Ok, Seriously, It’s About To Happen. Seriously.

[Another Note from Jodi: I wrote a piece for BlogHer about a 4-year-old boy who was expelled from a private school for growing his hair long to donate to a program that makes wigs for cancer patients.  Check it out here.]

Hello.  What’s New?

Hi, how are you today?  I’m fine.  It’s cold outside where I live.  Is it cold where you live?  So, what’s new?  Nothing much for me, I’m just giving birth to twins tomorrow morning.  Have you seen any good new shows lately?  I’ve enjoyed Nurse Jackie, and Fringe.  Looking forward to starting Sons of Anarchy soon, if Netflix can ever get it to me.

Oh, what?  The giving birth to twins part?  Freaking out?  Me?  No no no, not at all.  Just another day, figure I’ll be done by 10 AM, EST, which will leave me plenty of time to make it to Parent/Teacher Conference by 4:00.  Afterwards I may enjoy a game of mini-golf or maybe bowling, if time allows.  I’ll probably be crazy-town hungry and eat some curly fries at some point.  Maybe a chili-cheese dog.

Denial?  What?  Hmmm.

Well I just wanted to say thank you ever so much to each person that wrote in with their story or ideas about C-Sections.  Yes, even the freaky ones did me good – I just like to have an idea of the spectrum of my immediate future.  I feel remarkably calm and energetic, and mostly just anxious to get on with it.  I really do want to wear my combat boots again which has been a real challenge what with the big lace-up and tie committment.  I can’t reach.  Unless I give up breathing.  I choose breathing over boots.  But I miss my boots.  And that’s a good reason to birth these two babies, no?

I’ll be in the hospital until Friday or Saturday, and hopefully bringing these two clowns home with me then.  All signs point to them being ready and willing to come on out tomorrow, and Roan is going to be their very first visitor.  I just cannot wait to see that happen.  I have no idea how or if I’ll be able to post any pictures or words, but if I can, I will.  In between naps.

These boys will be named Smith and Sheppard – I’ve been asked that a lot.  They are being named after my mother and Anson’s mother; each boy’s first name is a grandmother’s maiden name.  Middle names will come from my father, my maiden name – Nelson.  And then the Call name will bring up the caboose of our last-name festival.

The unfortunate thing is  that I’ve learned too late that there is a Fox News Anchor named Shepard Smith and while that was almost enough to blow the homage, we’re sticking with it anyway.  We will always simply introduce Smith first, and hope nobody makes the connection.  Cruel irony, tying me up with Fox News.  Cruel Cruel Cruel.

So for now – thanks for all the support and the stories and the encouragment – it means a lot to me.  I’ll be back soon – count on it.

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  1. Congrats Mami! I’m about to do some hospital time myself, so I wanted to get in my congrats and best wishes for a smooth and silk delivery and bringing those lil’ homies home toute suite!

  2. Dear Jodi,

    We are thinking of you so much this week and cannot wait to see pictures of the boys. The names are terrific and cool and completely unFox yet foxy. Thank you for letting me come along for a little bit of this crazy fun ride. It has been an honor and a privilege to read about your journey and to be so supported by you as well. I know I am one of many fans who feel the same way. We are lucky you are out in the ether.

    Be well and be funny and be happy and believe it on not, you are about to become the mother of a real, live singing trio. Start music lessons early and skate through retirement on their royalties and backstage passes



  3. Most of the people you know will probably not know that (about the Fox News thing). I didn’t 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow!!!! Can’t wait to hear the great news.

  4. A true honor to have one of the boys named for his smith heritage. Thank you for letting me part of this exciting, love filled event. Mom

  5. I want to visit next week! I saw your sister on train today…she seemed all ready for her new nephews!! Good luck tomorrow!! Maybe there will be a hidden triplet in there!

  6. Best wishes for you and your family!

    P.S. Had no idea about the Fox News connection, which I’m thinking is the majority. 🙂

  7. Jodi, it’s okay, Shepard Smith is the absolute best of the Fox News network by a million miles. I know that’s not saying a whole lot but, professional progressives have often said he should leave there because he really doesn’t belong. Unfortunately, he just signed another contract. They gave him a gazillion dollars because everyone loves him. He’s got like 3 shows on the network. He’s probably the only human on there that is even remotely fair and balanced.

    He said Fuck on air while discussing the government response to Katrina. He’s from the south. He’s a cutie, and a sweetie. And, according to a *lot* of rumors…he’s also gay. Though, of course, he couldn’t say so openly while he’s working for that batshit insane company.

    So, really, it’s okay. There are WAY worse people to be part of your children’s names. I promise.

    Good luck!!!

  8. You probably won’t read this until, what, a couple of months from now maybe? 🙂 Just wishing you and your happy, little, but-about-to-be-expanded-by-67%-into-a-kinda’-big family the best from the mid-Atlantic US. Godspeed. Many prayers are with you.

  9. Oh my goodness…this gives me chills & I don’t even know you! Good luck!

    LOVE the names…LOL about the Fox news guy…oh well.

  10. I’m thinking most in your circle won’t know about Shepard Smith either. Waiting on tenterhooks for all of the good news!

  11. Good Luck!!! Can’t wait to hear about how things went and to see pictures of the two little cuties. 🙂

  12. Good Luck with your boys..love the names and to *&@ with whoever has them already, your boys names will be theirs! Can’t wait to hear all about your experience. Good thoughts and vibes sending your way..Sue

  13. You are so loved and the coolest mom I’ve known of.
    These boys are so smart already, look who they picked to
    Be their mom, dad and big brother.
    Love you, Jode.
    X0x Jode

  14. I love your style, Jodi! If I were about to go to the hospital for a scheduled c-section I would be nervous as all get out! I am sure by now all is well and that your little boys have entered the world. I love their names, great choices! Our little(surprise) baby boy will have my maiden name as his first, and his dad’s first name as his middle. Corbett Benjamin Ashmore is due January 5th! Enjoy your newly expanded family, and Congrats to all of you!!!

  15. Hey Jodi….thinking about you here in Oklahoma and hoping that Smith and Sheppard are doing well (and you too!). Take care AND have a gay day!! hahahaha:)

  16. Hello. Jodi’s sister here.
    Everything went stunningly today! The babies really look like their names!
    Roan is proud, Anson is a little choked up, and Jodi? Dammit. Looks like a cross between The Virgin Mary and a Pantene commercial.
    (I will not let my envy issues control me. Repeat.)
    Beautiful perfect NY day and a coupla new, nude New Yorkers. Life can be such a pretty thing sometimes.

  17. So glad to hear it! YAY!!!! A happy, gay day all around (@Robin..nice to see you keeping that alive!) Congratulations to the big, giant family!

  18. Congratulations! Dang, the one day I don’t read because my job keeps me too busy! Welcome little ones! Can’t wait to see your pictures.

  19. Thankyou Lori for the update and isn’t it great that Sheppard AND Smith are here and everyone is doing well:) @jilrubia….:~))))) Back’atcha!!!

  20. Cool names. One never knows upon naming babies what kind of future scroundels could possess the names anyway.Perhaps they are already in your loving arms. Felicitations from France!

  21. Wohoo! Welcome to the world Smith and Sheppard. You couldn’t have picked a better family to be born into. Lots of loving and caring happening there. Congrats from a stormy Holland.

  22. CONGRATS! CANNOT WAIT TO READ ALL ABOUT IT! please take care of yourself and DO NOT be afraid to ask for help…it is the ONE TIME (well, maybe there are others) in a womens life that asking for help is MANDATORY! Good luck!!

  23. Congrats to the whole family! So glad to catch up with you after all these years! Looking forward to seeing pictures when you can muster up the energy!! Love to you all!

  24. Congratulations guys. Well done …. and without our help, Jodi? Show off. Look forward to seeing the new fab 5 back in the ‘hood (and general environs … excluding dangerous and not so salubrious locations … not necessarily all at once … and also, not withstanding previous commitments that any or all parties may have with individuals or groups that any sole person, couple or group with which they may, or may not be acquainted, either professionally personally or otherwise) .

  25. Nothing but good wishes and fond memories of the freshest days with the babes. Jealous actually – jealous of all that awaits you, and jealous of the purity of infancy. Note: cabbage leaves will help the boob thing. Just sayin’

  26. OK, so once you have the names chosen, how do you decide which one gets which? Just curious…

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