Easter Lessons

I don’t think his expression would be much different while listening to Bible stories
My 10-year-old nephew, Boone, hasn’t really been raised in any religious tradition.  He’s a little suspicious of the old Christian parables, proclaiming after visiting his grandmother’s Mormon church this past Sunday that “I don’t really believe in the stories, but they are pretty interesting”.  Indeed.  Boone is also a Brooklynite, through and through, and has a pretty good grasp of the spectrum of religious beliefs around him.

While attending Primary on this same Sunday (Primary is the children’s program in the Mormon church), Boone was gamely trying to participate in an activity they had going.  Easter Eggs full of candy were given to kids who had the right answers to questions based on the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  Since the questions weren’t multiple choices, and Boone’s ability to pluck information out of the air doesn’t work so well, he was striking out each time.  Undeterred, his arm shot up again and again with the hope of a right answer and the treat of candy.  No dice.


The question was posed, “What do the letters INRI which were above Jesus’ head on the cross mean?”  A well-versed child piped up “King of the Jews”.  Boone finally saw his chance for redemption, for the Egg of Candy.  Referencing his many Jewish friends in Brooklyn, he proudly, confidently and triumphantly put his hand up and corrected the child.  “Excuse me, but I think you mean King of the Christians”. 


I’m just hoping that the Easter Bunny has the same sense of humor as me and bestowed a bounty of candy-filled eggs on that child. 

190 thoughts on “Easter Lessons

  1. I was actually in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago, I know what you mean by saying he has a wide spectrum of religious views it is so awesome in the city because you can experience all of them! You made me laugh and remember my visits to the city!, thanks!

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