Relax. Smile. Enjoy What You’re Doing.

Playing in the shadows of Manhattan

It’s summer time, you know?  I have abandoned my former self who had a calendar marked with cheap, free and fun things to do every day and replaced her with my new improved self who waits until around noon to figure out if we’re actually going to leave the house.  Blame the babies on the way, blame the heat, blame my therapist – but I’m smitten with this new me.  It’s a treat to meander through the morning with Roan to find that we’re ready to get rolling at about the same time….or not.

Summer Evening in a Backyard in Brooklyn

We’re still getting our go on – we spent the day at Central Park a few days ago, and splashed, climbed and rode bikes around Pier 6 yesterday.  The difference is that the drive to schedule in advance what we’re doing is gone.  Don’t know where it went, or why, but I have a message for the world:

Relax.  Smile.  Enjoy what you’re doing.  Summer seems to lend itself to breathing easy and having time for naps.  Dig in.  Anyone else have a taste of the summer fever?

5 thoughts on “Relax. Smile. Enjoy What You’re Doing.

  1. You are speaking my language, lady! But I am always unplanned Polly and envy someone as motivated and focused as you. Enjoy your break from the calendar and drink in New York. I am so homesick for the East and our Brooklyn spit-balling date only made me want some East Coast time that much more. Recipes will be forthcoming this weekend. I promise. Now go have a Gray’s Papaya for me and my men.


  2. yeah I’ve got it bad. Haven’t made it out of our pj’s before noon yet. feels yummy. glad i’m in good company.

  3. Me too, except w/o the little creatures growing inside of me part. Somehow I shook loose the shackles of last summer’s calendar and am enjoying taking the days as they come – enjoying another side of myself as well – still have my lists but just shoving them in a drawer – glad you are as well. Enjoy!

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