Help. Me. Fly.

The Nelson Call gang will be taking to the skies here soon to enjoy a family vacation. We’re going to be spending time with both my family and Anson’s family, and seeing if we can achieve maximus cuteness when photographing Sheppard and Smith with their cousins Ella (who is one month older than them) and Booker (who is a few days younger than them). You see, the more babies in a photograph, the more cuteness it has. Unless there are ugly babies in the mix but my family refuses to make ugly babies. We are principled and disciplined that way.

If only the airplane had swings.

I fully expect the vacationing part to be fun and relaxing. However, in order to get to that part I have to do the thing called flying. Flying with twins. Flying with infant twins. This makes me shudder in my spine a little bit for a few reasons.

First, the airlines won’t let Anson, Roan, Shep, Smitty and me all sit in the same row. One parent has to go to a different row with one of the babies because there aren’t enough oxygen masks in a row to accommodate two babies. Lame. So basically there are going to be some people who likely will be rolling their eyes because Anson and I will be passing babies back and forth over seats to each other. Roan is a pro at flying so I’m not worried about him. We purposely chose an aircraft that has a TV available to every seat and for once my kid will have a no-holds-barred-gluttoney-fueled binge on TV shows. He enjoys that. How much Disney TV can a child take in at once? I’ll let you know.

And what of the babies? I don’t know – I’m coming to you for that. What do you do with an 8 1/2 month old wee-one? What do you do with two of them? Certainly I’ll be nursing them and hoping they can sleep, but otherwise…what? They now both crawl and love to move their bodies. How apologetic do I need to be if they’re jumping up and down in my lap and bugging my seat-neighbor? I’ve already given up on any type of modesty and will happily breast feed anywhere (I’ve knocked that out of the park on every subway ride, most parks I’ve visited and of course Coney Island. Yup. I’m that lady. What can I say? I’m sorry to planet Earth if you’ve seen my boobs and didn’t want to. And you’re welcome if you’ve seen my boobs and did want to.)

What, you wouldn't want to sit next to these guys?

I welcome and ask in my nicest voice for advice. What are tricks you’ve used to fly with a baby? What hasn’t worked? What are things I should not forget to bring on the airplane? I feel like if we work together, we can make this a trip where I don’t have to take Xanax. Although….that may be one answer to having the babies behave.

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  1. I always schedule flights over nap time even if it’s inconvenient or more expensive. My friends who also have twin boys said to immediately become friends with the flight attendants and let them know right away you have twins. They will work on getting you whatever you need.

  2. Bust out the big guns….anything with sugar! Lollipops and licorice to suck on work best. I drove cross country alone with Dallas when he was 7 months that way. Yay Red Vines
    Can’t wait to you all!

  3. Kellene’s right. I didn’t give any REAL treats to Booker on our last flight (apparently Cheerios don’t count?), and he was a bit of a monster. On the other hand, a good friend with a babe of the same age fed her kid POP ROCKS the entire way, and the kid was a dream! Aside from raising other passengers’ suspicions, those little explosions made for a happy babe. And entertained parents.

  4. jetblue? i think they have just corona and miller on board. neither very tasty, so i’d show up early (a must when traveling with kids anyway, right?) for the airport bar. unless it is an afternoon flight and you can just go straight to the mixed drinks on the flight. had a few delta flights that served premixed margaritas. that was dope. you just need to keep an eye on those kids when you have canned beer cuz they like to put their fingers inside the can, and when they slice their fingers, the corona is so weak that the blood taste overwhelms the beer taste. and sometimes the volume on the tv/inflight music system doesn’t go high enough to cancel out the screams, so definitely bring your own music.

  5. don’t know at what point, physically, that their little ears are fully developed. Rumors were that their ears don’t adjust like ours. So any ‘sucking’ will help with that. Watch out with the sugar thing. We had two that the sugar worked in reverse, they became monsters. Learned that the hard way. As for entertainment, which was probably your main concern. Save the walks to the lavs and flight attendants area for the last resort. That will give you some quiet time. By the way, take the Xanax with you. (smile)

  6. seconding the lollipop approach, especially during the descent. the changes in air pressure at that time are horrible on little heads/ears — I can still remember the pain from my childhood!

    depending on the length of the flight, they may need to burn off some energy. walking up and down the aisles will help, but it’s probably best to tucker them out beforehand in the airport terminal = instant naptime!

  7. I flew with one eight month old to Italy. I sat next to a woman with twins. I was breastfeeding, , she was using formula. I was fine, but she had to wait for water from the attendants. Bit of a problem for her. (i did give up my seats for her…)
    Those boobs will be your breast friends! Use them on takeoff and landing. And putting them to sleep, and whatever else you can think of. Otherwise, just a few toys to entertain them.

  8. All I know is that I plan on bringing lots of new toys. Ella digs the “new” factor a lot. Mostly these toys will be items from my kitchen drawer (measuring spoons, metal rings from mason jars, etc). I also hear bubbles are a big hit. Going to bring those too. I’ll let you know if I hear of any other good ideas. good luck!

  9. We are forever passing a baby back and forth on flights – never seem to get us all in the same row – never a prob – more complicated pass w/ twins but you’ll be fine. It’s exhausting but the babes will do great – you’ll keep them busy w/ loads of little snacky things – like the lollipop idea since you can hold it and they won’t choke – loved those snack cups w/ cheerios at that age b/c it took so long for them to get each one out – anything that passes time will help. I would buy a few new toys – something w/ lots going on – hit or miss though – played a lot of “which hand is it in – ding ding ding” kind of things. Lots of peek a boo and clapping games and patience – just a handful of hours and it will be over. Ignore other passengers – mono focus time – do not entertain thoughts of pity for fellow passengers – they don’t have twins for crying out loud. Good luck!

  10. I don’t have kids of my own, but I fly for work quite a bit. On a recent flight, a mom was travelling alone with her little girl of about 1 year old. She was lucky enough to get a seat in the front row of the coach section, so there was extra space in front of the seats. She propped one leg up on the wall in front of us creating a sort of blocked off play space for her daughter to jump around in when the seatbelt sign was off. I don’t know if you can swing two front row seats, but that’s one option I’ve seen that helped the little one pass the time.

  11. Hi, I flew by myself with my baby when he was 5 months and again with 12 months (12 hrs flight). Breastfeed during take-off and landing, but only start when you really feel the pressure in your ears (take-off takes almost 30 min on long-haul flights), or they will be done before the worst part is over, and may suffer from ear aches (reeeeally bad!). Buy new small toys. But they will also love the buttons on the seat and TV remote control! Bring something they like to eat, best if you can feed it in many tiny pieces or if it takes them a while to chew. Feed it very slowly, each moment eating is one moment of calm! If it is a long flight, bring extra clothing for them! (my son managed to stain with poop his onesie AND his pants AND shirt!). But besides this episode, all the other flights where really ok. DonĀ“t fret too much, people are generally very nice and really try to help you when you are traveling with babies. Good luck!

  12. I think my first reco would be make Roan an independentent citizen on this flight. Promote him to Big Boy, give himve some games and books that will keep him busy, then assign him the job of having a nice flight without being in the rows that will having to deal with baby logistics. give anson some bottle supplies just in case, at try to trade off occassionally so both boys get the boob, but also the bottle while you get a break. Use that “we’re now beginning initial descent” as the clue to get them both attached to you and nursing if possible. Might cut down on the ear pressure pain and crying.

  13. When we flew with one of ours at that age, he spent HOURS putting stickers all over daddies face!

  14. I’ve flown by myself with all 3 of my kiddos when they each were babies. Take plenty of snacks, toys, games, & buy some water after the gate (or better yet, fill your reusable water bottle). Let them run around like crazy (or roll around in their case) before the flight so they get sleepy. The flight attendants can be wonderful if you butter them up. I’ve been stopped during de-boarding many times and told how well-behaved my kids were (and that was simply because my carry-on bags were packed with stuff for the kiddos). Sometimes the best game is to play peek-a-boo with the person seated behind you.
    Everyone from coast-to-coast has seen my breasts, too, from breastfeeding. I have no more modesty, lol.

  15. Do the babies like “binkies”? In the event they are not ready to eat, a binkie to suck will come in handy…..and if you grab a peanut butter to go pack from the store for your carry on, dipping the binkie in that before hand will be like a wonderful thing! That is, if you give peanut butter to babies these days. Otherwise, dip it in something else healthy that you have handy in your bag. My sisters and I went on a trip to visit our parents one winter and were “adoptive” play mates for a toddler on our flight. He was cranky and had just about had it with his parents and vice versa……but he was all about us and of course, we loved it…….and his parents loved the fact that he was playing with us for most of the flight. Have a wonderful time!

  16. Can’t wait to hear how it went for you. We are flying with our 2-month-old twins on Sunday. I’m really nervous, too! I am hoping beyond hope that they will sleep and not cry the entire time. Fingers crossed!

  17. I just returned from a cross-country trip with my 10 month old. She’s a big fan of Yo Gabba Gabba, so I loaded the Ipad with episodes to keep her entertained. I worried about the people seated around us briefly after episode 3 of DJ Lance Rock, but I figured they would be happy since she wasn’t crying. I second the comment to fly over nap time…and I brought puffs. My daughter has a sweet potato puff problem…that kept her happy on all of the flights.

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