My Starry Eyes

We're all still here.

You’ll all be happy to know that I have not thrown the babies into the recycling bin, nor have I gone out for cigarettes and not come back home.  After blowing off steam in my last post, my twin boys cleverly turned on their extra-cute superpower and made me feel the fool for ever complaining about them.  They are diabolical, but effective little creatures.  Dang.  I’m so in trouble with how much I love these two guys.  So. In. Trouble.


Speaking of trouble, remember my son Roan?  Also quite diabolical in using his cuteness for making my heart skip beats.  Well Mr. Roan had the opportunity this past weekend to take part in a photo shoot with Anna Palma who is a big deal photographer in little old NYC.  It was a proper shoot, at a proper studio, with proper stylists and clothes and snacks and coffee.  There was also a proper little cute dog present.  The shoot was for the clothing store H&M and ladies and gentlemen: it was a blast.

Getting the style on.

Super Cool. No doubt.

Roan and I got out of our house and took extreme pleasure in luxuriating in a car to the shoot.  If you don’t live here in NYC, that probably makes no sense.  In our house, we are slaves to public transportation.  I usually don’t mind it, and actually love not having a car and all that goes with a car.  But on this day, I just couldn’t get it together to get on the subway on time so we called a car service for a ride into Manhattan.  As we were being driven over the Brooklyn Bridge, with all the magnificent views and the peace of just Roan and me being together, I was totally dropped by how cool my life is.  It just felt great to look at the Empire State Building, the Manhattan Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and then my son.  On his way into the world that he’s growing up in, and having so much fun in.  I dunno – it was a moment.  I don’t suppose I’ll ever be a “real” New Yorker because these buildings, bridges and views still give me starry eyes and tourist-like giddy feelings more often than not.  It’s the Colorado girl in me.

We got to the studio and Roan and I relaxed on a couch, him sipping on a Limonata, me drinking a cup of coffee – the first one I’ve had in some time while having no human attached to my body.  Weird.  Then he was called over to wardrobe, where he was outfitted in a sweet little cardigan and hot-shot black skinny pants.  Everything was arranged just so – from which buttons were buttoned, to how his shoes were unlaced.  Roan then was called over to hair and make-up.  This knock-out of a woman spent tons of time putting her hands through Roan’s hair, sculpting it, messing it up, re-sculpting it until he had a wicked pompadour.  Could I have loved his look anymore?  No, the answer is, I could not.

Not done yet...

Can you tell how much he loves this?

Getting there...

I die.

I was the kind of lame-o mom there.  Again with the starry eyes.   I mean, I just love seeing Roan’s eyes light up with all the attention he’s basking in, doing his cool guy face and being applauded by a group of people for just being his cool guy self.  So I was all smiles and taking pictures and texting them to my friends.  I’m not unaffected or bored at these things, you know?  Roan enjoys it so much, and I love watching him enjoy it.

Doing his thing

We were there for around four hours, and when we were done, Roan said he wished we didn’t have to go.  He had struck an immediate friendship up with the other kids there.  They’d claimed the studio as their own, playing Red Light Green Light and running around like total maniacs.  How could that not be awesome?  They all knew the words to all of the music being played and I just watched and hoped that this day would be burned into Roan’s memory.  It was an amazing time.  And it was made even more special by Roan recognizing that he had my full attention.  I think he misses that, though he won’t admit it.  I miss it.

Smith + Sheppard

When we got home, we found that Anson had taken about 1,098 pictures of Smith and Sheppard.  He cannot help himself (Anson and I share this addiction of trying to catch each smile….)  And I couldn’t believe how much I had missed them.  For all my wah-wah-boo-hoo’ing about being “baby’d out”, I sure have no ability to be away from those boys.  It was a sweet thing, though.  So sweet to see Anson so excited by all the things he had learned about them in one day.  Because they change every day, every minute.  As does Roan.  I think maybe we all do.  Change becomes less noticeable as we get older, but we are all liquid really – and what a treat it was to have captured some of who my boys are now on this one day.

Because they’re all different already.


6 thoughts on “My Starry Eyes

  1. BFing cleavage is to die for.

    Then, car parts: “mud flaps” and “daytime running lights”. But it is all worth it!

  2. So glad you got some one on one time with your supahstar Roan. Love the pompadour! He rocks it! And you, my dear, seem to be rocking your life this week (one week at a time, no?) ;).

  3. “I love watching him enjoy it.” Spoken like a true Mamma! That is what it is all about. Enjoying each moment…not just with our families, but FOR our families. Each moment is a treasure to embrace….the good….the bad….and the ugly. It is all a part of the truth and that which we can not escape…nor would we want to when it came right down to it. Gettin out a bit helps keep things in perspective….good for the soul!

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