On Monday, I Ruled


veryone has their style, their system to navigate Central Park.  I have a trifecta: The Central Park Carousel, to the Heckscher-Playground and then using my most abused card, membership to The Central Park Zoo.  Hitting each of these spots fills a day easily, and I’m not going to lie, I once ran into Madonna, Guy Richie, and Rocco at the Playground.   And yes, FYI, I’m hoping they return for a Rocco-Roan-Reunion.  They actually did play nicely together, the boys.  But I digress…..the real appeal of the Heckscher Playground is that it is newly renovated, but still has concrete things to climb with periolously sharp things to hit your head on.  That appeals to my four-year-old.  What can I say?  I kind of dig it in my own way.  There are water features, plenty of ways to stay cool and entertained, and after a whirl on the Carousel (2 bux, cheap and easy), who doesn’t need some coolin’ down??

The downside (and if you begin to know me you’ll realize how important this is to me) is that there are no bathrooms right now.  I believe they’re still under construction.  So,  just the portable ones are available, and I feel the same way you feel about those.  But worse.  I don’t know why, maybe it goes back to something I can blame on my mother, but I just need to know there is a clean bathroom nearby. 

So then the angels sing for me because I am the proud owner of a membership card to the Central Park Zoo (and of course all the other ones – best investment ever).  So we can always wind down the day there – see some Monkeys, a Polar Bear, the Penguins and Puffins, and have access to a restroom with plumbing.  Niiiiiice.  Also, there’s a sub-par cafe – I’m not too hyped up on it, but maybe I’ve been there on off days.  

That is a day, and that is the day I had with Roan last Monday EXCEPT I took him to an amazing production of Jack and the Beanstalk at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater before everything else, and that just means – I RULED ON THAT DAY, for almost free – just 13 bux admission for the show, an MTA card, a Zoo card, my boy and me!


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