You Give Me Fever…

Happy Valentines Day Loves!

So.  I wanted to do a big post, detailing the loves of my life.  But as luck would have it, my two baby boys are both down with fevers and want/need/demand a lot of holding time.  I estimate that I have about four minutes to get this post up.  I will leave it at this:

Smith is my fire.  He burns hot and furious, but is pure warmth and beauty.  Sheppard is my water to Smith’s fire.  Tranquil and serene, gorgeous and always changing.  They are each impossible to look away from.  Roan is my air.  He breathed life into me as a mother, created me as a mother.  He gives me energy, strength, and stamina, and without him I would die.  Anson is my Terra Firma.  He is my foundation, what I stand upon, and keeps me safe, stable and tethered.

My Valentine’s day and celebration of love is dedicated to these boys in my world.  I love you guys so so so much.

Now – winners of the Valentine’s Day contest!  Winners were chosen using the Randomizer online which is a pretty cool invention.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment – and share your love.  I feel so lucky to have you share these stories and times.  I will email all winners individually, but here are your names, in white-hot spotlight!

Gillian (comment #2)

Kathi (comment #20)

Jessica Leigh (comment #31)

XOXOXO Now go kiss somebody!

2 thoughts on “You Give Me Fever…

  1. Your words are killer letters piled on top of a crazy flame of love. Amazing!
    Hope all the critters get better soon.

    P.S. Fevers suck.

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