Moving on Up….

Can I just echo a sentiment that has been voiced over and over and is echoing in the mind of millions of pregnant ladies all over the universe?  That is – time flies, mama.  So I’m around 30 weeks pregnant now this moment and heaven knows how long these boys are going to stay put.  Unpredictable, these twins.  Doc says don’t count on the regular 40 week timeline.  Twins come out when they will (as most babies do), but typically earlier than those single guys.  So now would be a little too early, but in two weeks?  Could be.  Four weeks?  Likely.  Six weeks?  I’ll be begging for it.  Hmmmmm.

You know what would be a great idea?  It would be a great idea to up and move our home.  Right now.  It would be fun to pack dishes, books, clothes and throw out mad amounts of whatever (whilst the boys are away, of course.)  And what would make it even more fun is to just keep my fingers (and legs) crossed that I don’t have any babies while we’re doing this.  I mean – that would really put a bump in the day if I went into labor while we had a rental U-Haul, you know? Being torn between getting to the hospital and returning a truck on time.   Choices like that are hard.  Delivering twins in the back of a U-Haul would be a little bit awesome and I would wear that story like a big badge of honor, but no.  Just…no.  Don’t want to bear babies in the back of a truck.  That is not my birth plan.

Anson and I have been planning this move since Robey (Monseiur Fabufantastical) found us our new dream home, and it all made sense, in my beautiful hypothetical world.  But when I got the call today from the landlord who told me officially we can do this, starting……NOW, I had a minor yahooooo….oh mercy….yay…..boooo!….awesome….wait what???….moment.  Few moments.  Because as predicted by my doc, by the testimonies of pregnant women all over the world, and by all my friends, I have actually come to a point where I’m not actually as moveable as in the past.  As in, when I bend over I feel like I’m being strangled.  When I sit too long I feel like someone is kicking me in the spine (and I do believe his name is Baby B).  When I walk for too long I get a little dizzy, when I focus too long I just go to sleep.  Without the decoration of beautiful language – I am suck.  I’m like 1/4 the person I used to be and let’s face it that person was like 3/4 the person most people are.  There’s an algebraic equation in there somewhere of the current fraction I equal, and if you solve it I’ll send you a golden star.  If you send me a self-addressed stamped envelope.  (See the above assertion: I am suck.)

Luckily, I have a few safety nets, the same ones I always have.  First, I married a workhorse of a husband who tells me that my job is just to keep these babies in my body, and that he’ll do the rest.  Second, I have a team, nay an army, no no no a legion of goddesses who call themselves my sisters and friends who are the bosses of me and will be helping me put things in boxes for the workhorse to carry and move.  These people are constantly saving my arse and at some point in my life (but not right now apparently) I will hopefully have a chance to get them back for it.  But for now…I’m just saying “yes” to their offers of help and smiling at the thought of a new home…with a back yard!  And space for my giant supersized family.

I just never know what I’m getting myself into.  But damn.  Life is really fun, it is interesting, it is never static, and I am currently one grateful mama.  Now….to find those boxes….or…a place to take a nap….

11 thoughts on “Moving on Up….

  1. I’ll never forget when I was 81/2 months pregnant, and we had the same thing happen. Time to move, and while it sounded great on paper, when it got down to it, it was really really really hard for me. I would get so overwhelmed with packing, and just wish for everything to be in its right place magically, a la Mary Poppins.

    Finally all the work was done and I came to the conclusion that while the timing was a little bit off, it was actually a great thing for me to do at the time. This late in the game, I think we all have that “nesting” instinct, and this is like xtreme ultimate nesting. It will be so satisfying for you to be in your new home once everything is in order. For sure you should accept the help of all your friends. This is a time when you really do need it, it isn’t just luxury. So enjoy the process of the move, and show us photos of your new place when you’re done!

  2. Good luck with the move! I think it will be ezpeezy riceandcheezy with all the people you have for back-up. Has Roan staked out his room yet? Can’t wait to see pics of what it all looks like!

  3. Congrats on the new house! Good luck with the move and with not giving birth until after. How exciting!

    I dreamt about having a baby last night. I attribute that to having babies on the brain after reading your blog. LOL

  4. So I am having a little bit of trouble with the math problem (and I so want that golden star because my self esteem relies solely on external motivation) because I saw the picture you included in an earlier post and being the good scientist that I am, I observed that there was at that time approximately 15.7% more of you than before. However, you assert that you are presently ony 1/4 of the previous you—-that leads me to the conlusion that you either used to weigh approximately 498.6 pounds or were at least 23.7 feet tall in order for that fraction to accurately represent the picture of which I spoke of earlier. SASE to follow.

  5. How exciting! You are brave. I’m not pregnant and I will avoid moving at almost any cost. It is such a terrible experience. When I finish grad school, I’ll be moving. I’m already dreading it and it is almost 2 years away.

  6. You take the nap, let the Goddesses and the workhorse do their work. 😉 We moved with a newborn, I think you’re on the right track with them safely tucked inside!

  7. Oh friends thanks for the encouragement! Stage one: conquer the majority is finished, mostly. Thanks to the lady army. I mostly sat around. Still, exhausted. Cruel pregnancy irony.

    Kim – just had to say I want to make you a big sparkly star to wear everyday. I love your brain, and would like to borrow it. Thanks for the laugh!

  8. I’m wondering with Janneke. I keep checking here for an update and continue sending positive thoughts that all is well.

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