Obscene. Shocking. Kids Today.

Ummmm. OK! Thanks, Bloggies!

I’m just saying, that while I’m not an avid statistic follower (yes I am), yesterday I turned into Scooby Doo with my “Ruh?” as I looked at my page view statistic bar thing.  I mean.  Seriously.  Being nominated for Best Parenting Blog certainly seems to have increased my popularity. (Eh, did you pick up that I’d like your vote?  And while you’re there, give my brother, Fat Cyclist a vote as well for “Lifetime Achievement”, wouldja?)  As a tribute to yesterday’s spike in traffic, and today’s resulting popularity, I am wearing a tiara, sash and sparkling lip gloss as I type this today.  Not only that, I have switched from PJ bottoms into stretchy leggings.  How do you like me now?

Speaking of parenting.  My sister-wife-boss-of-me-friend-and neighbor Kara sent me a picture today from her headquarters where Roan, my eldest, had a playdate yesterday.  While I consider myself to be fairly liberal and forward thinking, I am putting the kibosh on any more play dates over there.  It’s just too early for my seven-year-old to know about this type of pet store and hospital.  Too early.

Inappropriate. Stop laughing.

9 thoughts on “Obscene. Shocking. Kids Today.

  1. Some day I will learn to not read your blog at work. I laughed out loud and I am sure colleagues walking by my office are just shaking their heads. I sooooo needed this to start my day!!

  2. Congratulations! And, cute… My stats spiked one time — without exaggeration, by the thousands. I finally figured out it was because a photo of me made it to some “Adults With Braces” forum. [just got my braces off in November]

    I’ll go vote. For you and your bro. : )

  3. absolutely hilarious! someday he’ll look back on this and get a huge kick out of it.

    @dr. kim – I saw the adorable onesies you picked out a few posts back, and it reminds me of another dr. kim I used to know – are you by chance also a prof. kim at a southern californian university?

  4. Found you through the bloggies. I like what I see so far, very funny. I’m voting for you as well PW has a monopoly going on.

    Oh also I have 4 year old twin boys so some of your pictures took my down memory lane.

  5. Hey Jodi,

    I remember leaving a comment on your ages ago (you replied that your brother lived here in Finland) and have stopped here once in a while to read your stuff.

    Anyways, after all that important pre-info, I want congratulate you for the Bloggies nomination! Good job! You’ll have my vote.

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