Recession Saturdays! Now More Fun than Prosperous Saturdays!

Saturday morning began with instructions from Roan.  Bowling, at Chelsea Piers.  After: Dance Dance Revolution.  Soda would be the drink of the day, and everyone in the family would attend.  I’ve never loved my son more.  The organization and planning gene has been passed on and nurtured into fruition! Anson and I quickly downed the coffee we needed to keep up with the master, and got our go on.

While walking from 8th Avenue over to the West Side we were giddy because it was warm enough to not be cursing our mother’s for birthing us.  (Of course, Roan’s only allowed to make those curses while he’s in the bathroom).  It was even so warm that Anson and I stopped for a photo op that Roan seized.  He took these pictures and I’ve gotta say….kids got talent.

The bowling was predictable.  I sucked.  I always will.  It brings us together because I become the “special” one in the family that gets all the encouragement in the world for knocking over a pin.  Even Roan dishes that out now, thumbs up, happy smile and a pity-fueled “good job!”  If it weren’t so funny it may bring me to kill.  Anson is a bowling God, so don’t anyone even ever try to step to that guy.  And Roan – he is ready to put the bumpers down.

We all looked amazing in our bowling shoes.  Saturday bowling with the family during the recession: sneak your own food in, and tell a friend.


26 thoughts on “Recession Saturdays! Now More Fun than Prosperous Saturdays!

  1. I have always had the best time bowling with my family. And I’m the worst of the lot! I feel doing activities together like this is what keeps a family strong. We always sneak in our own food too!

  2. Chelsea Piers?!? Come on, show the love to Brooklyn and go bowling at Melody Lanes in Sunset Park. Of course, if Roan chooses Chelsea Piers I guess you have no choice.

  3. I love Chelsea Piers! I think Melody Lanes is cheaper, but they don’t have Dance Dance Revolution so you may miss out on an entire portion of the plan. Seems like your family is taking the depression out of the recession (ba da dum).

  4. Roan has such a great photographer’s eye. Those pics are awesome! Can I just tell you how much I love, love, love your blog!? So great and inspiring.

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