Haddad Brands Levi’s+ Nike Clothing Give-Away

[Just A Few Final Thoughts: Well. That was interesting. There was a flurry of activity and mighty passionate insights over the weekend on my post about sleep training my wee young lads. You can check it here.  For the most part people kept it civil – I get it that parents feel strongly about doing what is right for their child.  I feel the same way.  I mean, don’t we all?  Aren’t we all pretty much doing our best?  So.  While I don’t agree with each and every opinion expressed in the comments, I’m glad that most people felt safe enough to put their ideas out there. And while I’d like to remain diplomatic, I must express one thing – the “Us Vs. Them” mentality that surfaced in this discussion was totally stupid. Raising children will never be a science.  The best we can hope for is for our kids to know we love them.  And every parent has the right to figure out how to communicate that to their child in a way that works for them.  Parenting is not a science, with predictable outcomes.  If you look hard enough, there is research to support almost every approach.  What works for you and yours might not work for me and mine.  Don’t become the Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh of these conversations, you know?  Yelling, insulting, and bullying is no way to educate or share.  In fact, I think everyone just stops participating at that point, except the bullies.  And not because the points they’ve made are profound or irrefutable.  People stop participating because most parents have limited time to spend on the computer and who wants to dive into all that negativity? I think if we remember and respect that – sharing ideas ends up being helpful rather than hostile. I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re all going for, no? Great. Good. The end.

(Ok, if you’re wondering – the boys are sleeping beautifully. Sleep training works for us. And one unanticipated treat: they’re waking up with smiles instead of tears.  In the mornings, the boys have just started talking with their cute little breathy vowel sounds and coo’s and blah-ma-ma’s. Bright eyes and bushy tails. Love it.)

The end.  For real.]

Now, Something We Can All Agree On: Winning Cute Clothes Is Awesome

Please tell me I’m not the only parent who has accidentally run out of clothes for her child.  I mean.  Literally.  Roan grew like 6 inches in one week and suddenly nothing at all fit.  Nothing except a pair of track pants, and a pair of pants with the knees ripped out and the bottom hem half torn off.  A good look, but not one he could get away with every day.  But he wore them every day as I looked through the laundry basket wondering where his clothes were.  Finally I had to admit that I was the mom who ran out of clothes.  That’s embarrassing.

Fortunately at exactly that time, Haddad Brands contacted me and asked if they could send me some threads for my dudes.  Wha? Ummmm…..yes, please.  Haddad Brands manufactures and distributes a little label called “Levi Strauss and Co.” as well as a small sports brand named, “Nike”.  Catchy, no?  You heard those names here first, readership!  I predict big things for these labels!

A box arrived and excitement ensued.  Roan tore through all the clothes – and let me just be the first to say Haddad Brands is not skimping on the samples.  Holy Sheesh.  They sent enough for all my sons to get through the next two seasons.  And not only get through…but get through in a super stylie way.  Lemme ask you something….is there anything cuter than a baby in a teeny tiny Levi’s jacket?

Levi's Jacket. Adorable in the extreme.

Actually, the answer is yes.  Two babies.  In two Levi’s jackets.  I died a whole bunch when I saw these:

Two little peanuts in Levi's Jackets. Deadly cute.

And my Roan.  The kid is a fashionista in the extreme.  He loves a good pair of pants but oh la la is he picky.  He likes them skinny but not tight.  Doesn’t want a certain portion touching a certain part of his knee.  They need to be a certain length, a certain texture, blah blah blah.  Honestly, he’s a little bit high maintenance.  So I was worried when I saw these awesome blue pants they sent.  Worried because I needed Roan to like them, because I really like them and there’s no way I’m going to be able to squeeze into them. Well.  I’m happy to report that my boy Roan? L.O.V.E.S. these pants.  He jumped, ran, climbed and ooozed cool in them all day.


Hoodie+Pants: Nike 6.0. Ooozing Cool: All Roan.

So, what’s it to you? Well my friends you know I would never just be all, “blah blah blah I got free clothes blah blah blah and you didn’t“, right? Haddad Brands wants to give some swag to my readers.  Excellent.  So there are two ways to enter this contest:

[Update: Now there are three ways.  I’ve been emailed that not everyone has twitter or facebook accounts.  Duh.  I’m dumb.  Sorry!  Ok, so you can also enter by just leaving a comment here – tell me something good.  I don’t care what it is.  You favorite Levi’s story?  Nike story? Favorite fruit?  Whatever.  I like comments – entertain me!]


Go to Haddad Brands Facebook page here and “Like” them, and share this link on their wall: http://wp.pistolsandpopcorn.com/?p=1966 .  Then leave a comment here letting me know you did that, with the gender/size of the outfit you want sent to you.


Follow Haddad Brands on Twitter here and tweet about this contest.  Something like:

Enter @PistolsPopcorn contest to win a Levi’s or Nike outfit for your kid from @Haddadbrands here: http://bit.ly/ebiJlo

And leave the URL of your tweet in the comments section here, along with gender/size of your winnings.

Clear as mud?  Cool.  Entries will be accepted until Midnight, EST Monday 04/18/2011.  There will be two winners, chosen Tuesday 04/19/2011.  I wish you luck and clothing and lots of happiness.

And sleep.  Ha!

45 thoughts on “Haddad Brands Levi’s+ Nike Clothing Give-Away

  1. Twins in matching denim jackets—moms of young girls lock them in their rooms cuz before we know it these denim wearing boys will be heart-breakingly cute teenage boys!!

    Thanks for the pix. Sometime wish my teenage daughter was young enough for me to still dress cute. Now I am happy if she gets herself out of her sweats.

  2. So, so glad to hear sleep training worked! We had the same experience of smiles instead of tears in the morning, too. All that disrupted sleep had actually meant that ALL of us were sleeping badly. Once the baby started sleeping well, we all started catching up and feeling rested and good. It was beautiful. That thread was so weird. Why all the judging? It’s just different parenting philosophies, different babies, and different needs. No one size fits all solution works for all of us. C’est la vie everyone.

  3. http://twitter.com/#!/warinutah
    Liked the page…Girl size 7 (for the next 5 minutes.)

    I was lucky with my first two kids…constant recipient of hand-me-arounds…but my now 6 year old is right now running out of clothes! Her winter/warm clothes are bursting at the seams, but its still too cold for new spring clothes..(4 inches of snow just last week!!) I laughed out loud at “grew 6 inches in a week.” I’ve been there! 🙂

  4. Good luck continuing sleep training. Your improved mornings triggered me to share a thought: As I had posted on the original, our 4-year-old needed strict discipline after a long time of us responding to his crying. He used crying EVERY MORNING and after EVERY NAP for at least 2 years to get us into his room; I think he had learned that crying was the way to communicate that he wanted attention. It took a lot of discipline – and yes letting him scream, cry, pound on the door, and jump up and down in protest at the ripe age of 3 – to train him that when he gets up in the morning he can take care of himself (even getting out of hos bed was a struggle – he wanted “company”) and climb into our bed for a nice snuggle. For Pete’s sake, if you’re already going to climb into our bed why fight to have us come into your room first? Anyway I’m encouraging you in your endeavor and I hope, even if I have only experienced this with one child, I can give this reason as a little backup as to why I support you.

  5. I liked on FB.

    Re the sleep training: Seriously, we’re all doing the best we can as parents. Why do we have to tear each other down? Mom guilt is bad enough. I’m so glad sleeping is going better for you.

    Girl size 10/12

  6. I love give aways, even if I never win! It’s always fun to see someone win something new and fun.

  7. I LOVE the clothes! Thanks for the great giveaway. I have a friend who could really use them, so if I win, they are going to be a gift for her. Thanks 🙂

  8. I’d love an outfit in size 2T for a boy! We love Nike mesh shorts around here so we are in definite need of new sizes for this summer! I already follow Haddadbrands on twitter @ChunkyMonkeyMD

  9. I left the link on the Haddad Brands facebook wall! (Monica H.R.) I’d love to win a little boys summer outfit in 2T!

  10. Good luck on the sleep training! My 11 month old slept through the night for the first time 4 nights ago – and is only batting 2/4 for since then. I’d love a little boys summer outfit in size 2T!

  11. Too cute!! I coerced my 4yo to get a jean jacket last fall, she is so adorable in it!
    I didn’t chime in on the sleep training, I have 3 kiddos, ALL are completely different, as are parents. no right/wrong way!
    I’d love an outfit in a 7 for a girl!

  12. Otto needs a new set of threads, man! And I never win anything so I am tossing my wool cap in the middle and crossing my crooked fingers! Otto is a 6T. Bring it!

    Awesome on the sleep training, you stud!



  13. Love me my Nikes…for 25 years now, and have been able to foster same for a decade or so with my son. Bad news for Nike is that both his and my feet have stopped growing, and they just don’t wear out that quickly. Guess that means they should sport us to new pairs, if only for the cosmetic upgrade.

    PS: Let the bullies go…you did the right thing and it’s paying off. Tough love on sleep issues is, well, tough. But it’s got to happen.

  14. Just wrote a lengthy post, and it got erased, darn!
    In brief, hope sound sleeping continues in your home, and thanks for such an articulated way of telling obtuse parents to keep things civil! I love your blog, and don’t know how you manage having three kids and writing with such wit, congratulations 🙂
    (regarding the giveaway, would like to win clothes in size 3T for boys, thanks!)

  15. I just entered my second trimester (woo-hoo! nausea free!) and don’t know quite yet if it’s a boy or girl (May 6th!). Regardless of gender, I would love to bundle up my little baby in ANYTHING Levi’s has to offer. I could really use the help.

    Good luck with the sleep! The various points made helped me know what to expect (the unexpected) and how to handle it (I’ll figure that out myself).

  16. I liked Haddad Brands on Facebook and linked to your post. It would be hard to choose between Boy size 8 and Girl size 6, but if I had to choose I think it would be Girl size 6.

  17. “liked”, and shared on Facebook 🙂 Any outfit for my twins which turn 2 on April 30th. Size 2t, and if we’d win we’d love matching boy/girl outfits bc they’re so hard to find!!! This will be a great bday present for the kids! 🙂

  18. I liked and linked. I have twin boys size 9-12 months. The more the better. Bring it on!!!!

  19. So glad you’re all getting some good rest! My 5-month-old boy is growing like crazy and he could use some clothes that aren’t covered in froggies or trucks. (why do those seem to be the only options?)

  20. And something good? My kids were easy to get out of bed and dressed today because…the street sweeper was coming to clean our street. They had breakfast on the front porch so they wouldn’t miss anythign. It would be hard to choose between Boy size 8 and Girl size 6, but if I had to choose I think it would be Girl size 6.

  21. I liked your observation that all that’s left at the end of negative conversations, is the bullies tooting their own horns – very astute of you. Good for you taking chances to tell the world what you’re up to, even though it’s not always popular. I have so much respect for twin moms now that I am one – I’m sure you’re doing a fantastic job with yours – it’s not an easy road, that’s for sure. Take care! My b/g twins are in size 3 and 2, respectively.

  22. I have a 5 month old boy (so boys size 6-9 months, please!) and we reached the same decision as you did last week. And our lives have improved greatly, and our son wakes up happy almost every morning, and is even napping better in his bed after only sleeping while being held for so long. I’m amazed at your stories of 2 babes – 1 is wearing me out sometimes! (I liked and linked on twitter).

  23. Stayed out of the last one, I couldn’t believe you did car seats AND sleep training back to back! 😉 I have two daughters, one size 8 and her little sister can wear them in a couple of years!

  24. I’ve just read through your blog and loved every second of it! My twins are just a few days younger than yours so each of your posts sounds very familiar!
    So if I win I’d love B/G clothes size 9/12 months!
    Good luck and enjoy your babies!

  25. Both my daughters are the same way Gillian. I think it’s because they have really big heads and I have to go bigger to fit their shirts on them…lol.

    My almost (less than a month away) 11 year old used to wear Levi’s all the time. I used to have total brand loyalty to them for myself and him. My problem came when he had a huge growth spurt and his jeans got too short for him. I couldn’t bring myself to pay for my beloved Levi’s when I was buying him 10-12 new pairs of jeans every year (had to buy jeans twice a year for a few years).

    If I win I could totally rock some Levi’s. 🙂

  26. I have kept Nike in business over the years with three athletic boys that primarily only wear that brand. I’ve quit buying nice outfits because they only wear Nike sweats, shorts or t-shirts. But, on the plus side none of those things require ironing! I would love anything Nike in size 8, because that would fit my youngest who will still cuddle with his mom!

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