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My Three Sons

So today’s big success is that count it THREE times I’ve successfully gotten the two big S twins to sleep at the same time!  The book that taunts me and sits in my living room called, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins” assures me that unless I do this I am doomed to a lifetime of servitude to these two taskmasters.  And so.  I’ve done it.  Three times today, readers.

But see, I’ve started using a secret weapon.

The Tyrants

My brother and his late wife, Susan have twins.  I remember going to their home one time when Susan had just gotten their infant girls to sleep.  She told me the only way she could get her twins to sleep sometimes was to run the vacuum in their room.  Something about the white noise it generated, she said, was ultra-soothing.

Ummmm.  Ok.  Indeed.  Parenting through a vacuum cleaner, really?  I one-eyebrow raised her and cocked my head and said, “Uh-huuuuh.  Right.  Gotcha.”  And no doubt Susan knew I was not catching her drift that the vacuum cleaner was an amazing sleep tool.  It is the sleep whisperer.  I wasn’t ready for that kind of information.

But thankfully it got catalogued in my brain and I pulled out that little gem and used it on my boys a few days ago when they were over-tired, over-stimulated and not all that likable.  I turned it on, and it was like turning them off.  It worked like a charm, it worked like magic.  So to my dear sweet sister-in-law whom I miss tons, I give you a virtual high-five for helping me with these boys.

And a big hug.  You have given me perhaps the most useful trick I have up my sleeve so far, and have saved me from a lifetime of servitude to my little angel-faced tyrants.

And one more thing about Susan.  It’s usually tough for me to believe in premonition or the supernatural – my ability to think magically got taken away somehow.  Still, this helps me make that stretch.  On one of my visits to help my brother take care of things, I was sitting next to Susan who was drifting off to sleep.  She and I were talking and she was in and out of a dream state.  Before she fell asleep entirely, she smiled at me and said, “Your twins are going to be beautiful….”


And at that time, I was not pregnant with twins.  They were not on my radar at all.  Susan never was able to hear that I joined her in bringing twins into this world – but maybe she knew, even before I did.  Maybe?

[P.S. – A big thanks to my reader Dr. Kim, who has a PhD in Physical Chemistry – she sent these adorable onesies pictured here to us and they are a family favorite.  I’m considering trying to stop the boys from growing so they don’t grow out of them….perhaps you could come up with a formula?  xo]

23 thoughts on “Late Thanks

  1. I said, “Ohhh,” outloud when I got to the bottom of this post. I never met Susan, although we live in Alpine and my husband works with your brother at the same company. Your twins are adorable. I’m glad you were able to get them to sleep at the same time. Lovely lovely post.

  2. Actually white noise is the secret weapon of baby ninjas. When both of my children were young, we put a noise machine in their room and put it on the womb sound. To this day, when I put that machine on, my four year old daughter gets sleepy and she’s a tough sleep nut to crack. Enjoy!

  3. Been marveling at my kids’ abilities to think magically, and I’m jealous.

    5-year old Phin has decided to believe in the Easter bunny and has some awesome stories conjured up just in time for next Easter. Fabulous!

    14-year old Gabe, (who now wants to be called Asher) has told me he is a reincarnated Sirian (alien), there is a interdimensional portal in his bedroom, and his subtle body works on spaceships at night. OK, little creepy, but still fabulous.

    So I’ve decided to let magical thinking back into my life, which I’m hoping will make me sparkly, open-minded, and hopeful, just like they are. If we really do create our own realities, like ancient wisdom suggests, then what’s stopping me from assembling a magical, mystical, beautiful and abundant world, where I’m queen of course!

    I have no doubt that, with the help of your imps, you can rekindle that ole magical thinking too (if you wanna, that is). Kids are wired for it, and we all know how awesome kids are 🙂

    love you guys!

  4. I TOTALLY get your experience with Susan. My grandma (known for her quiet premonitions) passed away about 2 years before I was born, and one of my sisters (about 15 yrs. old at the time) was at her bedside during the last weeks of her life. Before she dropped off into sleep one day, she turned to my sister and said, “Take good care of your new baby sister.”

    My mom had recently experienced a miscarriage and there hadn’t been any decision to try again, so not too much was made of it, though her comment stuck with my sister.

    Two years later, I was born.

    I really believe the veil between our solid/liquid life and the spiritual plane is super thin. Some people can see through it during their life, but I think it really becomes transparent as we transition to the other side.

    Super, magical cool stuff!

    And, Jody, thank you for letting folks keep up with your lovely life and boys! I found your site through Fatty and absolutely delight in your stories and photos.

    My partner and my planned adoption just recently fell through, so as we regroup and decompress and recover, your site has become even more familiar and comforting.

    Thanks again! And super huge congrats on navigating through life with your beautiful, clever twins!!

  5. The onesies are cute—but the models wearing them bring them to a previously unknown level of awesomeness!!!

  6. You can buy the noise machines. I actually slept with one and my baby got used to the sound after I had her and when I turned it on she automatically knew it was time to go to sleep.

  7. I’m just so glad you posted this today and so glad the vacuum thing works. Thanks for sharing about Susan. I’m part of Team Fatty and I miss hearing stories about her.

  8. If you don’t have a lot of vacuuming today, find a noise machine with the ocean sound. The shh-shh-shhing is the soothing sound your book will tell you newborns like. It is indeed magic!

  9. I discovered and used the vacuum trick myself with my son. I responded to this post before about my time with my sweet colicky baby boy……and how my husband spent the first three months in the garage making furniture unable to handle the nightly crying/screaming fits that was our life. Anyway…..I am here to caution you with the vacuum blessing/trick because I do have much guilt about the fact that at about 8 years old, we discovered that our son had slight hearing loss. (he is 16 now) It was a totally mystery to the doctor as the hearing loss is even in both ears which is apparently unusual. It is not great enough to require hearing aids (thank you Jesus) and it has not hampered him too much in life. He finds it difficult to keep track of the coaches voice or a teachers voice if there is a lot of noise around him and he tends to have trouble with the monotone voice (but who doesnt right?) The doctor never knew about my vacuum trick. I have been far to ashamed to think that I may have caused this damage to his hearing. I still do not know if it was the vacuum however, I dont know that it wasnt. Anyway… was a blessing at the time and I needed the peace it gave me….so I would do it again, but would perhaps have it in the hallway with the door just a wee bit open. Just a thought. AND that was a beautiful memory to share of Susan. Thank you for the reminder that when we are losing a loved one, in what seems to be the darkest of times, beautiful things are happening in their spirits and minds..and the gift that they are able to share it with us is something we will be able to treasure long after they are gone. It brings peace knowing that.

  10. Wow, that is awesome about Susan’s premonition. Please make sure your vac is within a safe decibel range to infants’ hearing/ears.

  11. oh my – Just got round to reading this and can’t stop crying – that is so cool, Jode. She was tapped in.
    Love you.

  12. We use a hair dryer for white noise on our youngest (of 4). He’s 13 months old now and twice a day and even some bed times we knock it on. Luckily it has a “cool” setting so it’s not going to overheat, but it works every time. Trouble is, now he’s virtually addicted to it and won’t try to go to sleep until it’s on. And the minute it’s turned on, he turns his head to the side, pulls his teddy up to his face and is fast asleep in a few minutes.

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