Home Goods and My Frugal Neurosis

Embedded deep in my DNA is the need to be frugal. I don’t know if it’s that I grew up drinking powdered milk (not something I can wholeheartedly recommend) or if it’s just the way I’m wired, but I cannot bear to spend fistfuls of cash on things that are not necessities. This manifests in ways that I can usually live with. Our sheets are not the best. Our couch is a little saggy in the middle. The artwork on our walls consists of pictures we’ve taken, blown up at Kinko’s, and framed in cheap nondescript frames. Anything that’s brag-worthy is pretty much guaranteed to be swag that my husband has brought home from a photo shoot, or something that’s been gifted to us.

Still, there are times where I look through a catalogue and think well Howdy Doody wouldn’t it be nice to live in a house full of rooms that had some design in mind? I do like nice things, I just cannot be motivated to spend the money that the nice things require. I also am not a huge fan of buying used things. It’s a quirk, a weirdness, a neurotic flare-up that it just creeps me out a little to take things into my home that have already been in someone else’s home.

So. Am I destined to live a life of photo shoot swag and imitation quality items? Maybe. But…..maybe not? Keep reading for a chance to win gift certificates to Home Goods, and to find out…if I really can have nice things.

I have been invited to check out Home Goods, (you can find their facebook page here) which is opening a brand new store right here in the big city of New York. The reasons I have accepted this invitation are two-fold:

  1. I get to take ten of my besties on a mini-shopping spree.
  2. I get to test out this concept of a store: a place that sells new home goods (hence the name, Home Goods) items, at discount prices. What does that even mean? As far as I can tell, they collect items for dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and all manner of furniture as well as rugs, things for pets, kids and gardens from specialty stores and department stores. Then the savvy Home Goods buyers put them in their stores for up to 60% off the fancy pants original price. I think these are my people.

I will report back on what I find, and what my team of friends find. There are also ten $25 gift cards being given away on the BlogHer Prizes and Promotions page for YOU. Click here to enter! (Full rules here – enter by June 30th). Is there a Home Goods near you? Probably. They’re opening up loads of stores across the country. Check their website to find out. Spoiler: if you’re in New York the answer is yes. Pictures and reviews coming up soon!

9 thoughts on “Home Goods and My Frugal Neurosis

  1. I love home goods, its fun..give yourself lots of time to explore all the goodies.

  2. Love home goods. Feels like a fully blown out section of the tjmaxx home section and there are some great finds. Can’t wait to read about what you get. Make Nate Berkus proud Jodi!!!

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  4. I ADORE Home Goods! They have an amazing selection that you don’t find everywhere else. Very unique items that are reasonable!

  5. Home Goods is a fabulous store and, generally, have several sections of clearance items. A sale within a sale, so to speak.

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