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What’s this?  I’ve torn myself away from ga-ga-ing at the infant boys and their big handsome brother to write twice in a week?  I know I know mark this day in your calendar, pop some champagne, put on some lipstick and celebrate!  Today’s post is one of admiration, though – had to let you all know about my friend Ms. Anna Fader.

Anna runs Mommy Poppins, which is the site I cut my NYC writing teeth on.  She’s a different kind of maven – one who is less concerned with building her brand (though MP is one of the most well-respected, well-known, go-to sites for NYC parents) , and more thoughtful about what she can give back to her community.  So after four years of Mama Poppin-ing, and with a readership that is 200,000 per month strong she’s started a new project, Poppins Perks.

Simply put, this new site is following the Groupon model.  For those of you stuck in 2008 (Hi Kara!) and don’t know about Groupon, it’s a sign-up (free) service that offers sweet discounts from local businesses.  So Poppins Perks will be offering big (seriously BIG) discounts on children-targeted activities, classes, and items from NYC merchants and providers.  The twist is this: Anna has partnered with Donors Choose to give back to NYC schools that need help funding projects.  Each purchase will kick back a percentage to a Donors Choose project, with the goal being to fund one project per week.

Ambitious?  Why, yes!  Do-able?  Why, yes!

I’m asking each of my readers to sign up for this service – she’ll only be sending out one to two emails per week, so it won’t overload your inbox.  If you find something that speaks to you, great, get it!  If not, that’s cool.  Don’t live in NYC?  No prob.  Some of the Perks will be things you can gift, or have sent to yourself.

This is a project I believe in whole-heartedly.  And with so many people out there simply wanting to promote themselves, push their brand, get paid, get popular, and get noticed this style of giving is such a relief to find in the world.  And an honor to help promote.

Sign up here.

No seriously, go sign up.  I’ll wait.

Ok!  Thanks people.  You are awesome.  I like you a lot.

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