My Sexy iCandy Stroller

At Pier 6 in Brooklyn, NY

I like free stuff.  Love it.  I’m a swag junkie and I don’t care who knows it.  Yet – when it comes to Pistols + Popcorn, I’ve turned down a few things offered to me because I didn’t want to become a site that was shilling everything from wedding bands (yes, wedding bands were offered to me once.  Too dangerous, I thought.  I mean, if they’re great and make my marriage magical that’d be awesome.  But what if the wedding bands suck, and ruin my marriage?  Then I end up out of love and a single mother to twins and their big bro.  Not rolling the dice on that.) Or household cleansers (seriously, not all that tempting – like I want another reason to go scrub the bathroom floor…) My point is that if I am going to talk about a product here, it’s got to be super awesome in a way that makes me feel extraordinary about using it.  How many things do I feel extraordinary using?  Not actually very many.  But here’s one:

iCandy Pear Stroller

Let me be totally upfront.  This stroller was given to me by iCandy to review.  I accepted it because – um…..duh.  Look at it.  It’s like the Lexus of double strollers.  I was having twins, and I needed a vehicle to get them around this beautiful city.  The thing is, in an urban environment like Brooklyn/NYC, your stroller is more important that a car.  Not in a see-and-be-seen way, but in a totally utilitarian way.  I don’t own a car.  If I’m getting my twins from point A to point B, I’m using a stroller.  Or a sherpa.  But the stroller doesn’t have to be fed so I’m using the stroller.  I have been using the iCandy Pear for almost four months now, with two newborns in tow, through a mean and long and extremely tough winter.  And the verdict?

I’m in love.  I love the iCandy Pear in a more-than-friends way.  The iCandy Pear absolutely rocks my face off.

The iCandy Pear may or may not make your children want to kiss you.

Currently we’re using the bassinet formation of the stroller, as shown above.  This keeps the babes laying totally flat, which is what is recommended for newborns.  The bassinets are super-cozy and have hosted more than their fair share of naps for their tiny masters.  I’m getting anxious to get my boys sitting upright though, so they can see what I see.  The next formation in the seemingly endless possibilities of combinations for these guys will look like this:

iCandy Pear

I know, right?  Ok ok it’s not just that this thing looks good.  It’s that it functions like a dream.  The footprint of the iCandy Pear is slim enough to fit through a Brooklyn Bodega’s food aisle.  Know what I mean?  It’s the same width as most single strollers which is wildly important here in the NYC.  Grocery stores, clothing stores, drug stores, sidewalks – everywhere you go you are shoulder to shoulder with either people or products.  A double-wide stroller just doesn’t make sense to me here.  The iCandy Pear can navigate pretty much any where you could take a single stroller.

Not scared of stairs.

The bane of every city-dwelling, stroller-pushing mother is the existence of staircases.  Now, the iCandy Pear has not solved the problem of stroller vs. staircase.  But it is built with the strength of a tank, and takes the abuse of being bumped up and down countless staircases without complaining. I’m guessing that the large, air-filled tires in the back and all-around suspension is the reason that makes this so.  Either that or I’m super strong and exceptionally capable at stroller stair wrangling.  My money is on the construct of the stroller.

My personal Eye Candy pushing my iCandy

And listen, is it such a crime that I love how good this beauty looks?  No lie, I am stopped constantly on the street by people asking what kind of stroller I’m pushing.  The iCandy has been a staple across the ocean for years, but is new here in the States.  I’m happy to be rocking this thing and getting the word out.  And while it is an investment, because obviously, it is not in the price range of the umbrella stroller – it is my belief that this will be the one and only stroller I’m going to need for my twins.  It is built to grow with them, in a bazillion different configurations, which I won’t even try to illustrate here.  Check their site for all the technical data and geek speak.  All I know  is that I seem to have won the Twin Stroller Lottery.  Friends, if you need a double stroller I’m telling you that this would be my pick, above all others.  Also – I’m pretty sure it makes me look extra hot pushing it because it is a damn sexy looking stroller, there I said it.

15 thoughts on “My Sexy iCandy Stroller

  1. Crazy, Sexy Stroller for sure. I don’t even have twins or babies and you made me want to have this thing. Great write-up Jodi! And for sure extra hot~ definitely. LOL

  2. I have the iCandy, too, and L-O-V-E it! It’s so perfect for carting around two kiddies in the city. I agree that pushing it through the streets and the slush this winter was so easy.

  3. I too am obsessed with the iCandy stroller! I am a new mom to a baby girl and have been strutting her around NYC in the new iCandy Peach. I searched high and low for all strollers before she was born because like you said, being a city person without a car, this is your statement piece! Not only is it super chic, it handles stairs, rain, snow and bumpy cobble stone streets. I was a nanny for years and have used everything from the Bugaboo, to Phil and Teds, the Jane, and others I can’t even remember the names of. This is by far my favorite. The best part is that it can convert it into a double stroller when/if we have a second baby. Total stoke! My husband loves it too because he is really tall and the handle bar can accommodate. I couldn’t be happier that we decided to go with this buggy. Yay! Thanks for your post, it was nice to read about other mom’s enjoying it as much as I do!

  4. i’ve been researching strollers because we’re due in July. i can’t believe how complicated it has become to find the “right” one. thanks for the insight, i am checking out their site next. are these available everywhere? i don’t live in new york.

  5. That’s a pretty sweet stroller. We have a Phil & Ted’s double that we really never use since we moved out of Manhattan and got a car. Hmm…

    Anyone wanna buy a P&T in great condition? 🙂

  6. Yea, I’d say the size of your stroller in NYC is as important if not more important than the size of your closets. Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, but the bicycle shop on Atlantic between Smith and Boerum rocks when it comes to parts, inner tubes, spare air, etc. I think the guy gets more stroller customers in there then he does bike!

  7. I loved my iCandy Pear too for the first few months of my twins’ lives. However, as they grew and became a little heavier (around 9 months), the stroller struggled in the arena of maneuverability. It did sweep through aisles easily and I did love that – but it became a heavy unwieldy beast once the babies passed about 18 pounds each.

    The wheels would get in wonky positions (think cross eyed but with wheels) and leave me unable to push out of them without tipping it up and heaving it forward. I am no weakling either so it is not for the slighter amongst us.

    It also becomes very cramped for the babies as they grow taller and I ended up selling mine when my girls hit around 10 months and bought a side by side. Alas there is no hands down winner for twins.

  8. I have the iCandy Apple and I love it, I’m the envy of all my Mummy friends because this is a buggy that looks great and it great to use too. One down side is that I’ve had so many punctures this winter, but apart from that I can’t fault it.

  9. I will have to agree with you! I own an iCandy Peach and LOVE it! My Son is 11 weeks, and his fave place to sleep is his stroller bassinet.We Live in LA and getting this puppy in the car is so easy, its break down is very simple. I would recommend this stroller to everyone I know.

  10. Are you kidding me? I want that stroller so I can carry around my 20 year-old cat, a bag of groceries, a ream of printer paper and a boulder in case I want to mountain climb without leaving my front porch! You and Roan look so ultra cool wheeling the hipster babes around in that baby Maybach. Maybe I should get knocked up again just to get one? Or maybe I can just stare at your amazing photos and call it a day? hehehehe

  11. Just curious – Does the baby in the back seat get much of a view? From the photos, it looks like maybe the seat closest to the handle is right in their line of sight. Crazy for me to be thinking of that, huh?

  12. Couldn’t be happier with my iCandy Pear!! My twins love it and I cant believe how easy it is to maneuver! I had a very hard time finding a tandem I actually liked, very happy I found the iCandy!!

  13. Looks like the designers have given this a lot of thought. Just wondering Jodi, if you did have a car how easy would it be to collapse the whole thing and get it in the car, and how quick?

  14. @ Brenda – wow – that’s a little intimidating. I’ll write up more when we make the switch to the big-kid seats, and see if we have the same experience as you did. Thanks for the heads-up.

    @Lynne – I’m guessing the back seat doesn’t actually have that great of a front-view. So far it hasn’t been an issue because they’re laying flat. I wonder about when they’re sitting up though – not a bad point at all! Of course they can see to their sides – I’ll let you know when we get there!

    @Richard – great question. So. Truthfully, I’ve actually never collapsed this stroller. I wheel it into our entry way and there it stays. I’m guessing it would take some time to collapse it as you have to remove both seats to do so. However, they do come off easily. I’d guess it’s not as easy as the more lightweight strollers, but not totally impossible. How’s that for a non-answer…?

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