Project Runway, Here We Come!

Watchout for this kid.

A little while ago, I started hustling all the people in my life who are in the “cool kid” circles. I’m not sure how I ended up knowing anyone who is a cool kid, but somehow I do. I am friends with the coolest people on the planet. But this was a directed hustle, very intentional and focused, trying to get my boy Roan and me tickets to the Project Runway Season Finale Fashion Show during Fashion Week.

It was a long shot, but guess what….

We’re going. Tomorrow. And Roan pretty much lost his mind over this development.

See, Roan enjoys watching Project Runway, in the extreme. He somehow remembers all of the contestant names, what designs he likes, who is kind and who is not. He does a wicked Tim Gunn impersonation, and notices when the judges are being snarky. Roan has turned into a giant Michael Kors fiend, and is overjoyed that this summer I splurged and bought a Michael Kors tank top. He compliments me each time I wear it. I wear it waaaaaaay too often, mostly to get compliments from Roan.

And this show has inspired my boy to decide, at age seven, that he would like to attend Parson’s School of Design and work in the fashion world. I believe this calling will stick. At least until he’s nine.

Will take fashion world by storm...

And as an added bonus, Roan has also scored backstage passes and seats to the Elie Tahari show. I have actually never been invited to anything having to do with Fashion Week here in NYC, (most likely due to the fact that I am terribly unfashionable. Terribly. Though I love those who are into it – I just don’t have the resources or bandwidth to indulge. Roan has asserted that will change when he grows up. He will design specifically for me. Good luck with that Ro!) so yeh – never done anything with Fashion Week except look in from the outside. And now? Now! Two events. Two events that are big deal events and all for my guy.

...or any world he chooses.

Thank you to my cool kid friends, Julia Samersova and Robin Marshall. You have made me a hero in my boy’s eyes for this week. And that does feel mighty good.

7 thoughts on “Project Runway, Here We Come!

  1. Oh, how fun for both of you! I love these pix of Roan. It looks like he’s taken another step out of little-boyhood and into almost-pre-teen-hood. That face is changing- angelic beauty into emergent handsomeness. I can totally see him either designing those fashions or sporting them down the runway. Go Roan, Go! Have a fabulous time!

  2. yay! i **love** project runway! tim, heidi, michael et all are *very* lucky to be in the presence of such a fabulous future designer! enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  3. Love it!! You go, fancy people! I’m still feeling good about life if I make it to 9 am without being puked on…but maybe my time will come!

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