Get Into the Move Part 2

Even just holding two babies while smiling = Getting Into The Move

It’s two weeks after my original Degree motionSense Get Into the Move Post, and how is my fitness regime? Well, gee it’s perfect, see? Summertime with its popsicles and ice-cream and BBQ’s and lazy sun-napping has created the perfect climate for me to be hard-core and disciplined about my health! Read on to find out how I’ve done, and to have another chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card!

Heh. Ok, not hard-cored disciplined. Or maybe so. I mean – I actually believe that the healthiest things you can do for your body and life is to enjoy your time. If you’re going to eat something awful, well, just eat it and enjoy it and try not to do it every day. But enjoy it. Which truly I have been living up to that expectation. One unexpected healthful thing that’s come into my life is a juicer. Anson bought me a juicer for our 11th anniversary, that crazy-pants romantic. And I love it. I’ve been juicing the living life out of every fruit and vegetable that has the misfortune to cross my path. This thing – I get the hype now. Roan downs juice made of beets, carrots, spinach, apples, ginger and lemon and LOVES it. Little weirdo. It is delicious.

But back to the actual Degree with motionSense challenge (click here to join me in this!) Moving my body more, and getting points to for a chance to win instant prizes, weekly prizes and the ultimate-ultimate-good-gonzo-grand-daddy prize. This, I have actually done. And it’s been interesting to see how many things we can all do to just get into motion a little more, and this helps us stay healthy a little more. Taking the kids to the park to play rather than just the back yard  – (yeh, I have a back yard in Brooklyn. Huzzah!) – I get points for that. Going on a walk in the morning to get some produce for my new juicer and not ordering it with the groceries. I get points for that. This program encourages movement and exercise, not in grand over-reaching ways, but just in easy ways that I can handle in my day. If I also win a Yoga trip in Costa Rica, so be it. (C’mon – SO. BE. IT!)

And obviously with all this motion, (and humidity and heat, hello summer!) I still want to be my best self, not a stinky mess. So for the past two weeks, I’ve been giving Degree Posh Deodorant a try. The idea behind this product is that it is activated by motion first, not perspiration. So it stays ahead of the perspiration (not that I sweat. No no no I glisten…just like you, I’m sure…) Aside from the technology of the deodorant, the scent is nice. Roan even asked if I had a new perfume which was hysterical when I made him smell my armpit to see if that was the scent he was enjoying. I think I may have scarred him for life.

So how has your goal-reaching been going? For yet another chance at yet another $100 Visa Gift Card, between July 19 – August 15, tell me if you’ve met any of your goals that you left on the other post. If you didn’t leave a comment on my first post, enter by leaving me a comment letting me know if you have any fitness goals this summer, and how you’re doing in reaching them. And just because I really really want you to win, here’s info on more chances to win! Follow the rules, and get into the move, people!

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