Almost Forty, Almost Old?

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Almost Forty, Almost Old?

A young man and his old lady.

My husband, Anson, is nestled warmly and safely on the right side of thirty years old.  As such, I will chalk up his accidental indictment of my age predicament this past weekend to youthful naiveté.  I am perched on the cold and unforgiving wrong side of thirty.  I thought I realized, when I decided to marry a younger man, that age gaps didn’t change.  He’s actually only six years younger.  And what does that matter?  When I’m ninety-nine, he’ll be ninety-three.  Hardly any difference. Huh.  But somehow that’s not exactly the case while I’m sitting here at thirty-nine, with his thirty-three self making gaffes such as the following…

Let me set the stage: it’s Saturday morning, and our family is eating pancakes on the floor, in front of the TV.  My husband, along with our infant twin sons, our seven-year-old son and myself have put on an old campy Elvis Presley movie.  I decide to offer this gem of trivia to our seven-year-old, Roan:

“True story.  Elvis Presley died on the toilet.”

Roan roars with laughter.  I knew he would because what’s funnier than potty-talk, laced with death? Anson adds:

“But he was an old man.”

Well.  That was uncalled for.  As Anson caught my eyes, ablaze with indignant poison-tipped fire daggers being launched at him over the heads of our children, he realized his gaffe.  Elvis Presley was forty-two when he died.  Elvis Presley, the old man, was two years older than ME now.  Let’s just say that comment didn’t really really warm my heart and soul very much at all no siree it did not.

Thoughtful almost-forty

So, I’m turning forty in one month.  40.  The big four-oh.  What’s the big deal?  Honestly I don’t know.  I’m not clear on why forty is such a hard thing for me to wrap my head around.  It could be a call back to my teen years where forty just sounded old.  Anything over twenty, really was old.  But things have changed.  Madonna exists, for one thing.  Certainly she’s had a fair amount of unnatural help in her war to be forever young but honestly those ripped arms and fit abs and strong legs on a fifty year old woman?  It’s a game changer.  Forty is no longer old, I’m declaring that here and now.  It’s just….not all that young?

For another thing, babies.  More and more women are having children later in life, myself included.  My doctor’s insistence on using the phrase “advanced maternal age” over and over notwithstanding, I felt like a teenager having a kid.  I stayed fit, I ate well (and often), and this pregnancy went beautifully.  Even with two humans inside of my pretty small body, it was mostly a cakewalk.  No complications and no bed rest even with my “advanced maternal age”.  Take that.

Believe it.

Still, I need to prepare.  Fortunately I have a few friends rounding this corner barely ahead of me.  One of them is insisting that her girlfriends take part in an Adult Gymnastics class to celebrate the occasion.  We are required to find and wear leotards.  I will be looking for one with fringe and some sequins, as I would have demanded such in the sunshine of my youth.  Another friend booked out a restaurant for her celebration, sharing a dinner with a big group of close friends.  What’s becoming clear is that minds are changing.  We’re not turning forty and putting on our mom jeans, resigned to it all being soft, flabby, sexless and downhill from here.  My friends are not, and neither am I.

I am breastfeeding twins, at age almost-forty.  I just had purple streaks added to my hair at age almost-forty.  I listen to raucous, inappropriate music, at age almost-forty.  I run over the bridges of New York City and through Chinatown with a smile on my face at age almost-forty.  I love my life, my children, my friends, my home and my husband at age almost-forty.  It seems I actually may not need to prepare for this birthday after all.  Almost-forty feels better than the teenage, twenties, and even thirties ever did.

Now, if I can just avoid the toilets of death, and my husband’s inadvertent references to me being old, I fully expect my forties to be awesome, radical and tubular.  See?  Youth: I’ve still got it.

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120 thoughts on “Almost Forty, Almost Old?

  1. A good friend is getting married in June, I would love to shed a few pounds before the big day!

  2. I recently was in a wedding that I had to plan for. I don’t think I have anything this summer. Next year maybe a reunion.

  3. i am getting ready for my 6th wedding anniversary. my husband is taking me away for the weekend and i want to trim up for the weekend. we will be swimming so i need to get ready for bathing suit wearing. i am looking forward to the weekend and looking forward to getting in better shape for it.

  4. My husband and I take trips every once in a while… there’s one coming up in a couple weeks–leaving for South Africa. Being healthy is a high priority while traveling.

  5. No events coming up in my life. But that’s ok, sometimes it’s nice for everything to be peaceful!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I just turned 40. I have again started working out and eating better. I feel much better these days. My husband does slimfast and swears by it! He would absolutely love it if I won this for him!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  7. Since the new year. I have added an extra fruit and veggie to each of my meals. I needed to start eating healthier because as I get older I find it harder to keep moving.
    I am trying to lose 30lbs by my 20th class reunion next spring by walking and eating healthier.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. At 43 with 2 young boys ages 4 and 8, I’m eating right and working out so that I can continue to be healthy and active and around for a long time for my kids.

  9. I have a big wedding to attend later this year. Time to prepare as I want to look good in the pictures!

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