Fat Boys and Laughter

Yesterday Roan was booked for a photo shoot. We went, with Sheppard in a carrier, and Smith staying behind with his other mother, Lola. The shoot was for Halloween costumes, and was one of Roan’s favorites of all time. The sweet little victory for me was that the all the babies booked for the shoot were being crybabies, and Sheppard was nothing but smiles. So. He ended up being a model as well, with a paycheck. A paycheck and no voice of his own telling me that the money belongs in a college account. Roan is seriously a weirdo. That’s where he wants his money to go. Doesn’t he know that my children will want to tour the world with a backpack, a copy of Lonely Planet, and ill-advised shoes? C’mon. Still – Roan’s check will go into an account of some sort. Sheppard’s check will go into my account because Mama needs some ill-advised shoes of her own. And that is that. So my day was spent channeling Dina Lohan and being a stage mother with no chance to write. As such, I will leave you to your Memorial Day Weekend with a few videos of the kiddies. The first, my boys starting their own version of twin-speak. The second, just laughter. What could be better?

And come next Halloween, when you see kid’s costumes lining the isles of Target, Rite-Aid and Wal-Mart and wherever else they may be, stop and look for your friends Roan and Sheppard on the packaging. Roan will be a magician, and a black Angry Bird. Shep, a red Angry Bird. An Angry Bird with huge cheeks ripe for the pinching.

Hey Fat Boy – Think We Should Play With Our Toes? from Jodi Call on Vimeo.

Laugh! from Jodi Call on Vimeo.

My husband has finally found an audience that appreciates him.

8 thoughts on “Fat Boys and Laughter

  1. How CUTE is that!! Hehe!! Oh, and, “ill-advised” shoes?! Like, we WEAR any other kind? Hehe!! PS!! Happy Memorial Weekend to YOU and Your Beautiful Family Sweetheart!! LOL!!

  2. So that is exactly the kind of punchy happy pick me up I needed to start this weekend. You are so lucky. God bless all those boys, and their mum.

  3. You really know how to play dirty, don’t you? Just when I packed away my ovaries and put them in a bright orange plastic Sterilite container in the garage you had to pull out the video camera and show me why babies are so so so cute and yummy and addictive. I’ll get you back someday with a video of a chocolate cake knocking at your door at 3 a.m. holding nothing but a fork and a napkin. And be prepared because Otto will now be a black angry bird for Halloween in honor of your new shoes! xxoo Happy Mem Day!

  4. Oh, baby laughs are great! Thanks for sharing those sweet little fat boys with us. Has Anson tried the ripping paper schtick yet? Guaranteed laugh-O-rama!! Happy long weekend.

  5. I love the toes of your tots!
    And I love you too and the Roan and
    of course the Big Daddy.
    It would be so fun to have you come and play with us.

  6. Hmmm, hard to tell if you are serious or not… about the paychecks. I hope it goes to both their college accounts. Roan is one wise cookie.

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