Power Songs

Out on the streets, that’s where we meet

You make the night, I always cross the line

Blah na ble blah….blha nah nah neah….




With love we’ll find a way just give it time


What comes around goes around, I’ll tell you why (echo: why why)


Ok citizens I know that Monday may or may not be the best day to revisit the brilliance of Ratt and the 80’s.  But I need your help. Right now, to my chagrin, this song by Ratt is my Power Song.  That’s right – I’ve been running on the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, through China Town and the Bowery singing this thing.  I’m not sure how it ended up on my play list.  But the point is that what’s done is done, it is on there and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I don’t love running while singing to this thing.  I know full well the consequences of liking such a dorky song.  It may implicate me as a dork.  But in the past I’ve had better songs.  Such as:


Kanye:  Stronger (I can’t hate him even though I want to)

Santogold:  Unstoppable (still a favorite)

Arctic Monkeys: Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor (because obviously I do)

Scissor Sisters: Take Your Mama Out (always a good idea to listen to disco-y goodness)

Sex Pistols: Pretty Vacant (because I was hard core back in London, er uh Grand Junction)

Melissa Etheridge: I Run for Life (had to stop because I’d always be running with tears streaking my face on this one)


Ok, so you see I am all over the place here.  But right now I’m in Ratt Hell which is different than Normal Hell because Ratt Hell demands that you acknowledge that you are inspired by a guy that wears spandex, has kind of gerry-curl long hair complete with shiny headband, and is likely playing County Fairs for the price of a Corn Dog/Curly Fry combo meal. 


So: what do you listen to that gets your go on?  Give me your suggestions and I’ll let you know if they get me there.  Clearly: the bar is set pretty low, so don’t be shy.

128 thoughts on “Power Songs

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