Get Into The Move

Get Into the Move

Last year was a doozy. I really let myself go. I mean, I packed on close to 35 pounds, in right around nine months. I know, that’s epic. Of course, two babies were being made during the process so I gave myself a pass. But now those babes are almost seven months old, and I’m done handing out passes to myself. I won’t get all cuckoo crazy pants and say I’m a total mess. Honestly, I’ve lost most of the weight and I do move my body around the world a lot. If I’m not chasing a baby or a big kid, I’m probably busy putting things away and then immediately taking them out again to be played with. I’m taking one boy to school and picking him up from school.  While he’s there,  I’m taking my twin boys on rides in their stroller to introduce them to Mother Brooklyn, and carrying them like footballs up and down endless flights of stairs. I do not own a car so anywhere we want to go, we walk. Keep reading to find out where I’ve gone wrong, what I’m going to do about it, and how you can win a $100 Visa gift card!

I mean. Being pregnant with twins is a little ridiculous.

My desire to lose the rest of this baby weight and be healthy is rooted not in vanity (ok, a little bit of vanity) but mostly it’s rooted in my desire to have energy to rock my family loud and hard. My boys are healthy and energetic. My husband is a young dude and a naturally fit guy. (I hate him just a little bit for his natural magic juju that allows him to never exercise, eat whatever he’d like, and have abs of steel. Whatever.) In summary: I need to step up my fitness game, yo.

I’d tell you how much I weigh and how much I want to lose but my scale has literally entered the Twilight Zone. Today it said I weighed 61 lbs. Yeh. Someone call 911 because I am officially dead. Sometimes it tells me a more realistic weight but I don’t trust it. I’m also not a fan of the numbers game. A person’s weight ends up feeling more like a score. Am I winning? Losing? And how we actually feel seems to be secondary. So in the interest of longevity for a healthy plan, my goals are going to be measured by how I feel. Do I feel better mentally and physically after carving out a little more time to exercise and eat well? You can bet on it. Are the changes I make sustainable? We’ll see.

Degree motionSensePart of the impetus for these changes is that I was invited to participate in the Degree with motionSENSE “Get Into the Move” challenge. Degree has launched a new product with what they call “motionSENSE Technology”. The idea with this  anti-persperant is that it is activated directly by movement, not moisture. What this means to YOU is that instead of getting nasty pit stains, you are a fresh spring flower with armpits of a goddess. Yay! To celebrate the launch of this new product, Degree is rewarding women for moving. That’s right. Moving your body. Do it right now and click here to join in this challenge. I’m doing it. You should too. Why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why. (But back off on trying to win the Yoga Immersion in Costa Rica because I’m calling dibs on that.)

It’s super easy to join in. Also? It’s super fun. I know – you think I’m selling out and that it’s not really fun but listen up! I mean it’s really fun! I signed up on their facebook page . Then I spent a while figuring out how to earn points. Points can be used for what seems like a bazillion different prizes. You earn points by checking in with Facebook places, and logging activities. You can earn loads of points just by documenting the stuff you’re already doing. And oh yes, there is instant gratification -The instant prize wheel is totally addictive so watch out. Roan and I are suckers for spinning wheels and the promise of winning. Never ever take us to Vegas. You can also use points to enter weekly prize drawings, and/or grand prize drawings. You must see all the descriptions but like I said, I’m trying to win that Costa Rica thingy so stop trying to get that one ok?

My fitness plan goes a little something like this:

  1. Eat more thoughtfully. If I have to justify it, rationalize it, or make an excuse for it – I won’t eat it. I’ll stick with the food I actually love. Salads, fruits, veggies – I also love breads which I need to moderate. I refuse to cut them out because I love them so. And I do not believe a healthy lifestyle means suffering without food I love. So.  I will also indulge every once in a while on things that are not exactly healthy, but they cannot be disgusting. (I’m still looking at you, Cheese Whiz.)
  2. Move more! Winter is over and it is time to be moving more than sitting. I will get out of the house more often, and for longer periods of time. This is easy for me because I love walking around my Brooklyn streets. I will also commit to deliberate exercise (Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred I’m coming back to you) at least four times per week.
  3. Log my movements and exercise in the “Get Into the Move” app faithfully. This won’t be hard because Roan is totally hooked and already driving me nuts to get more points so he can spin their roulette wheel of instant prizes. (Note to self: save some points to enter Grand Prize. Costa. Rica. Yoga. Immersion.)

Wha? You think it's hard finding time to exercise with 3 kids? Naaaah...

So that’s me. Small changes – but ones that I can feel good about, and can sustain as real permanent changes.

Now. What about you?

I want you to do this with me because sisters and brothers, it’s just more fun with company. And if I can find time to do it, so can you. Leave me a comment letting me know what you will do to live at least a little bit healthier life. And guess what? Your comment will enter you to win a $100 Visa gift card. Do it now, as the sweepstakes dates are 06/20 – 07/18 at 5pm PST. Awesome, I know. Click here and join the Degree “Get Into the Move” challenge. It’s super fun and totally easy and they do have very cool prizes.

If you want to increase the odds of winning (and who doesn’t, duh), you can visit the BlogHer Roundup page for more chances to win.

Now go get moving (but not before you read these official rules).


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141 thoughts on “Get Into The Move

  1. To live a healthier life style I want to eat better. I eat better than I used to but, my diet could still use improvement.

  2. I garden and landscape to keep in shape . Winter time I do easy yoga sesaburd at

  3. When it isn’t too hot outside I love to walk in the park across the street.

  4. The main things I want to do to live a healthier lifesyle are eating better, walking more, and keeping up with my aerobics better. Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  5. I walk every evening, although I’d like to start jogging/running. I am vegan, but I still eat some junk food that I really need to cut.

  6. I try hard to stick to my routie of pool exercise 3 times a week and walking the beach 4 times a week. Feels so good when it happens.

  7. We are out hiking and geocaching at least once a week. We are also at the park playing, biking or swimming every other day. My kids keep me busy. Once the kids are back in school, I will be able to get into a exercise routine just for me.

  8. I use my Wii Fit regularly, swim a little and will start biking again soon (once I’m cleared by my ortho). I can’t wait!

  9. I stay active by eco-walking, gardening, bird-watching via hiking, and just basic housework! Its what works for me because I hate traditional exercise for exercise sake. It has to be something I enjoy doing, or I won’t do it!

  10. I exercise regularly, but I really need to start eating better so that will be my goal.

  11. After 10 years of not riding my bike..I hauled it out of back shed about a month ago….I was a little shaky at first being on it but now. .I love it….I try to ride every day..but its been so hot here…I wait til the evening thanks

  12. We have two treadmills now, and I get on there just about everyday, and also sometimes go for long bike rides with my husband.

  13. I have two small boys and they keep me very active at home. We go on a lot of hikes, trips to the park, and bike rides on our local bike trails.

  14. I like to take walks and just stay active with different activities that I do with my kids.

  15. I eat a vegan diet, practice yoga daily, and try to use my bike for transportation whenever possible.

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  17. I’ve been going to the gym 4 days a week, biking and walking our dog.


  18. I’m doing more yard work and house cleaning since it’s summer and vines are creeping in everywhere. I do like yard work more than going to the gym.
    songyueyu at gmail

  19. TalkIng to me about exercise is bad. I am an exercisahlic. I dance, walk, do videos, take and teach classes, hr 4 x a wk in the gym. Don’t hate me

  20. I have a spinning bike that I use as a condition of watching my favorite shows on TV! If I want to watch, I have to ride! It’s really hard for me to be active outdoors with our hot and humid Florida summers, so this really works for me.

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