Off To The Hospital I Go

Well kids I”m going to be out of here for about one week due to my bellybutton issues.  But don’t cry for me.  The family has come through for me – Fatty bought Kellene a ticket to come and stay here with me for a week, as it would seem that taking care of two infants may be a tad bit difficult for the recently surgery-ized.  That would be me.  So Kellene, fresh off of taking care of her new grandson, and assisting our little sister in the care of her new daughter will be practicing her baby-whispering skills here in the Nelson-Call home.  I couldn’t ask for a better assistant and look forward to her legendary cooking skills as well.  This surgery thing is turning out to be kind of a treat.  Yay for the dumb bellybutton!

So in the interest of having a post with some longevity, here’s a video.  This is from when Roan was two years old, on Valentines Day.  It’s probably my favorite video to watch anytime, for two reasons.  One: because it’s super funny and cute.  Two: because there’s an instant when you get to see Anson with what can only be called “Tragic Hair”.  Please enjoy:


Ok?  So now you know what I mean on both fronts?  Good.

I’d like to ask you AGAIN to please vote for me in the Bloggies!  You’ve got some extra time what with me suffering and unable to write *sniff*, right?  Click here, go to the Parenting category, and ummm…well….vote your conscience (You never know what could happen on that operating table…..dun dun dun dun!) yeh so…vote your conscience.  Could you please also go to the “Lifetime Achievements” and give Fat Cyclist some love as well?  He deserves it.  That guy is cool.

One more thing:  check out my babies flying through the sky:

Smitty + Shep


That’s it people.  Unless they give me some great narcotics and I get all loose in the head, I’ll probably be staying off my computer for the next little bit.  That’s not to say I won’t be seeing comments and well-wishes (heheh…so subtle….) but I probably won’t be posting.  Did I mention that it’s predicted to be 60 degrees on Friday?  And I’m going to be strapped to an operating table naked and in unflattering light?  Sheesh.  I’d better go watch that Hot Cocoa video again to cheer myself up…

15 thoughts on “Off To The Hospital I Go

  1. good luck jodi! relax and recover. and then submit that video to hershey’s. they should use it for a commercial. i just had to watch it again. soooo funny.

  2. Cutest video. Those little moments are so precious. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself so you can take care of these wonderful little humans.

  3. That is such a sweet video! Well, the tragic hair is uh, tragic.

    Did you really turn down a tummy tuck? Good luck with the surgery and recovery!

  4. That video is so awesome. You have some seriously cute offspring. Here’s sending you lots of well-wishes and healing vibrations!

  5. Good luck!!! I hope it goes perfectly and heals quickly. I’m sure those super cute boys of yours along with Kellene will have you up and running again in a jiffy.

  6. Break a leg! Uh, no. Well, actually I mean crush it. Oh, no, I meant to say, enjoy your time away? Okay, I mean good luck. And God Speed and bring socks and sleep lots and I hope you have a window. Bely button or no belly button, you are a pistol packin’ mama!

  7. Jodi! Why is this the first I’ve heard of this? And now – to add insult to injury – you’ve ruined my birthday (and probably my b’day buddie Lola’s, too). Remember? You and I had made that plan to do some Sumo wrestling to celebrate what most of the planet calls the most important day of the year – Feb. 24th? But I guess now your tummy isn’t going to be “up to it”. So who am I going to tummy slam now? You know I’ve been practicing, and getting my belly as big as I can (I’m actually surprised that my navel hasn’t given up the ghost with all the stretching it’s been getting – thank goodness it’s an extra deep innie) And what am I going to do with the new mawashi I bought? Do you know how hard it is to sell a semi-used adult sized diaper?

    Oh well, the family and I hope you feel better soon. But don’t think I’ll be making more Sumo related plans with you in the near future. You know – you can fool me once …. ( whatever GWB said). And, after the winter break, if you turn up at school with a Elle McPherson abs and unnaturally large boobs, I’ll be really pissed!

  8. Oh my. Love me some 2 year old RoRo. Thinking about you tomorrow and over the next few days. May your healing and recovery be speedy! much love.

  9. Happy landings and a happy reunion with your errant bellybutton. May you have some blessed recuperation days!

  10. I’m always a bit late – but I hope all is/went well and I LOVE that video!
    I am also here to help if you ever need more hands and I can even ride my bike to your place! Well as soon as the new snow melts!
    Hot doh doh! so cute!

  11. Hope you are enjoying your new belly button. Just finally got around to the cute video. Oh those two-year-olds! Beyond that, all I can think of is Kurt Cobain in a Flock of Seagulls. Awesome! Speedy healing to you!

  12. I came back to see if anyone had commented that you were recovering nicely and nearly spit my coffee out at the Kurt Cobain/Flock of Seagulls comment! 🙂 Made my day!

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