One Last Word

Lucky + Loved

My Dear Readers and Friends and Family,

I have had the most beautiful and relaxing holiday season.  I’m throwing one last post in for the year to say “Thank You!” to the people in my life.  With the company of my readers and the voices they’ve had in my life this past year, with the hugs, support and laughter my friends have brought to me, and the constant love and presence of my family – I have had a charmed 2010, and feel so lucky, so loved.


I cannot wait to share the stories I’ve experienced recently – stories of birthdays, new opportunities, not-so-brilliant moments, and huge snowfalls.  But for now, with one baby on my lap, another next to me and the clock ticking before they need me (or I need them), I want to share the simple images of the past little while.  The words will come later.

Learning to carry two.

Here’s wishing you peace and happiness.  I do believe 2011 will be magical.


Ms. Pistol+ the Little Popcorns

A new trick - the smile!

Of course not to be outdone by Shep, Smitty gets his charm on.

And how could they not smile...

...with Roan as their personal clown?

And this handsome guy to call Pops?

So much love from an old granny...(hi Mom!) Smith loves his namesake.

A Christmas treat (bribe?) left out for the reindeer...

...well rewarded on Xmas morning.

Happy New Year!

And cupcakes all around. Cheers!

8 thoughts on “One Last Word

  1. Gorgeous boys. I love the top photo, your tattooed arms massaging your baby, and the one of you swaddling the two baby heads. They just make me sigh inside. A lot. Thanks for the baby porn.

  2. Sometimes your photos are just too much for my tender little heart to bear….you and your Madonna-Musclely arms, Roan bursting with joy, the warmth of your family burning through, the gorgeous babies smiling….JOY!!! All of our love to you and yours. xoxo

  3. Happy new year. The photos are beautiful. Thanks for posting them. And I recognized your big sis in the whole family photo. I don’t think I’ve seen her since high school graduation. She’s got the same eyebrows as ever, nearly 25 years later.

  4. Wee Fish Gnu a Mare Egrets Moose Panda Hippo Gnu Deer. Hey Jodi and the Nelson/ Call mob. Beautiful pics. Here’s to an excellent 2011. x … and a big X too.

  5. Lucky and loved indeed! Best wishes from All The Biters for a wonderful 2011 and many more blessings.

    Keep on truckin’!

    xoxox Dotty

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