supporting the other. Love it.

  8. Yes, I have been without internet for five days now and unable to crack blog read. I love this post and the affirmation it brings that there are women out there that support and encourage without pretense, posturing of premeditation. Where are they some days? In New York, apparently. And I am green with envy that there is not this pow wow taking place in my city.

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  11. Great women! I really think that the women-hating-on-women scenario is so true! But there are still women who supports one another. Women who are contented and happy with their lives are the ones who don’t hate other women simply because they don’t feel any sadness or regret in their lives.

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