Mary Kay Has Joined Us in the Future

Hello, Mary Kay.

When I was a pre-teen growing up in a small-town lonely world, my mom dragged me to many a Mary Kay party. Remember those? There would be a gathering and everyone would sit around a dinner table. Mirrors, makeup and bad lighting, oooooh-ing and aaaaaah-ing after having their makeup expertly (?) done by a local dealer. Since they would let me try precious little more than lip gloss, all I wanted to do was gaze at the pictures of Mary Kay founder, Mary Kay. I was truly and sincerely impressed by her beauty. I questioned her decision about the pink Cadillac thing. I was more in the mindset of a Camaro as the ultimate luxury (and isn’t that a lot of information about me?) but still. Beauty. I was entranced. As time went on I became a sort of makeup junkie. In high school I pasted Boy George on my mirror and emulated his style. Let’s just say I deviated from the Mary Kay technique and at one point took great satisfaction when someone said my eyes looked like a sunset. In retrospect I realize they meant the blazing orange, yellow and red colors I was wearing in a striped pattern on my lids, not the overall gorgeous effect. Eventually I calmed down, muted the palette and lightened my hand a bit. But I have always loved makeup, it is the yin to my otherwise tomboy yang. Still, these days I don’t often wear it. I’ve accepted that I have freckles and even enjoy them a little. I am thankful for black eyelashes that don’t require too much attention. And I’ve noticed that foundation only serves to settle in the little lines by my eyes, calling attention to them more than “erasing” them as promised. So it’s moisturizer, sunscreen, lip gloss and sometimes a swipe of blush on any given day. Keep reading to see some incriminating photos, and for the chance to win a Mary Kay box set valued at $100!

Naked face. Hmmmm....

However, when I was presented with the chance to review some products from Mary Kay, I couldn’t help myself. Really I couldn’t. A true perk of being the only girl in a house with four boys is that when I do girl-it-up, my boys (well, the ones who can speak anyway) let me know about it. Roan and Anson turn into a tag-team of whistling, eyebrow raising, hootin’ and hollerin’ dudes, which is something I can use every once in a while. And so it began. Mary Kay sent me some Lash Love Mascara, a Compact Mini, Mineral Eye and Cheek Color, and their TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set.

Eyes down, next up: cheeks.

Let me start here. Skin care. While my everyday makeup routine has been downsized, my skin care routine is still in effect. I wash and moisturize my face every day. Twice. Morning and night. I use really gentle unscented non-fancy stuff. When a six-syllable word is trying to enter my skin care regime, well… let’s just say it’d better not be all syllables and no power. I tried the Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Set and I must say, hats off, Ms. Mary Kay. Turns out that a good scrub (step one) followed by a rich moisturizing serum (step two) is a nice addition. I will definitely continue to use this set. You should too.

Applying blush is clearly serious business.

Mary Kay sent me colors to wear that were definitely not neutral. That’s cool with me because if I’m actually going to wear makeup I’m not going to get all natural. You dig? I’m going to sparkle and shine. They were all contained in a mini-compact that you can switch up. Love it. The color “Iris” Anson swears made my eyes more green, and Roan was all about the “Silver Satin.” I combined them and added the Sweet Cream on my brow bone for good measure. After a sweep of the Lash Love Mascara, I was ready to confront the blush. I’m a little scared of blush. It can go so wrong so terribly fast. We’ve all seen the lady with what looks like bacon strips on her cheekbones, no? I mean. It can get gruesome. So. With a little trepidation I started with the color “Cherry Blossom.” People, it worked out just fine. This blush isn’t overly pigmented, and it blends like a dream. That’s lucky for me because everyone in my home loves to eat bacon and that situation could have turned brutal.

F-U-C-H-S-I-A. Ya heard?

I rounded it all out by putting on a tube of lipstick Mary Kay sent to me called Fuchsia. In all fairness I would actually never choose this color. I’m a more deep brooding dark lip kind of girl if I’m going to go there. But. BUT! I liked it. Who knew? A bright pink which actually calmed nicely with just a touch of Chapstick and I kept it on all day. As in, I wore it and it stayed on, and when it started fading I reapplied that puppy. Because I like Fuchsia, there I said it.

All dolled up. Now where to go?

So Mary Kay has come along with us into these exciting modern times of the Internet, cordless phones and flying cars. You know what I mean? It’s not your mother’s dining room table company anymore. Even better, Mary Kay and BlogHer would like to send one of my readers a basket of cosmetic and skin care goodies, valued at $100. Want it? Simply answer which product mentioned in this post you’d be most interested in trying. The winner will be selected at random.

They also sent me a pink ribbon but I could not find a suitable way to make it work. Ahwell.

Want more chances to win? Visit the Prizes & Promotions Section on BlogHer


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