You See What I Did There?

I understand that I promised an announcement today regarding the Livestrong Challenge and what I’d like to do about it but ladies and gentlemen, I think you’ll have to wait until Wednesday not because I’m a tease or want to build suspense but because the weekend was far too beautiful and action packed for me to tear myself away from the creatures surrounding me.  The creatures call themselves Roan and Boone.

We began on Saturday with a street festival called “Touch-A-Truck”.  I couldn’t resist the urge to comment, “How autoerotic” every chance I got because it’s very exciting to me when I get to be ha ha ha clever enough to play with words like that.  However, maybe not so appropriate around children, but who’s gonna call child services?  You?  I thought not.  The magic of the festival was that kids could climb onboard all sorts of city vehicles to raise cash for the YMCA.  So, there was a fire truck, an ambulance, ambulance stretchers, a mail truck, a double-decker sightseeing bus, a police car and more!  Roan and Boone went from one to the next, until they saw the requisite bouncy castle and I had to get outta there super-quick.  Those things undo me.  Always a ridiculous amount of money for the quickest 3 minutes of Roan’s life.  I prefer for him to jump on my bed for free.  Also no random children have thrown-up in my bed.  Only ones I know.  I’ve seen what happens in those castles.

We made haste and crossed the street to spend the afternoon in Central Park.  I don’t even know what we did there but it took us around four hours and everyone had bright pink and red lips afterwards.  I’m recalling ice cream.  A few trains later and we landed at home, with pizza ordered for the boys and Thai food ordered for Anson and Lori and myself.  Boone stayed over for a sleepover (I still feel dirty saying sleepover because it’s a damn lie.  Not too much sleep happening but a lot of dizzying laughter going on.  So.)

Sunday we got our entrepreneurial skills on and packed up our outgrown bicycles to swap them at the Brooklyn Bicycle Jumble.  Surrounded by the underbelly of the biking culture and the fanatics, Roan and Boone peddled their wares for the masses, and were successful.  Roan traded up to a bigger bike with handbrakes, and Boone found the bike of his dreams, equipped with grinding pegs.  


We headed over to the park to test drive the goods but had to stop by the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. (Ever vigilant, ever true.)  This place = awesome.  It’s true purpose is a writing-tutoring center, but the center is funded in part by the storefront, and hidden in a back room through a secret passage.  The storefront sells superhero supplies, like capes.  They have a cape testing platform (a grate with a high-powered fan situated underneath to simulate wind in the cape), which Roan needed to avail himself of.  His choice? Gold Lam

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