Baby Wearing With Britax

Smith was totally cheating on his dad with The Baby Guy Jamie Grayson. Watchout.

On Wednesday,my sister-wife-life-partner-extra-strength-next-door-neighbor Lola packed up baby Sheppard, and I packed up baby Smith and we went on the F Train to New York City! It’s true! We took those babes into the Concrete Jungle and met up with The Baby Guy, Jamie Grayson as well as Karen from A Child Grows in Brooklyn and Melissa from Married My Sugar Daddy (Karen + Melissa together make up Buzzing Bloggers, a juggernaut team of can-do-ness and sunshine.) When we arrived at the pre-arranged meeting spot in the lobby of a hotel, I was super-duper happy to immediately run into Natalie Diaz from Twiniversity (who gave me the sleep training advice that has led to peace, love, mana from heaven, and smiles all around in this family of mine. Also the advice that started a fire-storm of strong opinions on this post.) Then there was Nancy Horn, walking around with her beautiful (and I do mean beeee-uuuu-teeee-ful) child.

I was there to look at the new Britax baby carrier which is going to be available to the public soon – early summer of this year. I walked away with two carriers for my two babies, and am here to say good news people! There’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to wearing a baby. There are a few things that are different about this here model. First – weight is distributed differently. Essentially, you’ll take more of the burden on your hips, and less on your shoulders and back. That’s a treat. Second – the baby is resting on a harness, so if your hip strap becomes undone, your child will not plummet to an untimely drop on his/her head. This was demonstrated to me by Jamie when he abruptly unlatched my hip strap which made my face go all contorted and my heart beat faster and my mouth say, “Ahhh @$#!” because I assumed my baby would fall out and be dropped on his head. This did not happen. And so. Yay.

Britax Baby Carrier. Does not make you look fat.

I now have five baby carriers. I like them all. But there are a few things about this Britax that has me reaching for it instead of the others. It’s super easy to put on. It goes over the head, and then two clicks and that’s that. It’s super padded for my shoulders and also for my baby’s fat legs. And my favorite detail is that it has a snap-on and off bib that you can throw in the wash because let’s face it people. Babies are kind of disgusting and always slobbering or spitting up. It’s lovely to be able to wash and change out that part of the carrier. The only detail that I think they missed is a front pocket which I do adore in my other carrier. So nice to have a zip pocket on a carrier that you can throw your phone or wallet into. Guess I’ll have to use my pants pocket. Ah well. Not a deal breaker.

The Britax baby carrier will be retailing for $129 – $139 when it comes out but they’ve pinky promised the Pistols + Popcorn staff (eh….me….) that we can have one to give away to a lucky ducky reader. Yahooo! Because the only thing I like more than getting free stuff for myself is getting free stuff for you. Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “Baby Wearing With Britax

  1. Thank you for thinking my boy is Beeautiful! I think he is too — and so were Smith and Shep. I can’t believe how much Smith looked like his big bro!

  2. So I’m curious what other carriers you have. Do you like it more than Ergo?

  3. Well sheesh – literally 45 seconds ago I bought the Ergo Performance because I cannot stand wearing Ella Bean in the Bjorn. That contraption is the devil – well, that’s what my back believes. So am I going to be purchasing another baby carrier in the near future or will I win one? My dear husband is crossing his fingers and toes that we win!

  4. I’m going to be babysitting a little one this coming year in addition to taking on home schooling my oldest – this would come in so handy! And then I can give it to the family I’ll be babysitting for because they’re sure to have another precious baby, right? 😉

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