Today, words are too heavy. I’m sharing with a video and pictures because I truly cannot top them. The babies are awesome. Roan is happier than he ever has been. Anson is styling a Dwell photo shoot today, and me? I go topless at Coney Island.

Life is good.

Here’s Smitty dancing to a favorite song. Coincidentally and seriously – it happens to be by an old friend of mine who hasn’t realized that we’re too old to be rock stars. But that’s cool. Clean living pays off as it turns out.

Fire In His New Shoes from Jodi Call on Vimeo.

Baby loves to get down. And up. And down. And up.

And here’s me adding to the freak show that is Coney Island, nursing my twins. What you cannot see is that I was totally upstaged by a huge Russian man in a thong doing calisthenics. Stupid calisthenics. Next time I’ll step up my game and nurse the boys while in a thong and juggling fire. That’ll turn show them.

Is Anyone Else Thirsty? Plenty To Go Around...

And finally – my boys with their mum. Just a kind of boring picture – no toplessness or rock stars – but it’s us. One day we’ll pull it together to have a picture with the whole family. For now, just imagine Anson behind the lens making funny faces at us all.

The Loves Of My Life

5 thoughts on “Happy

  1. I love that dancing boy, and the boy who writes great blogs, and the boy who doesn’t stop laughing. AND I love their parents. Wow, how great to be a grandmother!

  2. Beeutiful! Yup…that’s what you are. Love and miss you…topless and all.

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