HomeGoods part 2!

HomeGoods Manhattan store

This past weekend was shaping up to be a tad bit logistically epic. Roan was booked for a photo shoot for  Papier Mache magazine which has these beautiful and imaginative spreads with great styling and costumes and he was seriously excited. I had a shopping date at HomeGoods (wait, do you love Facebook pages? Click here!) with all my besties, at exactly the same time. Then there were two infant babies to plan for, who made no plans of their own, but who were insistent that they are too young to be left home alone just yet. It was doable, however, because I have a positive can-do attitude! (oh – and amazing friends/family who will always help me by wearing a baby or two. OK, and an amazing husband who does way more than his allotted 50% in this relationship.) Can-Do!


So the only thing that was stumping me was this: what should I shop for at HomeGoods?

Keep reading to find out how to enter (twice!) for a HomeGoods gift card worth $100!

I always want things for my home, same as everyone else. But I wanted to be smart this time. What did I really need? Luckily for me that answer came screaming into focus on Friday night at 10:04 PM when Roan, freshly showered and early bedded for his impending close-up the next day – threw up all over his sheets and comforter. Burning up with a fever and shivering with cold, my boy was wickedly ill. And I had my answer! HomeGoods would have new, throw-up-free sheets and comforters!

Thanks Universe, for that prompt and clear message.

Of course we cancelled the photo shoot, which resulted in me not having to wrangle babies while shopping and somehow, everything seemed to fall right into place for HomeGoods and me to become acquainted.

Lord that’s a long introduction to talk about shopping. But back story! I find it to be compelling! Now – the good stuff.

My happy friends

If you live in NYC, then you might be familiar with the deep seeded anxiety and absolute dread that most of us feel when we have to go shopping for something home-related. I won’t mention names because I don’t want to put anyone in the Target crosshairs *ahem* but bottom line, most of the big stores are not stocked well, not organized at all, and employees often seem to be full of grump.

So, meet my new true love of shopping, HomeGoods. I’m a convert and possible disciple. The store is new and shiny and well stocked and seriously huge. Different sections are easy to distinguish by signs you can actually read, and all the items are in their right places. Not only that, the layout of the store makes sense. It’s all very intuitive and easy to navigate. Also, take note: clean restrooms. It matters.


I’ll admit I almost forsake the message from the Universe to get new sheets and blankets for my son because I was tempted by the Gourmet Cooking section with its shiny pans and tempting ingredients. I started looking in my friends’ carts. Kara had Ralph Lauren towels. Lori had towels and a salad spinner. Teri, who is whimsical, beautiful and full of fun, found a monkey she fell for…I mean, who wouldn’t? Avra wielded a pink frying pan like a kung-fu master and was deeply drawn to a backpack chair.

And yours truly? I found a huge fluffy Roan-size down comforter (Umm…yes…Ralph Lauren…), two giant over stuffed pillows for me (Ummmm…yes…Ralph Lauren…) a clock for our living room, a foot scrubber and two super nice bread loaf pans (ok, I sort of gave in to the temptation of the beautiful food accessories), for well under $100.

Did we overdo it?

So, yeh, you could say my lady friends and I found a thing or two that we liked. Check it out – if there’s a store near you, which you can figure out with their handy dandy Store Locator, then you could definitely use either the ten $25 Gift Certificates that BlogHer is giving away (enter here, rules here)  or…ba-da-da-DUM! A $100 HomeGoods gift card being given away here at Pistols + Popcorn by Want in? You can enter twice – leave me a comment letting me know what you want to spend your prize dough on, and then tweet or blog about this promotion and leave me the URL in the comments section. Do these things between June 20 – July 20, and you my friend could be my big winner!

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88 thoughts on “HomeGoods part 2!

  1. A new lamp, a toaster oven, storage bins, a meat tenderizer…the list goes on and on!

  2. Oh how I love me some HomeGoods! I’m in desperate need of some new every day dishes and I would love some new outdoor accessories as well. I would also love a new stock of beach towels!

  3. We’re trying to add some life to our master bedroom — maybe two new lamps, bedside tables, or throw pillows.

  4. Goodies for the master bedroom. Am going to paint and rearrange, and would love new throw pillows and maybe bedside tables.

  5. I would have to say, I’d spend the $100 on decorating my front room. Its pretty pathetic to say the least and could use a little sprucing up. With $100 from HomeGoods, I could actually do my front room and kitchen. I <3 that store!!

  6. Cool boy stuff for my 3 year old sons room and maybe a cutsy thing or two for my baby girl’s room too.

  7. i’m obsessed with new sheets and cooking stuff. the sheets get used at my house–especially since i just bought a new mattresss–but i do not really cook, so i’m not sure where this obsession comes from.

  8. stuffs like these are so wonderful. it seems eternity to until the day i can buy all those stuffs. lamps, beds and pillows never look this fantastic.

  9. Oohh i want win!! I need a new rug and accessories for our mantel! Thanks.

    will tweet ya too @designingmainst

  10. Awesome, Thank you.

    If I won I would use it to get some new frying pans. Mine are really old.


  11. I love HomeGoods! I was there yesterday and saw a gorgeous set of crystal wine goblets. I would love to get them.

  12. I just graduated from college, and now I’m back home, in a bedroom that has been SERIOUSLY neglected !!

    I’m looking for all kinds of ways (and I just came from Home Goods yesterday! lol) to turn my room into my own little haven.

    Winning this gift card would be the perfect solution to turning my room into my own little perfect bungalow !! =D

    Thanks !! xoxo

  13. My girls and son need there rooms redone! i would love to be able to win to buy some great things for them!!!

  14. Ahhhh, I’ve been cleaned out! My two daughters have just moved into their own apartment, and I find myself living in a, quite literally, empty nest! They have helped themselves to linens, pots and pans, even decor off the walls! That’s okay with me, though… secret plan is to re-do in MY style, and MY style LOVES Homegoods!!!

  15. starting over….would love to get new beautiful bedding and fun and useful items for the kitchen…,love homegoods! have been a fan for years! so happy there is one in my new city!

  16. I am newlywed trying to furnish our bedroom on a budget. I have my eye on 2 nightstands at my nearby HomeGoods! 🙂

  17. I LOVE Homegoods. Their kitchen stuff, kids stuff, and all their home decor! Please pick me!!

  18. There isn’t a enough room for my list!! We pretty much need everything for our master bedroom and bathroom.

  19. I’d get some lamps for the family room and pots and pans for the kitchen

  20. I would love to get some new things for my bedroom ~ I need a bedspread or quilt

  21. LOVE Home Goods! I’d get some nice high thread count sheets and maybe a new desk lamp!

  22. I would get a new front door mat, a saucepan and spend the rest on something for the patio

  23. For me each visit to HomeGoods brings something new. I rarely go there with a ‘today I’m going to go buy this…’ in mind! When I go, it’s a treasure hunt! I’d probably hit the BBQ, Garden or Furniture sections first!

  24. I love, love Home Goods and I love there home decor area. I would like to buy these beautiful lotus candle pieces.

  25. New sheets would be heavenly. I still have my “Flannel” sheets on…so it’s time to switch to summer. We haven’t had much summer in Montana, YET!!

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