So This Is Christmas…

Well not really, it’s the middle of Summer. But time is going at warp speed and I’m writing so little that this may well not be published until Christmas. Ah, the dog days and laziness of the hot months. Not to mention that the wee young masters and I cooked up a special cocktail of cough, fever, congestion and general malaise which we have been heartily battling for the past two weeks. Lucky me, though. I have a talent special super power that can turn even the dumbest cold into pneumonia and that, my friends and loved ones is exactly what the doctor told me I have this morning. Antibiotics all around in my home.

But still.

We are having a lovely summer. Did you know this happened?





It’s true. A few weeks ago, Smith was performing for a crowd in our backyard during a BBQ. He was rocking back and forth, getting all the people to say, “Any day now…he’ll be crawling” and then BAM! he did it. How many children crawl for their first time in front of like twenty people – who are willing to applaud? Kid’s a genius. Smith crawls everywhere now, and I do not recommend it at all especially if you have twins. Don’t let them crawl. Fortunately, Shep is being a sport and pretty much staying like this:


Seriously, thank you Sheppard. I do not know how to keep two mobile units safe.

Little guys are also engaged in this behavior 3x a day:



Smartee-pants dudes are still breastfeeding as well like mad, so basically a meal is always on the horizon in their world. They’re fond of squash, carrots, applesauce, watermelon, sweet potatoes, yogurt and tofu. They would like peas, avocados and string beans to die die die a cruel and sad death. I blame Rock Music and Video Games.

And my sweet Roan.


Roan was lucky enough to get cast for the H&M Holiday campaign with his brother Sheppard, and they were shot by Inez and Vindoodh. (Ok, I’m totally not savvy enough to know who they are but I Googled them and then was totally OMG about it. Totally. I’m not even kidding.) But mostly Roan would like to talk about the fact that he’s flying alone this summer, going to visit all his millions of cousins, has seen a few ina-pro-pro music videos, and that he’s earning a Kindle by reading daily and doing extra-credit chores at home.


I feel as if I haven’t even seen my sweet big boy Roan yet this summer. He’s forever playing with his friends, or immersed in a book or drawing or doing something magical that makes me levitate with pride. I remember our olden days where we would go together and take it all on, but now – he’s got his own agenda, and I’ve got two new ones. Still, that child just owns me as he kisses me and hugs me and gives me all the “I love you mama’s” I am hungry for.

Summer, so far I love every single hacking-coughing-sniffling-sneezing day of you. I imagine I will love you even a little more when this Z Pack kicks in. And friends? I will try to write again before Valentine’s Day.

3 thoughts on “So This Is Christmas…

  1. Aaaaaamazing opportunity for Roan! I hope he has a blast! Will you please post the photos? I am sure they will be fab!!!

  2. Arrg! Hope you feel better soon – good thing you’re surrounded by three (four?) precious love bugs!

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