Universal Truths (?)

I propose that this is a universal truth: It is easier to leave than to be left.

Did somebody say supercool? Yes, yes we are.

Obviously in romantic relationships it rings true, but I think even in our friendships and family ties this is true. When my sister Kellene came and visited me recently, it shocked me how sad I was when she left. When Roan sped off to the airport, my heart had a big sad face. Every time Anson goes out-of-town I start feeling melancholy a few days before in anticipation of his absence. And now – summer. I love this summer I do but my closest friends have all chosen this weekend to bail from NYC, and with Roan gone I suddenly feel….left.

I know – I need to chose nicer friends who would never dream of going on vacation without me. I’m going to explore that.

We are actually going on our own family vacation here pretty soon so I’m not a total pathetic sad mess. And Roan is coming home on Sunday (not soon enough). Actually, that’s the plan but judging from the iChat sessions we’ve had as well as the various pictures I’ve been sent of my son….I’m wondering if he’ll actually agree to leave the Good-Times King and Queen of St. Louis. They have truly gone overboard in entertaining that kid. He’s at Six Flags today, shopped at a mall yesterday (his big dream – we don’t do malls here), has gone to a zoo, a pool, a children’s museum, some place that has a 10-story slide (!), eaten at Chili’s and had Sophia to pose with as if they were cool unaffected fifteen-year-olds. I mean. Would you come back to hang with me after that?

Please don’t answer that.

Another universal truth: It is better to be overwhelmed with purpose, than to have nothing to do.

Clearly my son is distraught without me. iChat keeps things real.

It’s been almost too easy with just the twins. I know that sounds dumb. But I kind of miss having the constant pull and tug of someone needing something from me constantly. I’m not an entirely crazy person, I do enjoy quiet time (like now – showered, house is clean, I’ve eaten breakfast and I have time to write. What??) but that feeling of being overwhelmed with purpose, knowing I have 20 things to do and I will actually only get to 2 of them, is a little comforting. And I’ll admit there have a been a few times where I’ve sat down and thought…

“What do I do now?”

And believe me that has not happened often in recent memory. But the upside is that Anson and I have been able to order out for dinner, watch movies, and act like we’ve got the house to ourselves which is pretty cool. So, one more universal truth: there’s usually an upside to every downside.

Alright. I could be reaching there. Any brilliant truths you can share with me? Give ’em up in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Universal Truths (?)

  1. Well, let me assure you he is probably having a great time, the zoo is great, and I will bet that 10 story slide was at City Museum. It is fun to read about Roan having a great time in my neck of the woods. I agree though – it is easier to leave, going on to great exciting adventures/fun/new experiences than to be the one waving goodbye.

  2. ´there’s usually an upside to every downside.´ This one was invented by the famous Dutch soccerplayer/philosopher Johan Cruijf, but in Dutch with a very big fat Amsterdam accent.

  3. there should be NO summer packets (universal truth?, probably not)…only FUN, lazy, free as a bird days for our kiddos. I know- not related but as i struggle with Annabel on her HUGE middle school packet and scheduling her days around it i try desperately to to find the upside (for her sake). All she can say is “this sucks” and i concur-it does.

    BTW-you are awesome for letting Roan go, he will remember this trip forever!!

  4. The City Museum is what I was going to say. That place is the bomb. It has a indoor skate park bur you use your feet and bottomo. Caves, climbing. Glad to hear is enjoying his trip. only problem is our heat is awful right now. hopefully, they take him to the water park also

  5. Anyway this trip will only take some time, not the whole life. And letting your son go will be good for you both since it will help you see how important you are for each other. Besides for a boy like your son spending some time in a trip alone is a great experience, he will have a great impression to share!

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