Here I am on day two with a Roan-absent home. It’s totally weird. To re-cap, our friends flew him out to St. Louis so he could reunite with Sophia, his first best-friend. Roan had almost no anxiety about boarding the airplane by himself, and taking this vacay without his parents and brothers. I of course was hand-wringing and heart-breaking and putting on my bravest face but dang. I’m no actress. I think my boy was rolling his eyes behind my back. I would have been. You can – go ahead. Shake your head and roll your eyes and be done with it.

Moving forward.

So the upside is that it is an easier thing to entertain two babies than two babies and one big kid. There is that. I am still recovering from stupid pneumonia and actually slept last night for what seems like the first time in ages. I woke up this morning realizing that good golly sleep is totally awesome. Hats off to cough medicine with codeine. (Don’t worry the doc said it’s ok while breastfeeding – and in unrelated news the babies slept really well last night as well.) (How many people do you think I just made angry?) (Don’t be mad we all feel like a million bux today)

I need to maybe stop writing now and regain some goodwill.  Look! Babies and a puppy!

Universal automatic smiles

Not only that, look! Babies being cute!

Awwwwww. Right?

Ok, are we friends again?

These summer days are beautiful. I know it’s totally uncool to not complain about the humidity, the heat, how bad these things combined make my hair look – but you know, I just don’t care. I love being able to get out of the house and get my people into the world where they are amazed by all the activity. Coney Island, Pier 6 park, DuMBO, Smith Street, even my own street – it doesn’t matter. It is a treat to watch Smitty and Shep smile at strangers and splash in water and be afraid of big noises. It also a treat to retreat into our sweetly air-conditioned house to get our breath back.

And those tiny masters are at this exact moment calling me with their “blah blah blah” mantra over the monitor. Short and meandering, this post. Just like Summer. How’s yours?

7 thoughts on “S-u-m-m-e-r

  1. Summer is awesome in Minnesota. We’ve got heat – hoooo boy, we’ve had sultry summer heat and humidity- and we’ve got summer thunderstorms to make you leap from your skin, bringing torrential rainfall, tearing up trees and whipping heavy black clouds across the sky.

    There’s a bounty of fresh produce, farmers markets bursting with glorious glorious food and then there’s wine on the patio, bike rides at dusk, sleeping with the windows open and frogs singing in the ponds and every day I can I put on a skirt, sexy sandals and a sweet sexy top and act as much like a girl as I can, showing off my gams and shapely shoulders.

    So yeah….. summer. It’s amazing. So brief and fleeting, but thoroughly amazing.

  2. I’m reading from Australia in the middle of our freezing winter (well, freezing to us!) but your summer posts are keeping me happy and looking forward to the long slow crawl of hot summer days. can’t wait!

  3. My summer’s better for reading about you and those fabulous kids. I remember when one of my kids would be away from home — it was sad and scary and wonderful. So enjoy the beautiful little boys and know the big one will miss you once in a while.

  4. I love the pix. I presently have a gaggle of teenage girls at my house who are completing a Harry Potter marathon in which they watch all 7 of the previous movies to be capped off with a viewing of the final installment tonight at midnight. I agreed to let them invade my basement and to “chaperone” them at the movie. Oh and I am jealous that they can eat sooo much and giggle so much and still have a ton more energy than me.

  5. Cute pics. So nice to hear someone is getting some sun 🙂 The weather here in the UK is dreadful, even this time of year! So the kids are off, now the “real” summer begins – big question is always how do we fill the time?! It’s all good though. Let’s hope these clouds make way for a few bright rays!

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