Rocked Again

A sort of predictable result of being pregnant again, after such a hard experience on the same ball field less than a year ago is that it’s tricky to enjoy it.  I haven’t really had the heart to research which stroller is going to suit me best.  I’ve not  considered where the crib (s?) should go.  I don’t comb the sites that tell what to expect every other day of the pregnancy.  And it isn’t that I’m not excited, I am.  It’s just that I can still hear the echo of the knock knock knock of bad luck and real life.

This is not the piece I got from Kellene. But it is pertinent to the story. Keep reading.

I remember vividly, when I was pregnant with Roan, the first piece of clothing I received as a gift.  I was around 16 weeks, and a whole gang of friends and family met at some mall in Utah to go find out what kind of baby he was: girl or boy.  Someone shelled out the $60 to get a sonogram and there was no mistake Roan was a boy, and ready to let everyone know all about it.

My sister Kellene ran over to Baby Gap and bought me a little sleeper suit, one with teddy bears.  It became something I looked at often, before he was born, trying to imagine what a baby of mine would look like in it.  That’s all it took, in that super easy and innocent pregnancy – a sleeper suit and I was hooked on my Roan.

So these twins I’m walking around with – I’ve already begun fearing for them.  They’ll be in therapy one day, undergoing regression hypnotic therapy, and will have a revelation that at 17 weeks in-utero, their mother wasn’t convinced that they were real.  And then they will realize they were born with an existential crisis imprinted on their tiny little consciousness and they won’t love anyone including themselves and then they could just possibly do something bad like starting a rampage of hiding everyone’s left shoe.

And that would be my fault.

Or actually it would have been my fault.  But there was an intervention.

A box was delivered to my home yesterday.  Roan opened it and his face lit up like a million bon fires.  “It’s for the babiiiiieeeeeessssss!!!”

Sure enough, we have been gifted doubles of the most adorable little clothing I have ever seen, doubles in multiple sizes.  And not just a few pieces.  We have enough items that I’m pretty sure even with 2 babies, I will never have to do laundry for the first year.  It is a gift that we definately don’t deserve, but one that means more to me than just clothing.

While Roan was pulling out track suits, hats, onesies, sleepers and tank tops I was able to finally see these boys in our family.  It’s funny how getting something tangible – that belongs to them – finally put them in my head and heart as really real.  For real.

Monkey Head. A favorite in our home.

Track Suit Love. Starting Waaaaaay Back.

Roan has chosen which things they will wear coming home from the hospital, and couldn’t be happier that they will be able to carry on the track-suit pride, beginning at 0 – 6 months.  He has called dibs on dressing them each day, and with the bounty of adorable clothing these guys have, Roan will be able to do no wrong.

My friends Lynn and Harald at Appaman know absolutely no bounds in their generosity towards others.  Not only in their gifts, but also in their kindness and  love for their friends.  For the millionth thing they’ve done for my family, I now issue my millionth “Thank You”.  And when you see how well dressed these tots are – well, you’ll know where it comes from.

8 thoughts on “Rocked Again

  1. I am SO glad you have found a way for it to be real and fun again. OMG, those onesies are so effing CUTE!! Roan has such great taste, those babies will be rocking whatever outfit he chooses!

  2. I hope you got the green bulldog onesie (times two) because I love that one!!! (I own a bulldog – he owns me, actually – so that’s why I lean there.)

    Lucky boys, lucky big brother, lucky LOVED family.

  3. Makes me soo happy to hear about baby clothes and generous friends. Every time I see the Appaman brand, I feel a solidarity there. Those are the clothes of my people, Yo.
    Unbeknownst to the fine folks at Appaman, I am promoting their products down here in the southwest. Generosity pays in many ways.

  4. Danielle – That’s no joke about their baby clothes. The fabrics that Appaman uses, and the great muted colors they have are gorgeous. Such an upgrade from the Hanes stuff Roan lived in (though I have to admit he looked cute, too.)

    Lisa – I DID GET IT! And it is – AWESOME. I mean THEY ARE AWESOME. I can’t believe 2 of all this stuff – honestly ridiculous.

    Erin – they are the greatest!

    LeLaLu – YAY! Love that you’re repping for them – thank you for that! XO

  5. I just wanted to say that like Lelalu, I recognize the Appaman label as a friend’s label, even all the way out in my backwards town. I think it’s wonderful when friends help friends in the ways they can, whether its with things or time or words. So happy for you that your friends are there for you. Can’t wait to see pictures of your sons in their threads.

  6. I have to be careful lately when I read your stories. I am guaranteed to cry and mess up my makeup! I do love a happy cry! And I rejoice with you in how astounding life can be! Hurrah for your happy times!

  7. props to the folks at appaman, thanks to YOU and your blog i’ve ordered stuff for my friends here in NC; this latest gesture of goodwill on their part has cemented them as my go to brand for all the stuff I buy my friend’s kids

    btw love the post

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