Inspired by a Fourteen Year Old

Today I write as a mother of three boys who I would never presume to label. They could be gay, straight, Republican, Democrat, accountants or artists. They are who they are, and I love them so much I feel like my heart may just pound right out of my chest. I will be so so sad when they get their hearts broken, the first time they have a fight with a friend, any time they are treated unfairly. My boys will be extraordinarily good at being themselves, this is my hope. And I will try every day to accept that I cannot control the world they live in or how they are treated. But I will take a cue from the video of this young boy who was bullied and teach my own sons that they will not be victims, not ever. They will be proud of who they are, they will celebrate all of their strengths, work on the things they struggle with, and hold close each person they love.

Take the time to watch this kid – it’s worth it. He inspires me to check in with my own older boy, and to make sure that he knows that he has a friend, teammate and forever ally in me. We could all use that, right?

6 thoughts on “Inspired by a Fourteen Year Old

  1. Keep strong, it’s about them not you. I send you a thousand hugs wrap them around you and use them to let the bad stuff slide off. It gets better and one day you’ll look back and see how strong you really are. Everyday is a new day, everyday is a struggle and everyday you are that much closer to the best life ever!

  2. Thanks for finding this Jodi. I worry about my kids all the time in this regard. I NEVER want them to feel less than anyone. They are MY hero’s but it’s hard to find the balance of letting them know this and them believing it! The dude in this video is pretty awesome and his parents are doing a great job. He’s a tough cookie. Good for him. Eight grade SUCKED, and sucks for most 8th graders. It’s a hard time in life and kids are often cruel. If he picks himself up now, HS will be great for him. (I hope). I’m just still totally mortified that he was being bullied from 1st grad and been cutting himself since 2nd. Thanks again for posting.

  3. Love this video and love how you speak to your acceptance and support of your own children. I wonder how the world would be different if everyone had that at home?

  4. sad for this young man, good to reflect and think about what we need to teach our children, the value of all human beings and living the simple golden rule…

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