5 1/2 Hours. I Hear Angels Singing.

Just a quick note to celebrate the fact that somehow these children saw fit to sleep last night for a stretch of 5 1/2 hours.  At what point 5 1/2 hours became a luxury I cannot say but let me be clear: it makes mama happy.  Happy! I am coming up with strategies for survival and welcome any of yours.  Here’s my best one so far:

As I noticed Anson falling asleep every single time he sat down, I wondered to myself, “Could it be that working full-time and being up at night with babies is taking a toll on this guy?”  I know.  Nothing gets past me.  Hawk-Eye Jodi.  So I’ve put a Dad/Roan Slumber Party rule into play on the weekends.  Anson sleeps in Roan’s room on Friday and Saturday nights, enjoying the uninterrupted sleep that we’ve trained our firstborn to do.  I’m up with the two wee young lads, yes, on my own on those nights BUT Anson then gets them from me at around 7:00 AM, and I sleep in until I can sleep no longer.  As I wandered up the stairs at 10:00 AM on these mornings, I felt good.  And Anson felt good from sleeping all night.  And life, when there is sleep involved, it is good.  Roan just thinks it’s rad to have Dad in his room.  And that is a big WIN that he gets some special time with his pops out of all of this.

Simple, no?  But it makes a big difference.  Any of your own simple solutions to baby-taming you want to share?

And now àpropos absolutely nothing, some pictures of Roan filling out my Hospital Stay Survey Form.  That child had some strong opinions about that place.  No video games.  Not good food.  My roommate snored.  I fear New York Presbyterian may not enjoy his opinion.

How Many Types of Bad Food? Let Me Think...

Oh Really? No Mario + Luigi? REALLY?!

Don't Even Get Me Started on the Epic Snoring Happening...

And Readers?  How can I look at things like this in my everyday life without my heart exploding?  I do not know.  These brothers…too much.

Shep + Ro

13 thoughts on “5 1/2 Hours. I Hear Angels Singing.

  1. You are one smart, strategically-minded problem solver. I’m impressed.
    With one kidling, I was sleep deprived and cuckoo by day 5. My strategy- bring baby in bed with us so I could nurse and sleep at the same time. Two years is a mighty long time to sleep with a baby/toddler kicking you in the ribs- let me tell you! And this created another issue of training him on his own bed later.

    So brava to you! My only question….when do you get to sleep with your husband with a house full of babies that neeeeed you? When you figure it out, please call me and let me know.

  2. Can I be the first one to point out that in the past two weeks you have given birth to two gorgeous boys AND updated your blog…twice. Nevermind about facebook and twitter. Jebus woman you are an inspiration to us all. It sounds to me like you’ve got it all figured out just fine for now.

  3. I would say I was amazed, but seriously, you have to be tried of hearing that. Dude – I am amazed.

  4. Ahhhh I see the candle next to Roan!
    That makes me so happy – can’t wait to see the boys and give you a hug!

  5. My heart just melted looking at the picture of Shepard and Roan. So glad to hear sleep is happening! I was just coming back to oogle the baby pictures in your previous post, I’m amazed you’re posting again! Very happy, but amazed.

  6. I’m not a mother, so I don’t have any sage mommy tricks to pass on, but I just had to tell you that last picture turned me into a melty puddle of nostalgia because my big brother used to hold me just like that when I was a baby.

  7. We had (have?) the 3am rule – I am basically a night person, Dad is basically a morning person – as in he wakes up ready to go, whistling, chipper, I don’t speak until the sun is high, but can accomplish the work of two or three in the wee hours of the morning. SO….if the kid issue – be that a food-issue, excrement-issue, dream-issue, car-issue, busted-at-a-party issue, unexpected nighttime teen drama issue – if it’s BEFORE 3am, I’m catching, if it’s AFTER 3am, he’s catching. Works for us. Also, no matter what, the answer to the prob is usually – go get in our bed.

  8. Love how your boys make your heart explode. Pistols and popcorn, for sure!
    With overwhelming felicitations from France, Jennifer

  9. congratulations Jodi! they are beautiful. the photos are amazing. i love the bassinet one. i’m glad you are doing well and able to breathe 🙂 such a happy moment for you and your family!

  10. I loved the pictures of Roan filling out the survey – there is nothing cuter than a 7-year old boy concentrating on important work!

    Gotta tell you, though, that I work for a hospital and we live and die by those patient satisfaction surveys.

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