What Would You Do?

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The Situation:

Twin infants receive an assault of vaccinations, resulting in mighty sore legs from the shots, and low-grade fevers, and general fussiness which actually counts as epic fussiness because of course, it is times two.  (Two babies crying mildly > one baby crying mildly = parental stress escalation factor equal to the sum of one baby crying hysterically.  That’s Pistol Math!)

After what could have been hours but who can be sure because it’s “Baby Crying Time” which sort of is its very own time continuum, both babies finally fall asleep.  They look very cute.  They look very tranquil.  They are swaddled and safe in their crib.  The look like they just graduated from The Cute Baby Academy with honors in “How to Sleep and Look Adorable” (which by the way is totally impossible for adults to do.   Why?  Why are we so ugly when we grow up?)  Parental stress factor returns to normal.

And then.  Of course.  The sound that only means one thing.  Two poopy diapers.

The Question:

What do you do?  Now, be honest.  We all know what we’d tell our friends we’d do – of course, change them right away, with dim lights, no stimulation and soft voices and total disregard for the fact that there will be screaming again.  But tell me the truth mister.  What would you really do?  Because if you’ve ever asked yourself WWJD (What Would Jodi Do?) I’m here to say sometimes, I cannot do the right thing. Sometimes, I am a person who would let her two children sleep for five hours in poop.

Be thankful it's not scratch'n'sniff.

So tell me.  Are you with me or against me?  Don’t feel bad if you’re against me because actually I’m sort of against myself.  But would you wake the babies?  Have you?  Tell me in the comments.

26 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. Oh believe me, I’m with you. If they’re uncomfortable, they’ll wake up and let you know. In the meantime, let those little darlins’ sleep off their vaccination-induced fussiness!

  2. I,although not being a parent, totally agree with you. Let them sleep. It’ll be smelly and ugh but hey, that’s what the washing machine is for… (no, not them, just their clothes and sheets and what not…)

  3. I would change them because the thought of dealing with a terrible diaper rash X2 would only prolong the agony you are already facing. 🙂

  4. I remember dealing with this with my little brother and I totally let him sleep. (He’s 13 years younger than me so although I don’t have children, I’ve definitely had practice.) He had been screaming and crying and was already sick to begin with, so I figured he needed the sleep more than the change. I remember discussing it with my grandmother — who was with me babysitting — and she agreed that it would only wake him up and cause him to cry for another hour. Since she was a nurse, I gave her opinion the respect it deserved and we let the bugger sleep 😉

  5. Is my wife in the building? What’s my deniability?

    We always changed our daughter; the wife is CRAZY about poop-hygiene. I think that was mostly because of the girly-bits. With boys, things are less likely to get somewhere that you can’t get at without a light. Maybe this is the beginning of how boys are raised differently from girls, no matter how hard you try to treat them the same.

    Though, I totally agree with Susan’s diaper rash x2 comment above…

  6. With my first baby, I would have changed him, sobbing myself bc of my lack of sleep. With my second, though, hellz no! Diaper rash schiaper rash – especially at this young age, their breastmilk/formula poops are a lot milder than later poops. I’ve discovered that with baby #2, sleep wins over ANYTHING. Except maybe if there was a fire in the house.

  7. I would leave them to sleep. I would hope that with incredible foresight I had smeared on some extra Vaseline/barrier cream prior to said sleep to avoid aforementioned diaper rash.

  8. a few months after our first was born, she found some kind of comfort zone and didn’t wake for 23 hours. the missus freaked (0f course!), but my take was to let her sleep. if that happened today, we’d head out to celebrate- or just sleep ourselves.

  9. So, my first instinct would be to let them sleep. My second might be to call my baby-crazy neighbor who would gladly hold and rock a fussy baby because she loves them so…

  10. You know what they say about sleeping dogs? Same goes for babies, especially with twins. Honestly babe, I don’t how you do it! I’d need Jack and Daniel as my personal sitters to get through one day.

  11. Poopy sleep wins in my book, but my hubby would go for the change- he’s a sucka for abuse.
    I wish my parenting questions were simple like this once again.
    Us humans get so damn complex as we age.
    I need advice on temper tantrums- anyone! When they happen sometimes 3 X day?! How to cope?

  12. I’d let them sleep but next time put Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on them before the appointment. I used that with my daughter and it just keeps any rash from appearing.

  13. What Paula said. Why? Unless you have been feeding them quesadillas, any irritation would be minor and quickly go away. Two, if they don’t like it, they will wake up. Three, the beauties need sleep more than a clean bottom. Just thinking of those times makes the back of my neck sweaty, bless you dear lady!!!

  14. I live by the mantra “Never wake a sleeping baby.” Goes double for two sleeping babies.

  15. If it’s not bothering them enough to wake up, there’s no reason for YOU to wake them up. They wouldn’t thank you for waking them either, because the sleep is giving them relief. Between lack of sleep or diaper rash, I’ll take diaper rash anytime. That’s so easy to give relief for. Sleep, that’s often just so freaking hard to come by.

  16. Let ’em sleep. Paint their behinds white with Desitin when they wake up. They get some sleep, you get some peace, diaper rash is avoided and at what cost? some extra laundry if the diaper doesn’t hold?

    That’s how we handled it with our first two. I’m sure that is what will happen with #3.

  17. I would have let it go, and if they were roused from sleep by discomfort, then you swoop right in and change the diaper, but yeah… all that vaccination fussy x2 stuff and once they were asleep about the only thing I might wake them for is a fire. You need to go with your heart-gut, because it never steers you wrong. These are YOUR boys, YOUR life and YOUR parental understanding. We’re getting only a snippet of the story. YOU need to do what YOU feel is right for them, and if that means they sleep through a messy diaper, then so be it.

  18. O.M.G those are some adorable babies right there! And I’m not just saying that to be nice! 🙂 So adorable if you lived close I might sneak over and steal them for a few hours!

  19. sleep! think of it this way…if it happened at night, when everyone was sleeping, you wouldn’t even KNOW they had pooped until they woke up!

  20. I’m with Gillian. Leave it till they let you know it’s bothering them or until they wake. And go to sleep until that happens.

  21. Been there more than once with my 4 month old– if it’s not bothering her, I don’t let it bother me! Absolutely let them sleep! Hell, I even skip the change if she’s feeding in the middle of the night and *almost* asleep. Not worth it. And (at least my) breastfeed bab(y)ies don’t really get diaper rash, right?

  22. It would depend on their diaper rash level. If it could withstand 5 hours, then I’d let them sleep. If not, I’d have to change asap.

  23. But, I mean, it COULD have been only gas, you know? And it would be really cruel to wake them up if it was only gas after their traumatic day, so in fact you are erring on the side of caution and compassion if you just let them sleep… (If they’re prone to rash, though, then all bets are off, in my opinion–gotta change ’em.)

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