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I have some exciting news I’ll be announcing on Monday regarding a fundraising event I’ll be putting together for the Livestrong Challenge.  I’ve been pulling in favors from everyone I know, and am about to ask a bunch of people I don’t know for favors as well.  Really, how can I lose? There will be items to be won for the New York locals, and some for the other citizens of the world.  So sit tight for that announcement.  Wanna donate now?  Do it here.


Until then, I have to say I’m probably not all that witty or insightful today because I just said good-bye last night to some of my best friends. While I used my best coping mechanism (denial) for as long as I could, we finally had our last supper, and said good-bye.  Sophia, who has been Roan’s best friend for over half his life, played with my boy like it was any other night: avoiding the hot lava on the floor, tormenting her younger brother with many assists from Roan, and sneaking more than one dessert.  I couldn’t really figure out how to leave their house, knowing that it would be the last time we’d leave their familiar stoop.  But my mothering instincts finally prevailed over my inability to leave and I knew I had to get Roan to bed.  So we all hugged, expressed our love, and Roan, Anson and I walked home in the rain.


I count myself as one lucky lady to have a multitude of people in my life who are more awesome than your average person.  Still, it is amazingly sad to see even one of my friends go – and my heart breaks that Roan’s loosing his sleepover pal. 


The good side is that my friends are making a move that is right for them, at this time in their lives.  I can be happy for that.  The other piece of good news is the profound declaration from Sophia that she is going to make a Family List, and that we are on it. That’s a pretty good way to leave things, because it means we’re not really leaving them at all. 

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