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A test is administered to new parents every night, and most of us fail. It’s not our fault. Our fingers are fumbly and clumsy. We are only half-way awake. The babies are squirly and squirmy. And what type of passive-agressive weirdo designed infant pajamas anyway, what with their secret combination of how the snaps connect? Who created that mess of snaps up and down every leg, meeting in the middle, and going all the way up to the top ALWAYS always at least one being wrongly matched and ALWAYS always having to be completely undone while my babies are crying for me to end this torture and put them back to sweet heavenly sleep.

Not that I feel strongly about pajamas or anything.

I mean, it’s shocking the simple changes that can be made…that make a parents life easier. May I please now introduce you to my new very very very big time totally favorite pair of infant pajamas?

Elephants on Parade Collection

I’m not even kidding this is gift you need to buy every parent you know, right this very moment. The new parent will possibly say “thanks” at first and marvel at the cushy awesome softer-than-you-can-imagine Peruvian cotton. The new parent will think the way these PJ’s feel is the special thing that makes them…special. Or they may be of the breed who love for their offspring to be unbearably cute in sweet designs that are simple and not overbearing. (I’m a fan of the Magnificent Baby “Elephants on Parade” collection designed by supernova juggernaut A-List Mom Elina Furman). The new parent may initially believe the softness and cuteness are the reason why these jams rule.


Ladies and gentlemen of the Pistols + Popcorn jury…I am talking about magnets. Magnetic closures up and down these sweet little soft adorable jams that practically close themselves, perfectly – every time. Let me disclose that the husband and father of my children first pooh-poohed the magnetic closures as not that cool until he tried them, late at night (ok, actually early in the morning). And husband baby-daddy was sold.

“They practically close themselves”, he admitted in the morning.

And yes that’s true. So listen I may be on fire for these PJ’s, I may be sounding a tad bit enthusiastic about Magnificent Baby uh, because I am. I love them so very much, and if you want them, you can find them at a store near you or online.

4 thoughts on “(Seriously)Magnificent Baby

  1. The pictures are what could make me a believer. How adorable these two babies are!

  2. Oh, so awesome. Just went through this the other night when my little girl had her nightly feeding and changing. Got the snaps all wrong and we had to start over..meanwhile she’s starving and yelling..what the heck is going on down there, let’s get a move on!! Love this idea!!

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