Every day, people are handed new obstacles in life.  I’ve had mine, you’ve had yours.  But some just seem so disproportionate to what is really fair.  Sometimes the things that rain down on our friends and neighbors are terribly cruel, with not a lot of hope built in them to learn any lesson or find meaning.  Sometimes, terrible things just happen around us, and leave everyone wondering what can be done?

And the awful truth is that sometimes, just nothing can be done.  With that, I am just left feeling so sad for a family in my community who is suffering.  They are not close friends of mine, but somehow it doesn’t matter to me – or to the rest of this neighborhood, village, or area.  Everyone who knows of them, of their circumstance, seems to share this same helpless feeling of only being able to sympathize, empathize, and ultimately just lock arms around this family as they dig through what has been dealt to them.

One of the only powers any of us have in our unpredictable lives is the ability to see what is good, right now, and be grateful for it.  That’s it.  Things change, are taken away, and sometimes get better.  And sometimes they just don’t get better, but we learn to adapt.  So today, right now, I’m stopping everything for a moment.  I’m thinking about what is right in my life, and I’m feeling terribly terribly appreciative for it.  I hope you will do the same.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. As per usual you are as spot on as spaghetti sauce on a button down blouse. My prayers go out for the family in your hood and for whatever terrible trouble they are navigating. I am stopping in my tracks today, right now and appreciating what I have and the life I lead. Glad you are in it, even at 3000 miles away. Thanks for the long distance check.


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