Sheppard and Smith

Oh you guys – – thanks for waiting for me!

I really thought I would post before this, and I’ve meant to every day, because I’d like the wide world to know that things are amazing in my corner of Brooklyn.  The C-Section went beautifully.   The boys came out all slimy and as they pulled Sheppard out (who is, by the way, a full minute older than Smith) my first thought was, “I can breathe!!”  And not as in, “I’m so relieved”.  It was a literal sensation of being able to inhale fully, where before all my parts have been so squished that there was really just not a lot of room for air.

And then I heard him cry, and I started to cry and then I was just in love.

And then I heard Smith cry, and I cried some more and then there was just more love.

Anson and Roan checking out Mr. Smith

And then the anesthesiologist started trying to wrench Anson’s camera from his hands, as he was really loving that camera.  I’m not kidding.  As Anson was trying to snap the first moments of his new twin sons’ lives, this guy is all, “What ISO are you using?” and saying to his fellow doctor types, “this camera is awesome, you could pay for an entire semester of college with it”

The camera made this look good. Good camera.

Maybe he got his degree online?

This is kind of what they do all the time. ZZZZZZZZ.

Baby Feet! I'm not the only one who thinks that's cute, right?

Not ready for their close-up, obviously.

Still, we were able to refocus back to the freaking miracle of life and not the miracle of my husband’s camera, and Anson kept snapping pictures and showing them to me as they put my humpty dumpty parts back together again.  It was so surreal and fine and funny and beautiful and my reply of, “Yeh I get that a lot” when the surgeon mentioned that I had nice Fallopian Tubes brought down the house.  Always ready to sneak a joke in…..that’s me.  Well, me + morphine.

This is Sheppard Nelson Call – born at 9:04 AM, 11/09/10, weighing in at 6.8 lbs:

I know. Makes you wanna kiss him. I know.

Sheppard has a nice profile, no?

And this is Smith Nelson Call – born at 9:05 AM, 11/09/2010, weighing in at 5.6 lbs:

I know. Makes you wanna eat him up. I know.

Smith, totally taking it in.

My friends, they are lovely.  And their brother Roan?  He’s been a trooper.  His grandmother came to Brooklyn to care for him, and she made him feel like the king of the world.  He loves his brothers, smothers them in kisses, and is especially proud when he coaxes a burp from them.  Or when they poop.  He thinks that’s some funny stuff.


And this? Makes me die.

Roan with Grandma Carolynn - Smith's namesake.

I will have stories, I already have stories to tell from here until the end of time.  But mostly I am just currently consumed with bone-crushing, head-spinning love for my husband Anson who has stepped up his already stellar game in taking care of me, and our now super-sized family.  This man.  Suddenly, I just don’t know what to say.  Just play an Air Supply song and then you kind of get the idea.  I know, disgusting.  I’m so sorry.

And also a shout out to my friends and family who have also circled the wagons and encased me in love and care and help.  They’ve put me in this place where I can honestly say that bringing these boys home, and caring for them and my firstborn son RoRo has been nothing but a pleasure, so easy.  Because my people are taking care of everything else in my life.  It’s a gorgeous time now.

Proud Big Bro.

And now, I need to change two poopy diapers.  Yes, Shep and Smitty are talented and thoughtful enough to poop at the same time.

[And a P.S. from Jodi: Since Smith and Sheppard have been born, they’ve had two new friends also enter this world.  Welcome to the jungle, Booker (my niece’s baby boy) and Luna Rose (my sweet friends Eddie and Katie’s newest girl)!!]

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  1. My heart is full for you, and a simple congratulations simply does not suffice. You’ll just have to imagine how happy I am for you and your sweet baby boys: )

  2. So beautiful. Excited for you and your family! Congratulations. Also, you look great! And it’s not just the camera.

  3. Thank you for this—I feel like an Auntie or something. It is awesome to see those small guys so quickly, wow. You and Anson make some handsome boys.

  4. I’m in love!! Such cute boys! Congrats from this end of the big pond. Oh and as Dr. Kim says, I feel like a far away Aunt too.

  5. Oh my gosh, this made me cry! I’m so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and words–totally worth the wait!

  6. All I can say is that I think you are the luckiest lady in the world right now. Congrats to you,your boys and husband. I’m so happy for you:)

  7. Oh, I don’t think it is my own pregnancy emotions that are causing these tears to kick in. These pics are so sweet, congrats to you and your family. Can’t wait now for our second to come. And I hope Nina is as good a big sister as Roan.

  8. perfect. They are beautiful and I’m so happy all went well. Enjoy them and this time because as you know, it flies by!!

  9. oooh! i’ve been waiting for this post but so so glad you are just getting time with your boys. they are amazing. congrats!

  10. THEY’RE SO CUTE! I’m beaming like an idiot! So many congratulations and well-wishes to you and your beautiful family!

  11. There are no words for how wonderful this all is! Congratulations to a marvelous additions. The photos are too much. Tears are forming and my heart is swelling. So happy for you all. Tears falling. Good night.



  12. Congratulations!

    I was so waiting for the pictures and it was worth the wait. You have another pair of beautiful young men. Nice job and well done ^-^ ! Roan looks so *grown up* all of a sudden. I love his proud expression. And you look so beautiful and gorgeous in the breastfeeding picture.

    I’m looking forward to reading more stories!

    (Long-time reader but first-time poster from Tokyo)

  13. Awww, they are adorable. I do want to kiss them and eat them up. Congratulations. Absolutely beautiful.

  14. I love your birth story, Jodi. It sounds so peaceful, even with surgery involved. Your boys are precious, and I know you will cherish them always. Congrats!

  15. Oh my goodness- they are precious! I love how they puts their hands over their faces…do you think that’s a twin thing? Like that’s how they got a little alone time when they were forced to share that small space for so long? lol I’m with the person above- they make Roan look like a giant! Hope you are doing well!

  16. Oh wow! Worth the wait to see those little cutie pies! AW!! I was just in NYC last weekend, visiting my oldest, a 19 year old son. Blink and these guys will be that age too…Best wishes to all and hearty Congratulations!

  17. A lot of awesomeness all the way around in that post. Thanks for sharing and hearty congratulations to you and your family. Support and love. Love and support. They really do go well together.

  18. Kiss them, eat them, cuddle them, devour them. Oh yes. Babies turn us into animals, but the best kind of animals. I’ve been scouring my reader waiting to see your slot turn bold and black and I nearly burned my fingertips off scrolling down once I spotted it. That photo of you in the bed with your babe is so beautiful it just made me weep.

    I’m so looking forward to watching your babes grow in these pages. So happy for you all.

  19. Congratulations! They are so beautiful. I love the pics of Roan with his new brothers, what a great kid he is!

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