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Yes, I am exactly this glamorous each morning.

Every day I eat the same thing for breakfast: Yogurt with granola. After 2 cups of coffee, getting Roan off to school, kissing the handsome baby-daddy goodbye, and getting the twins so milk-drunk they pass out, I finally have time to eat breakfast on my own.¬†I also add dried cranberries and fresh blueberries to it and a little bit of milk. And now you know what my favorite meal is. I love yogurt. My weirdo secret is that sometimes it will be the foundation of what I eat, all day. I’ll have my normal breakfast. Then eat yogurt with bananas for lunch. Then if the boys are gone or eating something I cannot stand (we have drastically different tastes, my husband and I: Exhibit A – hotdogs. No way. I cannot. But I try to be tolerant of those who can), I’ll grab yet another bowl of yogurt and maybe top it off with toast. If you are a nutritionist please do not analyze this diet. It’s just….I’ll say it again….I do love yogurt.

Keep reading for a chance to win a $200 Visa Gift Card. That’s cool, no?

Yogurt + Granola = TLF

You know what else I’m a fan of? Good causes. For instance – the Women in Need charity, which provides safe and clean housing for homeless women and their children. Can you imagine anything worse than wondering if you can provide a place for your child to sleep at night? I cannot imagine a feeling that would be worse. So this organization makes sense to me as one I would love to support. Continue reading to find out how you can help Women in Need, and also possibly win a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Serendipitously, Women in Need and Alpina Yogurt (Visit their official page) have made their way into my life in an intertwined way. Alpina is launching a new line of 0% fat yogurt with low fat granola mix-ins called Restart. They’re combining this launch with a marketing campaign to raise awareness for the Women in Need project, and are donating money to support the cause. This is where you and I can help.

Alpina’s Restart campaign to help Women in Need is called “Make a Wish for Women”. All it takes to get a donation sent in is to log in on this facebook page, or on twitter with the hashtag #wishforwomen. Write a wish – anything will do – aim for the stars. What do you wish for every woman? Write it down, and for every wish they receive, Alpina will make a donation.


There’s also an interactive element that all my NYC people (or tourists who are visiting) can enjoy. For every wish entered, a live butterfly will be released into a “Wish Space”, on Park Avenue South and 28th Street. This space is a butterfly habitat people can visit, which also has a video mirror that will simulate butterflies landing on a person when they’re in front of it. This smacks of very exciting entertainment for the wee ones, and a great opportunity to introduce children to a conversation about helping others.

But. Wait.

Is their yogurt even any good? Well citizens I’m happy to report that as your newly and duly elected yogurt aficionado expert, yes it is. It is very good. My family received a sample pack and Roan – who is wary of any yogurt that is not technicolored in some hue that does not occur in nature – he loved the very simple Vanilla flavor. Each pack of Restart yogurt comes with a package of granola that is apparently quite fun for seven-year-old boys to rip open and pour. I’m not saying that results in a clean setting to eat. I am saying it tastes great and brought smiles to my family.

Admire the yogurt.

Add the granola to the yogurt

Spill plenty on the table around you

Stir in and enjoy!

Your caveman could enjoy this as well!

Here’s the startling reveal: even Anson liked it. Have I mentioned that he recoils from anything/everything that even suggests its fat content has been reduced? Anson loves fat. Full-on-fat. Just in case caveman days come back into vogue and he needs to use his body hair and fat layer to keep warm, I guess. But the big man loved the yogurt and the granola and declared his favorite to be Peach. Very un-caveman like, if you ask me.

I also favored the Peach flavor and that’s why I am married to that caveman. We sometimes have things in common. But I truly did enjoy each flavor: Vanilla, Peach, Strawberry and Blueberry. And the granola that comes packaged with it is not too sweet which I love.

So readers: want to win a $200 Visa Gift Card? Leave me a comment letting me know this: what is your wish for women? It can be grand or small. Leave it here, and then leave it (or a different wish) on twitter or facebook to make a donation to the “Make a Wish for Women” campaign. Just do so between 06/20 – 07/31. OK?

Are there rules? Duh.


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Then go get yourself some yogurt and think of me.

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  1. My wish is for woman to realize that nothing can hold them back and they are worth trying for whatever they dream of.

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