Get Your Memories Out!

There is a Drawer of Shame in my home, which contains around 50 video tapes.  They are from various times of my son’s life, from birth up to probably around 4 years old.  There are hours and hours of memories that I have forgotten, friends whose names I probably can’t recall, and way more footage than even the most devoted grandparent would sit (suffer) through. So these tapes are just sitting there and I’m not saying they’re all worth watching but I’m willing to bet that there are some super cute times hiding in there, times that very much deserve a replay.   But as it is, these tapes will remain orphaned relics, victims of a mother that simply got overwhelmed by too many hours of boring tape.

Now if you are nodding your head, thinking “Hey, I have that same problem!” well friends, I’ve got an amazing hook-up for you.  In my cache of talented people I know is a woman named Aubrey.  I want to share her with you.  She owns Willow Street Films, and instead of me telling you what she can do – check this out.  Aubrey spent a few days filming my kickboxing class, and created this for me:


Awesome, am I right?  Seriously the real magic here is that I was around 3 months pregnant with twins at the time of filming, and she somehow managed to not show how fat I felt.  Love her.  She also navigated her way around classrooms of wild children who were kicking, punching, screaming, jumping and laughing and managed to not even cramp that vibe one little bit.  In fact, I caught her at one point trying on a glove…

Willow Street Films works in a few different ways.  They can collate footage you already have – remember the drawer of shame?  Take the contents to them.  With no work on your part, they can produce a montage of the best parts – something your friends/family would actually want to watch.  Or you can get them to attend an event and film and edit it for you: weddings, parties, playdates, sports, bar mitzvahs, etc.  See?  Let’s be honest – we all have the ability to film the important things in our lives.  Unfortunately most of us are not equipped with the time or ability to give our recordings style.

Another popular offering from Willow Street Films are creative photo/video montages that people like to show for entertainment at weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and the like.  May I just say that I’ve sat through way too many of these….done poorly.  It is so very refreshing to see them come to life with panache (and absent the Air Supply soundtrack)  (Nothing against Air Supply).

Contact Willow Street Films here, and thank me later.

[Special deal for my readers – Willow Street Films will offer a 10% discount if you name drop Pistols + Popcorn.]

3 thoughts on “Get Your Memories Out!

  1. So much fun! You look beautiful, as always. Giovanni was so lucky to have such an amazing, fun, patient, talented, hot teacher. xoxo

  2. I mean, really? They will watch all those hours of my baby sleeping to find the good parts? I’m calling tomorrow.

  3. I love the look of the video, and love the look of your class. How much fun did those kids have punching and kicking like that? Very cool Jodi.

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