Twins Making Each Other Laugh. Cutest Thing So Far, Ever.

No joke, there are some things that are tough about having twins. It’s hard sometimes to meet each of their needs. It’s difficult to carry two babies up (and down. And up. And down. And up) the stairs in your home. It takes some strategizing and nerves of steel to go grocery shopping. Etc.

But no joke, there are some things that just are incredible. There are some times when they do the same thing, at the same time and I think they are full of magic. Then there was this, yesterday. It’s a little long (just under 3 minutes) for a video of kids you may not know, but the end? I’ll give it away – they reach for each other’s hands and babies holding hands is hands-down the cutest thing ever. Yesterday was the first time I ever saw them trying – and succeeding – in making each other laugh. Of course I grabbed the camera (and the food on their faces is a combination of carrots, peas, lentils and chicken broth. If you were curious.) Watch this – and if you know anyone having twins, who is nervous about it, show them. It is pure magic and love.

10 thoughts on “Twins Making Each Other Laugh. Cutest Thing So Far, Ever.

  1. Can never have too much laughter in this world. May it ever be so. Says a lot about what is truly important in your world and mine.

  2. Love,love ,love this Jodi! So cute but I also love the looks on their faces when they look over at Mama every once in a while. Definitely the cutest thing ever.

  3. This is absolutely adorable. The giggling is a delight. The hand holding at the end is so very super cute!!

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