Yay. “Me” Time. Yay.

Anson clearly feeling confident about this situation

So at exactly 7:28 this morning things got weird.  Anson and Roan stepped into a big black sedan, after throwing a few bags into it, and sped away, airline tickets in hand.  Without me.  I stood on my Brooklyn stoop and wondered if I should go back inside, or if I should just sit down and wait the five days until they get back.  And here I am, still stuck on the steps, five hours later.

No no no I kid. I actually ran back inside because I was barefoot and morning-faced and there was a still-hot coffee waiting for me on the counter.  I mean, c’mon.  My life doesn’t revolve around these guys, it just includes them.  I’m totally fine on my own, yesiree, and please ignore the twelve times I reminded Anson to make sure to brush Roan’s teeth at night, the thirty-six times I mentioned that he needs to make an effort to get fruit and veggies in front of the kid, the one or two (or let’s be honest, eighteen) times I reminded Anson that Roan has to wear a helmet while on a bicycle even during dad/son vacay, and the tears that poured out of my eyes even before I took the thirteen steps to our apartment door from the stoop.  Yup.  Totally relishing that I am free from the binding constraints of motherhood and wifehood for five days.  Wahooooooo!  Those guys were only really slowing me down anyway.  Cramping my style.  Sucking out my mojo.  I am already restored to the tigress I was pre-marriage and pre-motherhood.  Bring it on!  Of course, they did leave me with the twins.  So I’m maybe not totally a tigress.  Or maybe I am totally a tigress, but just a knocked-up one.  Ok.  Rar.  Watchout.

Three Generations of Calls, and Some Jellyfish

I’m also so happy for my son to be able to share this time with his pops.  Under my large voice and dark shadow, I wonder sometimes if Anson gets enough of his own light to shine on Roan.  Anson is so devoted to him, so fascinated by him, and gets only a few hours a day with him.  Roan eats up every second with his dad, and often quotes him to me.  In the not-too-distant-future, I imagine despite my best efforts Roan will feel a little sad when my attention needs to be shared with Baby A and Baby B (working titles).  I believe that Anson will be the one to fix this impending sadness, and I am so grateful that they’re getting this time, now, to learn to rely on each other.  Without me.

*Ahem*  Without me.

Yeh, well, I can’t be selfless for too terribly long. Afterall – this is my “me” time.  For the next five days.  That’s a lot of “me”.  If you don’t hear from me in a few days, I’ve probably overdosed on “me”.  Call an interventionist and send some ice-cream.

7 thoughts on “Yay. “Me” Time. Yay.

  1. I so understand this! TRY to enjoy this. It is rare and precious time to reconnect with you and to replenish the well. I know you know this but still…..RAR!

  2. Brand and type of ice cream??? I don’t know but I have always been partial to Thing 1 and Thing 2 for names for twins. Good luck with the me time. When sexy hubby and offspring leave me for a few days, at first I am like “awesome” but if I am honest, that only lasts for a very short time and then I find I have nothing to say to myself and can hardly wait for them to get home.

  3. It all sounds good…….but in reality….we never know what to do with ourselves when hubby and kiddos are outta the house for any length of time. I love a good day alone to clean up the place when no body is around to mess it up right behind me…but that is when I know they will be back by supper. Otherwise I waste a lot of time waiting for them all to come home where they all belong….so that I can again yearn for my “alone” time that I am not really sure is all that it is cracked up to be! Enjoy eating ice cream for dinner….and breakfast for that matter….and not doing the dishes for a couple days! 🙂

  4. Oh I so needed to read something like this today! I am in the middle of one of those awful periods of sadness where you think that life just isn’t even worth living anymore. I’ve been here before and I know it will pass and the sun will come out, but it’s hard to see that right now. Thank you so much for reminding me.


    Rocky Mountain Woman

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