Breasts Not Boobs

Whaddya mean I look tired?

I’m not going to lie, I’m typing this with a child attached to my boob….

This is not the child connected to my boob

Ok, I told Roan we shouldn’t call them “boobs”.  So, a retraction and correction, I’m typing this with a child nursing at my breast. (Well, that sounds refined.)

Breasts not Boobs? Vatevah.

That was a lie.  I have two children on my boobs.  One on each, actually.  Weird, huh?  Are you even still here?  I know, it’s a good thing I have these photos because  my writing isn’t really all that informative.  But still, here you are?  Thanks guys.

Let's just focus on this little scamp.

Also, one more thing: the comments on my last post made it one of my favorite things ever written here.  Not because of my words, but because of yours.  Every story every single comment – just really meant the world to me.  Because these feeling resonate with every mother, and that normalizes everything, doesn’t it?  I haven’t heard from my original reader/emailer, but here’s hoping she got the message that we’re all in this together – and none of us are perfect.

This lasted for around 45 seconds

But they were the best 45 seconds of my day

Now, back to the boys on my boobs.  Breasts.  Whatever.  I will get back to posting more regularly someday but for now, I have to go sniff these children.  It’s what I do.

Of course sometimes they smell rather like poop

13 thoughts on “Breasts Not Boobs

  1. Good job lady. Happy to hear of the boys on boobs and poop sniffing activities.
    Does that make me weird? Maybe it makes me feel better about my gritty and un-glamorous life. Lovely pictures of the guys. That’s some camera 😉

  2. Oh I thought for sure we would get to see the spectacular boobs/breasts that you write about!!! Dangit!
    Love you…boobs and all!:)
    You have the sweetest household of boys. BEEUTIFUL!

  3. I love the word boobs – always have – it’s so much fun to say. And every time I look at these pictures, I tell my husband I want to have a third child. My daughter just turned one and is starting to shed that baby look a bit and oy vey, I miss that baby feel! Enjoy them every day, as I can tell you are!

  4. New acronym for you: NAK (nursing at keyboard). I’m VERY impressed you can do it with two! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family with us.

  5. You and your family and your boobs are so awesome!
    It is a bit of an escape for me to see inside a life with so much love and expressive and beautiful babies (all 3!)
    You were dealt the best kid cards ever.

    You deserve it! Thinking of you so very often Jode, xox Jode.

  6. Jodi!

    There is a restaurant in McCausland, Iowa (no joke) called BOOBS! And it has the best damned fried chicken you’ve ever eaten in your life AND an indoor bowling alley but all of that is, I am certain, not as sweet as your “boobs” are to your two new sons. Boob on! Boobalicious!

  7. Today I took Caz to a meeting with some fancy lawyers I need in Long Island, that is the boring part. And you know what he did at this serious meeting? He screamed BOOBY TRAIN the whole time. Until I finally gave him my boob and he fell asleep. So NOT fun!

  8. This is not really related to your post at all (though I do love your blog), but I just have to say that I wish my hair was even half as fabulous as Roan’s is!

  9. I’m trying to picture you typing with two babies at your boobs, and I’m concluding that you either have exceptionally long arms or that mommyhood comes with super powers.

  10. Jodi, your blog made me laugh and the pictures were priceless. What handsome boys and husband you have hanging out with you. I swear you Nelsons are all such good writers.

    I hope you laid down for a 45 minutes rest…xoxoxo

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