Hamster Brain/Monkey Brain: A Cry for Help.

Summer is so tough to find time to write.  I’ve got a lot to say believe me I mean c’mon who am I?  But Roan and I are committed to staying busy by remaining in our PJ’s until at least 11:00 am in honor of the Summer Relaxation Code, Version 2.  And during that time we are committed, as in, religiously committed to  watching Anime together.  I’ve found in my extensive experience that a parent simply cannot assume that any Anime series is going to be appropriate for their kid to watch just because a few episodes were appropriate.  They sneak stuff in, suddenly and without notice that totally blows my mind because could a group of animators and story tellers really really really think it was ok to introduce a pedophile doctor as a “ha ha ha that’s pretty funny that he likes young girls and let’s set him up in a school environment and….” well….I’m just saying, I’ve ben left with a “huh?” feeling many times as I’ve had to turn an otherwise awesome series off.  So I watch with him, every minute of every episode. Luckily I love Anime.  Otherwise I would just have to do the smart thing and say it’s all off-limits.

But I digress.

I have a bunch of things I’ve wanted to write about.  But no time.  So I’m just going to have to expedite things here, and give the bullet points of the hamsters going round in my head:

  1. Pregnant with twins.  Everything is right as rain, all my vitals are great except I am “anemic in the extreme” so says my doctor.  I’ve been put on iron, mega dose level.  I’m taking three doses a day.  This could leave a person somewhat…how do you say…constipated.  I’ve been told Metamucil daily will hep regulate me, but I’m wondering how many pills/supplements/ gross tasting powders I should really be taking.  Any advice readers?
  2. Pregnant with twins.  I’m going to need things.  I know the basics, but am wondering if there’s anyone out there who found a chair they could nurse two babies at once in?  I’m supposing at night when I get up (not that any baby of mine would dare wake me up at night…) I’ll want a place to plant my keister to nurse these guys.  Bed?  Floor?  Upstairs to the couch (I’ll just answer that.  No way am I going up and down stairs in the night multiple times.  No way Jose.)  What’s the answer people?
  3. Pregnant with twins.  Our new home has two big bedrooms.  Roan gets one, and the rest of us get the other.  I think I’d like to divide it up a little, but we’re not allowed to put up walls.  The space is big (especially by Brooklyn standards), easily big enough to divide up into two spaces.  How would you do that?  Curtains?  Bookshelves? Robots?  If anyone – especially NYC people –  have great ideas about separating spaces – let me know!
  4. Pregnant with twins.  New place has NO dishwasher.  Am I crazy to think I’ll be cool hand washing all our dishes?  Should I get a portable dishwasher?  We’re going to have a lot of bottles, methinks.  Should I just leave everything in the sink until Anson gets home?  Could the lack of  a dishwasher end my marriage?

Ok, I know I’m asking a lot from my readers today, but this is what monkey-brain looks like.  I have it.  You are witnessing it.  Enjoy the spectacle!

21 thoughts on “Hamster Brain/Monkey Brain: A Cry for Help.

  1. 1. Fiber. There are tons of cereals, cereal bars, and leafy greens that can get you correct. Blech, skip the Metamucil.

    2. Sounds like you need a loveseat? I have no idea. For sure something in your room.

    3. I’d just leave it open. When they get bigger, have them share the big room with Roan, and you and Anson get your space back. In a few years.

    4. I’ve had both. Apartments with and without dishwashers. You just get used to what your circumstance is. I think you’ll be ok. And you should let Anson help. If it gets to be too much later on, maybe invest in one.

  2. Psyllium husk from the health food store mixed with a juice you like. Much better than metamucil.
    How about one of those Asian room screens for your room?

  3. Lucky for all of you, Roan is old enough to help with the dishes. If you can do them once a day and have that be the “Roan & ” time. Roan & Dad, Roan & Mom. His time that he knows he has your full attention. Win-win-win. If you don’t already have one, they sell those folding 2 or 3 step stools for a reasonable price. Have fun!

  4. You’re having twins. As fabulous as that will be – and my sister had them, after her 1st two sons, so I know how fabulous it is – it is freaking exhausting. For everyone under your roof. I seriously believe you will need a dishwasher. At the very least, get a little countertop one.

    For walls, you could check into soundproofed room dividers like the ones used to make cubicles in offices, but book cases can work just fine, particularly with closed in backs. If you use two next to each other, you can face each in different directions, covering the backs with a pretty fabric. You will certainly need shelves on the babies’ side, and you can put books/knicknacks on the shelves facing your side.

    With twins, you will certainly need all the storage space you can find. So bookshelves with cabinets are good, or nice baskets/boxes on full length shelves will work too.

    Good luck!

  5. For bottles,get the Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer. Very little handwashing to do with the bottles. Microwave does most of the work!

  6. My portable dishwasher and portable clothes washer did not save my marriage but they give me a whole heck of a lot more time to go looking for a boyfriend, oh and ,you know, hang out with my kids.

  7. I’m on a constant narcotics regimen (helloooo, constipation), so every time I take a pill, I always take colase. I eat more than the daily recommended fiber intake, but it’s not enough.
    If the colase isn’t enough, try the senna+colase (senna is a plant-derived mild laxative). Generic brands are just fine!

  8. My hubby takes a huge does of Metamucil every night. I’m not sure you can really have too much fiber. However, if you really need help getting things moving, prune juice is a wonder of the world. Boy does it work!

    I’d try one of those Asian screens, as mentioned above. You can find inexpensive, stylish ones at many stores/online.

    And if it was me, I’d get a rolling dishwasher. I’ve lived in homes without them, and I can’t imagine having all those baby dishes to wash by hand!

  9. I didn’t have a dishwasher when my girls were infants – but I only had one baby at a time. I found it very managable. I mostly nursed; I owned only 4 bottles (“Born Free”) with a few extra nipples; tried never to have one bottle dirty at a time. So, it never became an overwhelming amount to clean. But you need a really good cleaning brush that can get into all those nips and grooves. Without a dishwasher I was never able to get sippy cups clean (you know those little plastic valve things on the inside) especially if anyone puts milk or juice in there instead of just water. Mold – gross! That was kind of a pain. If I was going to do it again and I was having twins…I would seriously consider a tiny portable washer if there was space for it. But you can definitely survive without it.

    I like the idea of an open bedroom space to share – but my disclaimer is that my girls still crawl in bed with me regularly at 2.5 and 5. A full size co-sleeper perhaps. To divide I’d use a pretty asian screen. Or cool tapestry hung across the room in an airy way.

    Fiber, water, fiber, water. Prune juice is gross but prunes are actually really yummy (or maybe I’ve just gotten used to them). I think my midwife recommended docusate. It’s a softener, not a lax.

  10. My twin girls were born just a little over ten years ago, seven weeks premature (they had TTTS), and our house *still* does not have a dishwasher! We all survived just fine but you have to do dishes every. freaking. day. It’s really not so bad, at least once potty training is over with! And you’ll eventually forget all the painful stuff.

    I only nursed my twins simultaneously twice, and that was just to be able to say that I’d actually done it! It’s not easy, I don’t recommend it, and honestly it’s not very practical with twins. You get a good pump, keep a supply of milk in the fridge/freezer (if you’re a good milker), and feed them one at a time on the breast. If they’re hungry at the same time, hand one kid to dad and let him bottle-feed the baby! Besides, if you’re like me you’ll get three times the amount of milk out of one breast than the other, so feeding them at the same time might make them feel like you’re taking sides! Thank goodness they’ll just be babies and won’t get the bad joke. Yet.

    As for the iron-supplement-overload you’re experiencing the side effects of, yes do the fiber and water and psyllium husk and all that, but also get yourself some Miralax (sold OTC now). It’s amazing.

    Best of luck with everything, girl! You can do it!

  11. You want to be regular without drugs or yucky things. There is a bread called Ezekial whole sprouted grain bread. It’s in an orange wrapper and needs to be toasted to enjoy. They sell at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Miracle! It will keep any pregnant body running like an express train. It was the only thing that worked for me.

    Portable dishwasher was our savior right after Otto was born. We have the smallest apartment and found a cheap amazing one at Sears (now Kmart). Best investment ever!

    To separate a room try a Soji screen and get a sound machine for the babies. It will drwon out whatever extra noise you make or hear and everyone will sleep better for it. Also, Mack’s earplugs! You can still hear the monitor but sleep through the night.



  12. #2: Prunes are a wonder, and eating a fresh kiwi first thing in the morning is really good for your digestive system.
    #3: At both my parents and grandparents place big rooms were divided in to with a curtain. Just be sure to choose a heavy fabric, that doesn’t let light through it.

  13. #1 Make sure you lay off the bananas if they are part of your diet (stay away from the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast). The BRAT diet works for kids when they have diarrhea. Try the ‘P’ diet instead. Prunes, peaches, pears, peas, etc. A lot of the foods that start with ‘P’ help loosen things up (at least for babies).

    #2 I would nurse wherever you are most comfortable.

    #3 I love all of the ideas for splitting the room but the first thing I thought of when curtains were mentioned was one of the twins at crawling/toddler stage pulling them down on top of them and possibly suffocating (sorry, I’m in the middle of the crawling stage and baby-proofing everything is my life right now with my curious Georgina).

    I really liked the bookshelf idea as long as it’s something that is heavy duty that can’t tip easily. You could also try bookshelves that are only a few feet high (a height you won’t have to worry about them climbing and then falling off of) and then use a curtain for above it.

    I truly am not as safety freakish as I sound in this response, I just have a really really curious baby in my house at this point that is getting into everything!

    #4 I would totally go for the dishwasher. I have a 2 yo and an 8 month old in my house right now with NO dishwasher. The little bit of time you will have to yourself while caring for the twins and trying to carve out time for Roan should NOT be spent doing dishes. This is especially true if you are used to having a dishwasher where you currently live (Unless you are one of those housewifely moms that actually enjoys hand washing dishes because it gives you pleasure just thinking about how well you are taking care of your family (which I totally don’t get…lol)).

  14. I am writing from across the pond due to this matter of import and urgency….Get thee to the Natural Store around the corner on Court Street pronto and get FLORADIX. It is miraculous!!! I took for many months post-delivery, during breastfeeding. It is all-natural and fricking amazing. Best of luck. Can not wait to see you soon! xoxo

  15. You can make temporary, mobile walls like they do in art museums – they don’t connect to anything, so you wouldn’t be violating your lease, and they’re better than just putting up curtains or screens. One of my friends used to work in a museum and did this all the time – she claims it is both easy and cheap. That being said, I have never done it.

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  17. Amen to the Ezekiel bread & Floradix ideas.

    Nursing- whenever, wherever, however feels right. I did most of mine in bed.

    Love the Shoji screen idea…or if your a supastar…..try this…..

    Dishwasher- absolutely- if you can afford it. otherwise, listen to ks grandma- good stuff there!

  18. Bookshelves all the way. It is a practical divider because it can be used. As silly as it seems, it seems like a more “real” room divider to me than curtains or an Asian divider, even if it is just a bit thicker.

    I’m a long time reader, first time responder that found your blog via Fatty’s blog. You sometimes make light of his huge amount of readers while keeping humble yourself. For the record, I read your blog ALL the time, and only check out Fatty’s blog a few times a year now. You converted me!

  19. I have nothin’ for you on the first three, but highly recommend some kind of dishwasher: to make your life simpler and to give you more time to spend with all of the kids, not worrying about dirty dishes.

    best wishes –

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