The Great Bed-On-A-Budget Search

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I have wasted the golden time of Baby Napping Solace by putting my mind on pause, reading an online article that lead to a link that was interesting that led to a link and so on. The time with which I was going to write today has been sucked away by the Siren Song of mindless wandering around the web. So!  I am going to have to just get to the point. The Teeny Tiny Tyrant Twosome will be up any minute and though they love to talk to each other when they wake up, (bouncing on their crib mattresses, one blowing raspberries and one chirping like a bird), usually affording me an extra 20 – 30 minutes to finish whatever it is I was doing while they were sleeping, today I will have to run like the wind to pick them up and out of their cribs, get clean diapers on them, and whoosh! them out the door to pick up my eldest from school on time. See, the Teeny Tiny Tyrant Twosome were put down for them nap on time, but they decided to chit-chat at the beginning of their nap which is deliciously adorable but also quite naughty as we have a sleep schedule! They go down at a time that is delicately and meticulously thought out, giving them enough time to zzzz and enough time to play before we go get Roan. But then they threw a curve ball to me and are sleeping later and clearly they didn’t read their Sleep Schedule memo that says “Follow the Sleep Schedule At All Costs!”

I’ll explain it to them later. Like in three years when they fully grasp the English language. Until then I’ll just kiss kiss kiss their ugly mugs.

Anyway. They will wake up and we will get there and all will be well. And if not, my army of Sister-Wives will catch my eldest in their motherly safety-net so actually, I’ll go ahead and just keep meandering around this post. No no no –  back to my point.

I am a person who loves so much the feeling of my own body going to bed, that sometimes when my head sinks into the pillow, and the covers are gathered up around me all fluffy and big, I giggle. That’s right. I smile big and sometimes laugh like a little dumb girl knowing that I have the next few hours child-free, just me and my weirdo subconscious telling stories in dreams about penguins and popcorn and whatnot. I get really happy to go to bed.

So in the interest of basic self-care, I’m thinking I should have an amazingly comfortable bed. Here’s the thing. I don’t do very many things just for myself. That is not the time of life I’m in right now. This section of my life is dedicated to molding the boys who need me into boys who don’t need me quite so much. And I’m absolutely cool with that. In fact, I love it. I know I will get my life back in a few years and then yearn to be needed so desperately. So I’m cool. But. I still have to find small ways to take care of myself and this? This is a small way.

You know that feeling when you get into a bed that somebody has put together well? The covers are heavy and the sheets are clean. The pillows are firm and fluffy and big. It’s awesome. I want that. I want it every night. But I cannot afford to really go buy a new mattress and all the expensive accouterments that make for awesome beds. So I’m going to ask you, my readers, what works for you in bedding? Do you have a pillow you love? Who makes it? Is there a certain sheet set you think rocks? A mattress topper that makes your back feel like you’re twelve again and not hoisting two 20 pound babies around all day?

Help me out – ok? I’d also love to hear what hasn’t worked for you. Avoiding buyer’s regret is crucial in my sleepy-time-slumber-happiness-utopia. Now off I go. For I am needed desperately by a bird chirper and raspberry maker.

15 thoughts on “The Great Bed-On-A-Budget Search

  1. gooood topic, jodi! i’m going to squat over here and listen to what everyone says. … i want it all too.

  2. I have a feather bed. When my back feels sore (which happens rather often because of my little one), I fluff that baby up and blamo! Straight up heaven! It feels so much better. If you catch Macy’s when they are having a sale, the price is reasonable.

  3. I love you. I woke up this morning and decided I am getting a new bed no.matter.what!! My lower back is dying a slow and painful death and it’s got to end. Just about the time I’ve worked out all of the kinks, it’s time to go to bed again. Can’t wait to see what we all find out!

  4. Amazon sells a visco-foam (like Tempurpedic) remarkably cheap and perfectly restful. And they deliver. More comfortable than you can imagine; lasts forever; read the reviews! If it were time for a new mattress (I wish it were!) that’s what I’d buy!

  5. Jodi, you NEED a silk blanket or silk duvet cover. No polyester, no silk blend. And it has to be the soft silky silk, not dupioni. It should be on the top of your bed, so you can snuggle with it right next to your chin (remember your blankie?). Do not get the silk sheets, they will catch on rough skin and craggle toe nails! A silk pillow case is nice too, it helps you avoid wrinkles and keeps your hair less messy. Mmmm, super silky softy silky.

    Silk is so warm and comforting during the winter. If you get a blanket filled with silk or cotton, it should be pretty nice in the summer too. Silk blankie is TOTES worth every penny you spend and it will last forever if it is well made.

    Certainly there is a manufacturer who will send you one for free and be overjoyed at the rave reviews you give them.

  6. I JUST did this for myself. We had a 10 year old pillow top that was creaky and had two trenches from our bodies. I discovered that decent mattress companies no longer make “flippable” mattresses under the guise of your convenience, but really it’s half the value for the same price. So, I ended up getting a firm mattress to avoid the body trenches (and also MUCH less expensive) and put a 1 inch memory foam pad, and a 4 inch featherbed on top of that, all tied down with a padded mattress pad. Then, I insist on percale sheets. They are kind of hard to find because apparently everyone else wants sateen–I don’t like the slippery feel, it just feels dirty to me. Percale are soft but stiff and remind me of my grandmothers impeccably clean white sheets. 400 count is a bit pricey, but perfect. You can occasionally find them at Ross, etc., but Bed Bath and Beyond has a set called “Perfect Percale.” They really are perfect, but be sure to bring your 20% off coupon because you’ll need it. I have a queen sized bed, but I got king sized blankets and comforters (cotton and down, respectively), so you really get that heavy feeling, and no cover hogging! At this point, this is a big fluffy beast of a bed and you just SINK into it. So spectacular. I like a down & feather pillow (can’t remember the brand, but got it on sale at BBB) because I like it to squish almost flat, but my husband likes his down alternative pillow, that squishes but is a bit more firm and has more loft. Duvet cover is definitely your preference, but a light solid or stripe makes it look clean and simple. I went up a bed size (from full, ack 10 years for two people!), so I got everything at the same time. It was definitely expensive, but I managed to get it all, including mattress and foundation for about $800. A chunk of change, but an investment for sure. And hopefully you won’t have to do it all at once! Sorry, for the long comment, but I was excited when you brought up the subject because it is near and dear to my heart lately!

  7. So weird, we must all be nesting. I was just thinking about this yesterday as well! I’m totally loving Kathryn’s info! Anyone heard of those “water pillows?” They sound fab but I wonder if they’re just a gimmick?

  8. We absolutely adore our sleep number bed, we love how if you have a hard day you can make it softer, and if I’ve thrown out my back I can make it firmer.

  9. Instead of buying an expensive feather bed topper, we got a down duvet at Ikea and used that as a feather bed on top of our mattress. Just put it on top of your mattress (you can put it inside a cheap duvet cover to keep the feathers from coming out), then put your fitted sheet over that. Instant comfy bed.

  10. My love is the Sleepmatterzzz Ultra Queen Memory Foam Dual Valve Cervical Pillow. You inflate it to your comfort level and you have the perfect pillow every night. You will probably have to add a little air every couple of months but that is very simple to do. I had a water pillow but prefer the air pillow.

  11. My husband and I have a 3 or 4 inch thick memory foam mattress topper that we bought on It was much cheaper than a new mattress, and totally helped us feel happy about our bed again. My husband likes squishy beds, and I prefer firm, but this enabled us to find a happy medium: the foam feels squishy when you lay down, but provides enough support for me.

  12. Oh my god I thought I was the only one who smiled and/or giggled when I climbed into bed at night! I think the best ending of my day is when I lay down cover up and find that “spot”!! What works for me and my husband is a really soft HUGE bed with flanel sheets (SOOOO SOFT) and down pillows…but we HAVE to use two separate comforters because my husband is so tall that he doesn’t share covers well! I have a down comforter that is perfect in winter and in summer!

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