Hello, Beautiful.

Today, I am waiting for a man to come and visit me.  This man is bringing me something I want, need, and that will likely save my marriage, though discussions about it have threatened our marriage in the past.  I’m hoping I’m wearing the right outfit to greet him, and that he knows what he’s doing.  I hope he’s strong enough to finish the task, and that his endurance is enough to get me to a place where I can thank him, give him a nice tip, and send him on his way (hopefully he won’t want to – you know – “hang out” afterwards….)  I do believe I’ll be newly complete, feeling a little guilty for the indulgence, but overall possibly a little giddy from the experience.

There’s no use dancing around today’s event – you can tell, can’t you?

My new dishwasher is being delivered!  Some of my girlie friends chipped in and bought me this new shiny appliance for my baby shower, and I just couldn’t be happier.

Wonder if I should wear lipstick so I can kiss it hello?

Hello, Beautiful.

And if that little ditty about my dishwasher-induced-super-enthusiasm isn’t enough to make you smile, I’ll add a little more to give my deserving readers at least one belly laugh today (Pun!  Intended!)  Please, don’t feel sorry for me.  This thing isn’t as heavy as it looks….34 weeks, by the way.  And I know, I don’t look a day over 45 weeks….shux….

Ridiculous! I know.

[P.S. BlogHer syndicated my piece about stupid arguments in marriage…check it out here!  I love it when that happens!]

21 thoughts on “Hello, Beautiful.

  1. Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ bout. Very sweet indeed!
    Love it! All of it!
    Congratulations on reaching epic proportions 😉

  2. Awesome!! That’s the picture we’ve all been dying to see!! I can’t believe there’s 2 people in there. The dishwasher ain’t too shabby either. Congrats on it all. Mwah

  3. You look beautiful!!!! I hope to be as good a parent as you when my first little one arrives in February! Thanks for being inspiring!

  4. Out of this world amazing! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and the dishwasher ain’t bad either. Happy Halloween indeed! Love it!

  5. Oh woman WHAT a belly! That’s awesome. I’m not sure how it rates compared to the dishwasher. I got my first one for Christmas last year (15 years of marriage, 2 kids, 3 dogs, 10 chickens blah blah blah) and it’s currently out of service and I miss it so. Hint: Keep your receipt, the warranty on mine was good for a year.

  6. Jodi-Dear-you were not suppose to eat the dishwasher!!

    Just kidding! Love the belly shot.

  7. You look like you could be on Teen Mom. Estrogen – The Fountain of Youth!

    If you have triplets next round, maybe you’ll get a washer and dryer!!!

  8. I don’t think I have ever commented but I just had to. You look great! I mean just great. Good luck with the boys.


    You guys are killing me!! As I posted that shot, I told myself that really? I could have put on some make-up or brushed my hair or maybe PUT ON A SHIRT. But well, this is about the level of effort that I’m up to. Thanks for the sweet words, but I want you to know that I can read “Better Her Than Me!” in between every line…..


    My readers and friends are the best. Thank you!!

  10. They are not kidding Jodi. You are beautiful and LUCKY to be all belly with none of the other weight gains that come with pregnancy for a lot of other women. Congratulations on all of it (the dishwasher, being beautiful even when pregnant, the twins, and having wonderful friends)!!

  11. A life changer! A miracle! A marriage saver! A gift that keeps on giving!!!! We were given the exact same model a few months after Otto was born and I cannot tell you how splendidly wonderful this beast really is. Those months before it arrived were like working in a restaurant kitchen with no dishwasher in a heatwave with no lunch breaks and someone hitting me in the head with a frying pan and then making me clean up the blood from my own head wound. Great shower gift=great gals!

  12. Oh shit, I forgot to mention the belly! Other than pregnant belly you are tiny and and rocking and ready to go! So amazing!

  13. Your belly terrifies me. In a good way, I swear. Ow. I mean wow. Terrifies in the most positive way possible. I mean, holy crap… Are you sure the twins didn’t bring friends along for the ride? I kid, of course. You are beautiful. Rock on, chica, my friend in my head. The universe is sending you good vibes and much happiness.

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