Part of the Problem

Today I had to make a choice.  It actually wasn’t that hard.  Either write a meaningful post, one which my readers deserve: something well thought out, provocative and educational, or take a nap because my twin boys obviously misunderstood the song “No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn” and think it’s “No Sleep IN Brooklyn (at night, but of course we’re happy to sleep all day, duh.)

The nap felt great.  I mean, just so luxurious and indulgent.  And so, this picture, and my apologies that instead of creating two human beings who would help solve all the world’s problems, I mistakenly created two humans who have invented a new world problem, one that I fear may become a trend.  I am part of the problem, and Baby-On-Baby Cannibalism is no laughing matter.

There is nothing funny about infant cannibalism. Stop laughing.

16 thoughts on “Part of the Problem

  1. This just made me laugh out loud in the coffee shop. I would be embarrassed, but I can’t stop laughing.

  2. Hilarious and delicious! Miss your brilliant posts like Santa misses cookies in May but willing to wait until the twins are in college.



  3. Lets see, a brilliant, well written, thought provoking post, or baby on baby cannibalism, easy choice. When I can giggle and laugh and feel better, its always a smarter choice than thinking. They are a couple of very cute babies, and feel free to continue to do nothing but post pictures of them til you are not so sleep-deprived.

  4. I choose baby cannibalism any day. Brain hurts too much from deep thought—laughter was much appreciated and much needed.

  5. Gasp!

    It also looks like the cutie to the left is looking forward to being eaten…

    A wonderful shot. It will be useful in the future, too ^-^ .

  6. Good thing Sheppard doesn’t have any teeth, he looks soooo determined! (btw…I think it’s Sheppard…more hair = Shep??) Gosh, they are so freakin’ cute! Take your naps like everyone says to do. The interweb will wait.

  7. omg.. love it! 🙂 They may be keeping you from blogging but at least they give you adorable pictures to share that make us all forgive and forget 🙂

  8. hehe! You could just post pictures for the foreseeable future and we’ll be happy! 😉

  9. Danielle beat me to it with the suggestion that you just post pictures of the adorableness of your larger family instead of bothering with thought provoking posts. Who can think of anything but “CUTE” with those two around?

  10. That is hilarious, but I think it’s a trend in twin boys. We have a pic of our twin boys from their first week, and one is indeed attempting to open mouth wide enough to swallow his bro. It is a major concern, this trend of infant cannibalism.
    I just found your blog and love it, especially the twin posts, because I can laugh and relate to the craziness (though minus the older child). I love your down to earth mommying. Awesome stuff.

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